Genetics and Epigenomics
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Professor Kai Li, MD, PhD
Laboratory of Molecular Medicine
College of Pharmaceutical Science
Soochow University
Suzhou 215123, China

Pierre Sirois, PhD
University of Sherbrook, Canada

Jingfei Chen, MD
Nanjing Medical University, China

Xiaoping Chen
Central South University, China

Anderly C. Chueh, PhD
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Australia

Nongyue He, PhD
Southeast University, China

Kathleen A. Hill, PhD
The University of Western Ontario, Canada

Cizhong Jiang, PhD
Tongji University, China

Renjie Jiao, PhD
Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, China

Zhanqian Liu
Central South University, China

Guangming Lu, MD
Nanjing University, China

Jose R. Pardinas, PhD
Janssen R&D;Spring House, PA, USA

Zhong-Ming Qian, MD, PhD
Fudan University School of Pharmacy, China

Steve S. Sommer, MD PhD
MEDomics, Azusa, California, USA

Guanghui Wang, PhD
Soochow University, China

Bruce (Zhiying) Zhang, PhD
Northwest A&F University, China


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