Nanoparticles for Pharmaceutical Applications


Edited by
A. J. Domb, Y. Tabata, M. N. V. Ravi Kumar, and S. Farber

    January 2007
500 pages, Hardcover
ISBN: 1-58883-089-6

Nanoparticles for Pharmaceutical Applications deals with emerging new technologies for developing customized solutions for drug delivery systems. The drug delivery systems should positively impact the rate of absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of the drug or other related chemical substances in the body. In addition, the drug delivery system should allow the drug to bind to its target receptor and influence that receptor’s signaling and activity. Drug delivery materials should be compatible, easy to bind with a particular drug, and able to degrade into fragments after use that are either metabolized or driven out via normal excretory routes. The book emphasizes the material-based technologies in the area of drug delivery that include solid lipid nanoparticles, liposomes, polysaccharides, polyesters, micelles, etc. The different route-based delivery systems such as oral, pulmonary, ocular, dermal, etc. are discussed. The focus is also on certain diseases to which these technologies can be applied for maximum benefits: cancer, tuberculosis, restenosis, etc. The topics also include gene and vaccine delivery as well as safety concerns of these nano-scale materials. The 22 state-of-the-art review chapters are written by world-renowned scientists working in the field of nanotechnology-based drug delivery systems.

  • Recent Advances in Polyalkylcyanoacrylate Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery, Elias Fattal, Karine Andrieux, Gillian Barratt, Patrick Couvreur, Denis Labarre, Gilles Ponchel, and Christine Vauthier
  • Dendrimers and Hyperbranched Nanospheres with Medical Applications, Sõnke Svenson, and Donald A. Tomalia
  • Lipid Nanoparticles (SLN and NLC) for Drug Delivery, Eliana B. Souto and Rainer H. Müller
  • Liposomes for Drug Delivery, Pierre Simard, Jean-Christophe Leroux, Christine Allen, and Olivier Meyer
  • Polysaccharide-based Nanoparticles as Carriers for Drug and Vaccine Delivery, María José Alonso, Cecilia Prego, and Marcos García-Fuentes
  • The Impact of Surface Charge on Nanoparticle Performance, Oshrat Harush, Yoram Altschuler, and Simon Benita
  • Surface Modification of Nanoparticulate Drug Carriers, Vladimir P. Torchilin
  • Polymeric Micelles as Nano-sized Drug Carrier Systems, Masayuki Yokoyama
  • Polyester Nano- and Micro-particles by Polymerization and by Self-assembly of Macromolecules, Stanislaw Slomkowski
  • Characterization of Novel Intranasal Sustained-Release Nanoparticles for Delivery of Neuropeptides to the Brain, Michael J. Kubek, Michael Yard, Debomoy K. Lahiri, and Abraham J. Domb
  • Nanoparticles in Ocular Drug Delivery, Esther Eljarrat Binstock and Abraham J. Domb
  • Oral Drug Delivery, V. Bhardwaj and M. N. V. Ravi Kumar
  • Lymphatic Absorption of Nanoparticles, Pavel Gershkovich, Leonid Kagan, and Amnon Hoffman
  • Nanoparticles Aiming at Specific Targets--Dermal and Transdermal Delivery, Biana Godin and Elka Touitou
  • Nanoparticles for Respiratory Drug Delivery, R. Banerjee
  • Nanoparticles of Biodegradable Polymers for Cancer Chemotherapy, Si-Shen Feng, Priscilla Pui Sze Lee, and Khin Yin Win
  • Nanoparticles for the Treatment of Restenosis, Einat Cohen-Sela, M. Chorny, and G. Golomb
  • Nanostructured Polycation Materials for Gene Delivery, I. Yudovin-Farber and A. J. Domb
  • Nanotechnology: Implications for Antitubercular Chemotherapy, Rajesh Pandey and G. K. Khuller
  • Gelatin-based Nanomicelles, Toshihiro Kushibiki and Yasuhiko Tabata
  • Carbon Nanotubes: Role in Healthcare, Lalit M. Bharadwaj and Vijayender Bhalla
  • Toxicity Issues Related to Nanoparticulate Systems, Rajendra Pawar, Sudhakar Bhusare, and Yeshwant Vibhute
This book is a valuable reference source for scientists, graduate students, engineers, industrial researchers, and other professionals working in the fields of pharmaceutical sciences, medicine, medicinal chemistry, drug delivery, clinical pharmacology, biotechnology, bionanotechnology, polymer science, materials science, chemistry, chemical biology, chemical engineering, biochemistry, biological engineering, biomedical sciences, and other related areas of life sciences.

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