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COVER: Ralf S. Klessen, Mark R. Krumholz, and Fabian Heitsch,
                 Advanced Science Letters, vol. 4, pp. 258–285 (2011)

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Volume 2, Number 1 (March 2014) pp. 1-95

Evaluation of Physicochemical Parameters of the Leachates of Plastic Biomedical Devices
Malik Nasibullah, Naseem Ahmad, Firoz Hassan, Abdul R. Khan, Devendra K. Patel, and Masihurrahman
Adv. Sci. Focus 2, 1-7 (2014)
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Synthesis, Characterization and Photocatalytic Application of Nanosized PbO in the Removal of Hazardous Ponceau
S Dye in the Presence of UV Light

Sunil D. Marathe and Vinod S. Shrivastava
Adv. Sci. Focus 2, 8-11 (2014)
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Magnetic Softening of Nanocrystalline Fe74Cu1.5Nb2.5Si12B10 Alloy by the Process of Annealing
Enayet Hossain, Shamima Choudhury, M. A. Bhuiyan, K. H. Maria, M. H. Mesbah Ahmed, D. K. Saha, and M. A. Hakim
Adv. Sci. Focus 2, 12-16 (2014)
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Biosafe Nanocomposite Polymer Sorbent (BNPS) Structure Potential for the Water Mixture with
Fuel Debris Removing

Elena V. Orlova, Vladimir M. Senyavin, Anton V. Sergeev, Gennady A. Enin, Alexander A. Timchenko, and
Eugene I. Maevsky

Adv. Sci. Focus 2, 17-19 (2014)
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Time Minimization in Cancer Chemotherapy Treatment
Parisa Baghernia and Reihaneh Kardehi Moghaddam
Adv. Sci. Focus 2, 20-25 (2014)
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Bioaugumentation of Crude Oil Contaminated Soil Using Bacterial Consortium
Helen Shnada Auta, U. J. J. Ijah, and M. A. Mojuetan
Adv. Sci. Focus 2, 26-33 (2014)
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A Simple Route for the Synthesis of Graphene for Electrochemical Biosensing
Rajendra P. Joshi, Krishna P. Singh, Ashavani Kumar, and Subbiah Alwarappan
Adv. Sci. Focus 2, 34-36 (2014)
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Effect of Aspect Ratio of Nano-Clay on the Secondary Structure of ds DNA
Nidhi Joshi, Kamla Rawat, and H. B. Bohidar
Adv. Sci. Focus 2, 37-41 (2014)
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Structural and Mechanical Properties of a Nano Ferrite
S. S. Yattinahalli, S. B. Kapatkar, and S. N. Mathad
Adv. Sci. Focus 2, 42-46 (2014)
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Secondary Structure of Proteins is Affected by Complexation with Water Soluble CdSe Quantum Dots
Jyotsana Pathak, Kamla Rawat, Shilpa Sanwlani, and H. B. Bohidar
Adv. Sci. Focus 2, 47-51 (2014)
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Colorimetric Assays for the Detection of Hg(II) Ions Using Functionalized Gold and Silver Nanoparticles
Gadadhar Barman, Atanu Samanta, Swarnali Maiti, and J. Konar Laha
Adv. Sci. Focus 2, 52-58 (2014)
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Sintering Temperature Dependence Density of CuFe2O4 Nano Particles Synthesis by Chemical Co-Precipitation

Sakia Shabnam Kader and Shaikh Manjura Hoque
Adv. Sci. Focus 2, 59-61 (2014)
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On the Use of Carbon Nanotubes for Cell Anchoring and Spreading in Prostate Cancer Cells
Gaurav S Shah, R. Nandhini, K. S. Snima, Shantikumar V Nair, K. R. V. Subramanian, and Vinoth-Kumar Lakshmanan
Adv. Sci. Focus 2, 62-66 (2014)
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Cryptanalysis of an Image Encryption Algorithm Based on Chaotic Modulation of Arnold Dual Scrambling and
DNA Computing

Yong Zhang
Adv. Sci. Focus 2, 67-82 (2014)
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Electric Conductivity of Fluorinated Oligomer Gel Electrolyte: The Effect of LiI Concentration
Masato Ohmukai and Jun Kyokane
Adv. Sci. Focus 2, 83-85 (2014)
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A Simple and Modified Membrane Method to Sample Bacterioneuston
Muthusamy Anand, Akbar Sait Hameedha Beevi, Muthusamy Maruthupandy, and Radhakrishnan Jeeva Priya
Adv. Sci. Focus 2, 86-91 (2014)
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An Examination of the Interaction of Carbon Quantum Dots with Bovine Serum Albumin by Ultraviolet-Visible and
Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

