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Volume 3, Number 1 (March 2015) pp.1-74

A Special Issue on Synthesis and Applications of Porous Materials
Guest Editor: S. Velmathi
Adv. Porous Mater. 3, 1 (2015)
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Comparative Studies of Mesoporous Ti-SBA-15 and Ti-KIT-6 for the Degradation of Cationic Dyes Under Sunlight
N. S. Sanjini and S. Velmathi
Adv. Porous Mater. 3, 2-11 (2015)
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Synthesis, Characterization and Photocatalytic Activity of Ruthenium Doped h-MoO3
R. Dhanabal, Dushmanta Kumar Meher, S. Velmathi, and A. Chandra Bose
Adv. Porous Mater. 3, 12-20 (2015)
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Investigation on Nickel(II) Removal Behavior and Formation Mechanism of -Zirconium Phosphate/Polyaniline
Hybrid Films Electrochemically Deposited in Acetonitrile and Aqueous Solution

Chunfeng Xue, Yanhong Wang, Qiong Luan, Quan Zhang, Xuli Ma, Zhonglin Zhang, Xiaogang Hao,
Guoqing Guan, and Abuliti Abudula

Adv. Porous Mater. 3, 21-28 (2015)
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Effect of Excess Bi2O3 Content on the Structure and Dielectric, Piezoelectric Properties of Bi0.5(Na0.8K0.2)0.5TiO3
Lead Free Ceramics

Phan Dinh Gio, Nguyen Vu Dieu Hong, and Le Dai Vuong
Adv. Porous Mater. 3, 29-32 (2015)
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CuO-SBA-15, A Mild and Highly Efficient Heterogeneous Catalyst for C-N Coupling Reaction of -Amino
Acids Under Microwave Irradiation

Sivasankaran Lingamoorthy and Sivan Velmathi
Adv. Porous Mater. 3, 33-39 (2015)
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A Novel Soluble Hydrogel Cell Culture Bioreactor Made Using Proteins
Radha Perumal Ramasamy, Chris Gordon, and Peter Brink
Adv. Porous Mater. 3, 40-45 (2015)
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Highly Selective Adsorption of Li+ Ions from Wastewater by Sulfonic Acid Modified 2,6-(diureylene)pyridine
Bridged Periodic Mesoporous Organosilica
Hyun Jin Song, Surendran Parambadath, Su Yeon Kim, Sung Soo Park, and Chang-Sik Ha
Adv. Porous Mater. 3, 46-56 (2015)
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Effect of Reaction Medium on Porosity and Electrochemical Properties of MnO2 Nanoparticle
P. Muhammed Shafi and A. Chandra Bose
Adv. Porous Mater. 3, 57-62 (2015)
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Formation of the Nano-Scale Entities in the Continuous Catalytic Reforming Unit Due to Metal Catalyzed
Coking Phenomenon

Bipul Sarkar, Bennet Chelliahn, Peddy V. C. Rao, Gandham SriGanesh, Nettem V. Choudary, and Raman Ravishankar
Adv. Porous Mater. 3, 63-68 (2015)
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Porous Palladium Aminophosphates: A Study on Their Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Applications
A. Rajini, C. Suman, A. Ajay Kumar, and N. Venkatathri
Adv. Porous Mater. 3, 69-74 (2015)
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