Volume 12, Number 1 (February 2018) pp.1-141

Synthetic Vaccine Characterization and Design
Rui Zhang and Bret D. Ulery
J. Bionanosci. 12, 111 (2018)
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Transport Properties of Indium Oxide (In2O3) Nanofluids Using PVP and Gelatin
KanchanaLatha Chitturi, Aparna Yarrama, Ramchander Merugu, and Ravinder Dachepalli
J. Bionanosci. 12, 1218 (2018)
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Construction and Application of Weighted Protein Protein Interaction Network Based on Multiple Views
Lizhen Liu, Xiaowu Sun, Wei Song, Xinlei Zhao, and Chao Du
J. Bionanosci. 12, 1925 (2018)
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Molecular Docking Studies and ADMET Properties of New 1.2.3 Triazole Derivatives for Anti-Breast Cancer Activity
Mebarka Ouassaf, Salah Belaidi, Khaled Lotfy, Ismail Daoud, and Houmam Belaidi
J. Bionanosci. 12, 2636 (2018)
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Phytochemical Screening, Characterization and Antimicrobial, Anticancer Activity of Biosynthesized
Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Using Cyathea nilgiriensis Holttum Plant Extract

Joghee Suresh, Ganeshan Pradheesh, Vincent Alexramani, and Sun Ig Hong
J. Bionanosci. 12, 3748 (2018)
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Chemical Reactivity, Drug-Likeness and Structure Activity/Property Relationship Studies of 2,1,3-Benzoxadiazole
Derivatives as Anti-Cancer Activity

Imane Almi, Salah Belaidi, Nadjib Melkemi, and Djemoui Bouzidi
J. Bionanosci. 12, 4957 (2018)
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Influence of Anchors on the Quantum Transport Through Benzene Based Molecular Wire
Rajan Vohra and Ravinder Singh Sawhney
J. Bionanosci. 12, 5863 (2018)
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Development of Water Stable Lignosulphonic Acid Biocomposite Material Containing Silver Nanoparticles
Amrita Thakur and Giridhar Reddy
J. Bionanosci. 12, 6470 (2018)
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Characterization and Biological Activities of Biosynthesized Silver Nanoparticles from Stems of
Blighia sapida K. D. Koenig

Adebola Busola Ojo, Oluwafemi Adeleke Ojo, Babatunji Emmanuel Oyinloye, Basiru Olaitan Ajiboye,
Olukemi Adetutu Osukoya, Adefunke Oluwaseun Ogunniran, Abimbola Fadugba, Oluwaseun Olasehinde,
and Olajumoke Idowu

J. Bionanosci. 12, 7175 (2018)
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Studying the Nanofibrous Structure of Polycaprolactone Scaffold via Image Processing Technique
N. Sadeghzade, M. Nouri, A. Shams Nateri, and M. Soleimani
J. Bionanosci. 12, 7686 (2018)
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Heavy Metal Removal Using Different Parts of Typha latifolia
J. Sudarsan, R. Annadurai, K. S. Kumar, and S. Nithiyanantham
J. Bionanosci. 12, 8791 (2018)
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Biological Synthesis, Characterization and Antibacterial Activity of Novel Copper Oxide Nanoparticles (CuONPs)
Mahesh Midatharahalli Chikkanna, Shivayogeeswar Neelagund, and Murigendra B. Hiremath
J. Bionanosci. 12, 9299 (2018)
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A Hybrid Algorithm Based on Artificial Bee Colony and Pigeon Inspired Optimization for 3D Protein
Structure Prediction

Ting Li, Changjun Zhou, Bin Wang, Boxiang Xiao, and Xuedong Zheng
J. Bionanosci. 12, 100108 (2018)
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Identifying the Deleterious Effects of Cancer Driven Mad1, BRAF and STK11 Mutants Through Conformational
Sampling Approach

Prajeesh Tomy, Merlin Lopus, and R. Rajasekaran
J. Bionanosci. 12, 109118 (2018)
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QSAR Studies of 1,2,5-Thiadiazole Derivatives Analogues of Aceclidine as Potent M1 Muscarinic Agonists
Zoulikha Sebaa, Noureddine Tchouar, Toufik Salah, Houmam Belaidi, Zineb Almi, and Salah Belaidi
J. Bionanosci. 12, 119126 (2018)
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Enhancement of Heterogeneous Alkaline Xylanase Production in Pichia pastoris GS115 by Chromosomal
Integration of the Vitreoscilla Hemoglobin Gene

Wei Zheng, Wenlan Li, Yubin Ji, Xuefei Yu, and Ning Chen
J. Bionanosci. 12, 127133 (2018)
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Synthesis by Wet Chemical Method of Different Phases of Apatites Applying Ultrasound
Jorge E. Rodriguez-Chanfrau, Thales A. Garcia Pelizaro, Ricardo Moutinho da Silva, Angel G. Tolaba, Elizabeth Pizoni,
Yaymarilis Veranes-Pantoja, and Antonio C. Guastaldi

J. Bionanosci. 12, 134141 (2018)
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