Zhengyu Yan, Yan Yu, and Jianqiu Chen
Adv. Sci. Focus 2, 92-95 (2014)
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Volume 1, Number 4 (December 2013) pp. 279-378

A Simple Arithmetic Logic Unit (12 ALU) Design Using Quantum Dot Cellular Automata
Bahniman Ghosh, Ankit Kumar, and Akshay Kumar Salimath
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 279-284 (2013)
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Biostimulation of Crude Oil Contaminated Soil Using Soybean Waste
U. J. J. Ijah, S. H. Auta, and R. K. Olanrewaju
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 285-291 (2013)
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Luminescence and Unit Cell Analysis of Zn1-xCdxO Nanoparticles
L. Bruno Chandrasekar, R. Chandramohan, S. Chandrasekaran, J. Thirumalai, and R. Vijayalakshmi
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 292-296 (2013)
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Effect of Composition on Energy Spectra of CdS/Cd1-XZnXS Nano Dots
M. Balakumari, A. Milton Franklin Benial, and P. Elangovan
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 297-300 (2013)
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Photodegradation of Methylene Blue by Silver-Doped TiO2 Thin Films
Ritu Malik
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 301-305 (2013)
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Lewis Acid Mediated One Pot Solvent Free Synthesis of Phenolics Based Chimeric Azo Dyes Used as
Suitable Acid-Base Indicator

Tridib Tripathy, Haradhan Kolya, and Koushik Chandra
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 306-313 (2013)
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Study of Size Distribution in Chalcopyrite Copper Indium (Di)selenide Nanoparticles
Priyanka Jhakhmola, Prafulla Jha, and S. P. Bhatnagar
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 314-317 (2013)
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Phytofabrication of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Using Calotropis Gigantea L.
Devendra Jain, Kuldeep Singh Rathore, Rohit Jain, Himmat Singh, Sumita Kachhwaha, and S. L. Kothari
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 318-321 (2013)
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Socio-Economic Ranking of States and Territories in India
Shashank Mathur, Aditya Chauhan, and Sarita Azad
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 322-332 (2013)
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Transitions of Undergraduate Scientific Research in India: An Attempt to Perceive Science
Sandeep Satapathy and Siddharth Sekhar Das
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 333-339 (2013)
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Materials Selection Decision Making with Incomplete Information
Aditya Chauhan and Rahul Vaish
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 340-345 (2013)
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Synthesis and Characterization of Silver Doped Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles and Their Antifungal Activity
Against Aspergillus brasiliensi and Candida albicans

Jitender Kumar, Vikas Shrivastava, and Shaveta Thakur
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 346-350 (2013)
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Using Montmorillonite for Phosphate Removal
Alena Tilková, Petra Majorová, and Jana Seidlerová
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 351-353 (2013)
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Chemistry for the Society and Industries
Sampad Ghosh, Anirban Ray, and Balram Ambade
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 354-357 (2013)
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Metal Immobilization of Hazardous Waste by Cementation
Lucia Rozumová, Jana Seidlerová, Oldrich Motyka, Jirí Kubecka, and Vladimír Tomášek
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 358-361 (2013)
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Structural Analysis of BeO Nanoparticles Synthesized by Polyacrylamide Gel Route
M. S. Norazlina, S. Shanmugan, and D. Mutharasu
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 362-366 (2013)
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Comments on "The Gibbs Equation versus the Kelvin and the Gibbs-Thomson Equations to Describe
Nucleation and Equilibrium of Nano-Materials''

Lasse Makkonen
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 367-368 (2013)
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Table of Contents to Volume 1, Numbers 1-4, 2013
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 369-371 (2013)
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Author Index to Volume 1, Numbers 1-4, 2013
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 372-375 (2013)
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Subject Index to Volume 1, Numbers 1-4, 2013
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 376-378 (2013)
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Volume 1, Number 3 (September 2013) pp. 189-278

Edible Mushrooms as Health Promoting Agent
Md Faruque Ahmad, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad, ZR. Azaz Ahmad Azad, Md Intakhab Alam, Javed Akhtar Ansari,
and Bibhu Prasad Panda

Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 189-196 (2013)
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Dendrimers as Novel Polymeric Material: A Review on Its Synthesis, Characterization and Their Applications
Malik Nasibullah, Firoj Hassan, Naseem Ahmad, Abdul Rahman Khan, and Masihur Rahman
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 197-204 (2013)
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Structural and Optical Properties of ZnO Thin Films Deposited by Spray Pyrolysis Technique
Shimul Kanti Nath, Deba Prasad Paul, and Sujan Kumar Das
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 205-210 (2013)
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Development and Characterization of Timolol Maleate Loaded Protransfersomal Gel
Mamta Singh, Roshan Issarani, B. P. Nagori, Nisha Singh, and Manish Kumar Singh
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 211-219 (2013)
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Synthesis of Manganese-Doped Zinc Sulfide and Zinc Sulfide Antioxidant Nanocomposites in Egg Albumin
S. Saravanakumar
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 220-224 (2013)
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The Electrical Resistivity and ac Conductivity of Co Substituted Li-Ni-Zn Nanocrystalline Ferrites Prepared by a
Chemical Method

A. T. Pathan and A. M. Shaikh
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 225-230 (2013)
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A New Biosafe Nanocomposite Polymer Sorbent (BNPS) for the Isotopes Sr and Cs: Application for the
Decontamination of Highly Radioactive Water

Elena V. Orlova, Roman S. Fadeev, and Eugene I. Maevsky
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 231-233 (2013)
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Preparation and Effect of Lattice Strain on the Debye-Waller Factors of Copper Nanopowder
E. Purushotham and N. Gopi Krishna
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 234-237 (2013)
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Electron Momentum Density in hcp-Ti
G. Sharma, V. Vyas, and B. K. Sharma
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 238-241 (2013)
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Screening of Bacterial Consortium Isolated from Oil Contaminated Soil for Its Potential to Degrade Crude Oil
O. P. Abioye, P. O. Amaefule, S. A. Aransiola, and E. Stephen
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 242-245 (2013)
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Cumulative Release of Ciprofloxacin from Interpenetrating Networks of Poly(Vinyl Alcohol-G-Acrylamide) and
Chitosan-G-Polyacrylamide Chains

Suman Prabhakar, Jaya Bajpai, and A. K. Bajpai
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 246-257 (2013)
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Simultaneous Bioprospecting of Ganoderma lucidum OE 52 with Ganoderic Acid B and C2 by Submerged
Fermentation Process

Md Faruque Ahmad, Bibhu Prasad Panda, and ZR. Azaz Ahmad Azad
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 258-261 (2013)
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XPS Characterization and Microhardness of Heat Treated Co-W Coatings Electrodeposited with Gluconate Bath
H. Seenivasan, Parthasarathi Bera, J. N. Balaraju, and K. S. Rajam
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 262-268 (2013)
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Production of Pectinase by Bacillus Species Cultured on Parkia biglobosa Fruit Pulp
H. S. Auta, S. Gobir, Nusaiba, A. A. Usman, S. S. Manga, H. Tahir, and A. D. Ibrahim
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 269-272 (2013)
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Erasing Performance of Phase-Change Materials for Scanning Probe Applications
Lei Wang, CiHui Yang, and GuoWei Yang
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 273-278 (2013)
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Volume 1, Number 2 (June 2013) pp. 103-187

Vermiculite's Effect Study on the Friction Performance of Composites: Extension Evaluation and Interactions

Gražyna Simha Martynková, Rongping Yun, Yafei Lu, Karla ?ech Barabaszová, Aleš Slíva, Xiaofeng Xie, and
Marta Valášková

Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 103-110 (2013)
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Maximum Residual Energy Based Clustering Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
Puneet Azad and Vidushi Sharma
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 111-119 (2013)
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Modeling and Analysis of Diffusional Release of a Dispersed Solute from a Cylindrical Polymeric Matrix
T. Shefeeq and Naseem Ahmad
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 120-123 (2013)
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Release Kinetics Pattern and Formulation Development of Fast Dissolving Film of an Antihypertensive Agent
Chanpreet Kaur, Nitesh Chauhan, Naveen Mehta, Ashu Mittal, and Umakant Bajaj
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 124-128 (2013)
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Growth, Defects and Hardness Studies on Diglycine Barium Chloride Monohydrate Crystals
D. Nagaraju, P. V. Raja Shekar, T. Bhaskar Rao, and K. Kishan Rao
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 129-135 (2013)
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Experimental Investigation and Finite Element Analysis of the Roll Compression Forming of Aluminum Alloy Tubes
S. Rajiv and K. Shanmuga Sundaram
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 136-138 (2013)
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Effects of Channel Aspect Ratio, Surface Wettability and Liquid Viscosity on Capillary Flow Through PMMA Sudden
Expansion Microchannels

