2014, Volume 2
Vol. 2, No. 1 (June 2014)

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Vol. 1, No. 2 (December 2013)
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Graphene is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal with a very wide-ranging coverage, consolidates fundamental and applied research activities in all areas of chemistry, physics, materials science, bioscience, engineering and nanotechnology dealing with graphene and its based materials including their production, synthesis, chemical modification and functionalization, growth, processing, fabrication, spectroscopic characterization, electrical, optical, thermal, mechanical properties, spin transport, quantum mechanics, and all types of device applications. The journal publishes full research papers, timely review articles with author's photo and short biography, and communications of important new scientific findings, encompassing all fundamental and applied research aspects of graphene science, engineering and technology.

COVER: K. Harigaya, Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience, vol. 9, pp.645-648 (2012)

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Sundara Ramaprabhu

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Volume 2, Number 1 (June 2014) pp. 1-74

Facile Synthesis of Graphene via Direct Water-Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulfonate Exfoliation
C. F. Lee, H. N. Lim, W. K. Chee, A. Pandikumar, and N. M. Huang
Graphene 2, 1-7 (2014)
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Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition Growth of Uniform, Monolayer Graphene by
Improving the Texture of Copper Foil

Ali Mohsin and Ahmad Umair
Graphene 2, 8-13 (2014)
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Facile Microwave Synthesis of Graphene from Expanded Graphite
S. Angappan and S. Ruby Fatima
Graphene 2, 14-21 (2014)
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Graphene Based Electrochemical Biosensor: Extending the Horizon of Clinical Diagnostics
Richa Pandey, Arul Prakash Francis, Sundara Ramaprabhu, and Thiagarajan Devasena
Graphene 2, 22-27 (2014)
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One Step Large Scale Synthesis of Reduced Graphene Oxide Sheets from Graphite Oxide
Nagaraju Sykam and G. Mohan Rao
Graphene 2, 28-33 (2014)
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Traversing Aromatic Molecular Junctions with Graphene Electrodes
Rupan Preet Kaur, Ravinder Singh Sawhney, and DerickEngles
Graphene 2, 34-39 (2014)
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Effect of Positional Cu Doping on the Electronic and Transport Properties of Graphene Nanoribbons
Pankaj Srivastava, Subhra Dhar, and Neeraj K. Jaiswal
Graphene 2, 40-51 (2014)
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Easy Approach and Scalable Synthesis of Bi Layer Graphene
Nagaraju Sykam and K. K. Kar
Graphene 2, 52-56 (2014)
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MHD Jeffery Hamel Problem with Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles: Analytical Investigation
Mohammadreza Azimi, Alireza Azimi, and Masoomeh Mirzaei
Graphene 2, 57-61 (2014)
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Graphene: From Lab to Life
Thiyagarajan Devasena and Arul Prakash Francis
Graphene 2, 62-66 (2014)
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Reduced Graphene Oxide/ZnO Composites and Its High Photocatalytic Activity for Degradation of
Methylene Blue

Wenjun Zhang, Jingju Hou, Guang Yang, Jinfeng Zhao, and Xue Feng Zou
Graphene 2, 67-71 (2014)
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Controlled Growth of Nickel Nanoparticles on Graphene Oxide by In-Situ Deposition Method
Assel Ryspayeva, Boon Hoong Ong, and Nay Ming Huang
Graphene 2, 72-74 (2014)
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