Subhadeep Mukhopadhyay, J. P. Banerjee, and S. S. Roy
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 139-144 (2013)
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Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Having Different Morphologies and Its Application in Estimation of Chlorpyrifos
Swarnali Maiti, Gadadhar Barman, and Jayasree Konar Laha
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 145-149 (2013)
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Synthesis of Iron Oxide Nanorods
M. Ahmad, N. Ahmad, and M. Aslam
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 150-155 (2013)
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Fabrication and Characterization of Pd/TiO2/Si MIS Structure with TiO2 Film as Insulator Layer Deposited by Low
Temperature Arc Vapor Deposition Process

Kumar Shubham, R. U. Khan, and P. Chakrabarti
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 156-161 (2013)
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Electrodeposited Palladium and Nickel Nanoparticles as Electrochemical Sensors for Dicarboxylic Aliphatic Acids
Mahmoud El-rouby and Farouk A. Rashwan
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 162-180 (2013)
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Effects of Diammonium Citrate Concentration on Structural and Magnetic Properties of Nanostructured NiFeWS
Alloy Thin Films

R. Kannan, S. Ganesan, V. Balasubramanian, and M. Rajeswari
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 181-187 (2013)
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Volume 1, Number 1 (March 2013) pp. 1-101

Welcome to the Advanced Science Focus
Editor-in-Chief: Werner Schmidt
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 1-2 (2013)
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Two-Photon Active Nile Red Loaded Fluorescent Polystyrene Nanoparticles
Soumitra Satapathi, Hardeep Singh Gill, Lian Li, Lynne Samuelson, and Jayant Kumar
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 3-5 (2013)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Formation of a Uniform Distribution of TiO2 Nanotubes Array on Complex Geometry Samples
Tullio Monetta and Francesco Bellucci
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 6-8 (2013)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Synthesis and Characterization of Homogeneous ZnO and Mn-Doped ZnO Nanoparticles
Rachid Amrousse and Ahmed Bachar
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 9-12 (2013)
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Optical Characteristics of Nanocrystalline Pb1 - xSrxTiO3 Thin Films Using Transmission Measurements
Kuldeep Chand Verma, R. K. Kotnala, Mast Ram, and N. S. Negi
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 13-19 (2013)
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The 8-18 GHz Microwave Spectroscopy and Conductivity of Ni0.4CoxCd0.6 - xFe2O4 Nanoparticles Synthesized
by Auto Combustion Method

N. D. Patil, R. N. Jadhav, and Vijaya Puri
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 20-25 (2013)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Effect of Particle Size on Thermal Properties of Ballmilled Metal Nanopowders
L. Jithender and N. Gopi Krishna
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 26-32 (2013)
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Effect of Pre-Irradiation on the Mobility of Positive Ions in Non-Polar Dielectric Liquids
George Bakale and Werner F. Schmidt
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 33-36 (2013)
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Development and Validation of Kinetic Method for Quantitative Analysis of L-Ornithine-L-Aspartate
Ashish Sarkar, Supriya Das, and Masoom Raza Siddiqui
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 37-42 (2013)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Wireless Accelerometer for the Detection of Falls Among Patients with Vertigo
Pa-Chun Wang, Chia-Huang Chang, Xing-Han Wu, Wen-Yi Lee, Bo-Ru Chen, Charles C. H. Liu, and Mu-Chun Su
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 43-49 (2013)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Biosorption of a Textile Dye (Eosin) by Eucalyptus Tree Leaves Biomass: Estimation of Equilibrium, Thermodynamic
and Kinetic Parameters

Baharak Rostami and Ali Niazi
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 50-56 (2013)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Effective Electron Mass in Compound Semiconductors and Ultrathin Films Under Cross Fields Configuration
S. M. Adhikari, D. De, J. K. Baruah, S. Chowdhury, and K. P. Ghatak
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 57-84 (2013)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

On the Physical Interpretation of Some Types of Three-Dimensional Harmonic Mappings
Andrey Petrin
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 85-95 (2013)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Assessing India's Strategic Partnership Using Analytic Hierarchy Process
Sarita Azad, Shashank Mathur, and Arvind Gupta
Adv. Sci. Focus 1, 96-101 (2013)
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