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QUANTUM MATTER is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal consolidating research activities in all theoretical, experimental and technological aspects dealing with fundamental structure of matter from cosmology to materials science.

COVER: J. Lan et al., J. Comput. Theor. Nanosci, 7, 1978-1990 (2010).

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Volume 4, Number 2 (April 2015) pp. 85-197

Relaxation and Energy Transfer in Ensembles of Si Nanocrystals
Vladimir A. Belyakov and Vladimir A. Burdov
Quantum Matter 4, 85-93 (2015)
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Modeling the Effect of Salinity on Soil Organic Matter
Hanan Elhaes, Abdullah Al-Hossain, Osama Sayed, and Medhat Ibrahim
Quantum Matter 4, 94-97 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

The Effect of Anharmonicities on the Atomic Dynamics: A Molecular Dynamics Study for Liquid Sodium
Karl-Heinz Schmidmeier, Thomas Brandel, Wolfram Schommers, Efstathios I. Meletis, Constantin Politis, and
Panagiotis Poulopoulos

Quantum Matter 4, 98-103 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

The Screening Length in Doping Superlattices
M. Chakraborty and K. P. Ghatak
Quantum Matter 4, 104-114 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Molecular-Level Simulations of Cellulose Steam Explosion
Faranak Bazooyar and Kim Bolton
Quantum Matter 4, 115-122 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Modeling the Effect of Some Transition Metal Oxide on Phosphate Glass
Hanan Elhaes, Mohamed Attallah, Mohamed El-Okr, Mahmud Ibrahim, Ahmed Fakhry, and Medhat Ibrahim
Quantum Matter 4, 123-126 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Which Way Information in the Non-Perturbative Post-Measurement
D. L. Khokhlov
Quantum Matter 4, 127-128 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Determination of the Spectroscopic Constants of Newly Identified Diatomic Molecules
Jianing Colin Xie and Rui-Hua Xie
Quantum Matter 4, 129-131 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Band Gap Analysis of Zigzag Shaped Hydrogen Passivated GaN Nanotubes
Mohammad Irfan Khan, Anurag Srivastava, and Neha Tyagi
Quantum Matter 4, 132-138 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Electronic Properties of Hydrogenated Single Walled GaAs Nanotubes
Sumit Kumar Jain, Anurag Srivastava, Neha Tyagi, and Purnima Swarup Khare
Quantum Matter 4, 139-144 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Logic Optimization of Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata Circuits Using Ant Colony Optimization Algorithms
Diptarka Chakravarty, Bahniman Ghosh, and Akshay Kumar Salimath
Quantum Matter 4, 145-150 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Chaotic Carrier Signal Generation and Quantum Transmission Along Fiber Optics Communication Using
Integrated Ring Resonators

I. S. Amiri, S. Ghorbani, P. Naraei, and H. Ahmad
Quantum Matter 4, 151-155 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Quantum Dot Cellular Automata Read Only Memory Using Novel Seven-Input Complex Gate
Ankita Agarwal, Bahniman Ghosh, and M. W. Akram
Quantum Matter 4, 156-162 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Quanta of the Magnetic Flux in Superconductors Dependent on Dimensionality of the Flux
Stanis?aw Olszewski
Quantum Matter 4, 163-166 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Continuity Conditions for Insulator-Metal-Insulator-Insulator Structure
M. Ciobanu, A. A. Popescu, D. Savastru, R. Savastru, S. Miclos, and M. Tautan
Quantum Matter 4, 167-168 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Effect of COOH and NH2CO Functional Groups on the Molecular and Electronic Properties of
Boron-Nitride 53 Zigzag Nanotube

B. Makiabadi, M. Zakarianezhad, H. R. Masoodi, S. Bagheri, M. Kazemi, and E. Zeydabadi
Quantum Matter 4, 169-177 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Enhanced ON Current Pocket Tunnel FET for Circuits Operating Near Threshold
Kamal K. Jha and Manisha Pattanaik
Quantum Matter 4, 178-181 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Perusing Quantum Transport Through Geometric Gold Electrodes in Flexible Electronics
Milanpreet Kaur, Ravinder Singh Sawhney, and Derick Engles
Quantum Matter 4, 182-189 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Designing High Speed Sequential Circuits by Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata: Memory Cell and Counter Study
Shadi Sheikhfaal, Keivan Navi, Shaahin Angizi, and Ahmad Habibizad Navin
Quantum Matter 4, 190-197 (2015)
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Volume 4, Number 1 (February 2015) pp. 1-83

A Special Issue on Quantum Matter Chemistry: The Part of Chemistry in Which Quantum Properties of
Matter Need the Advanced Quantum Approach for Their Explaining, Understanding and Modeling

Guest Editor: Aleksander Herman
Quantum Matter 4, 1-2 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

The Dirac Equation as a Privileged Road to the Understanding of Quantum Matter
Jean Maruani
Quantum Matter 4, 3-11 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Information-Theoretic Approach to Chemical Bonds: Quantum Information Measures, Molecular Equilibria and
Orbital Communications

Roman F. Nalewajski
Quantum Matter 4, 12-46 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Physical Basis and Limitations of Equalization Rules and Principles: Valence-State Electronegativity and
Valence-Pair-Affinity versus Operational Chemical Potential

László von Szentpály
Quantum Matter 4, 47-55 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Recent Development of the Pair Density Functional Theory
Katsuhiko Higuchi and Masahiko Higuchi
Quantum Matter 4, 56-62 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Spin-Liquid States in a Copper-Based Material: The Mysterious Quantum Phase CuNCN
Andrei L. Tchougréeff and Richard Dronskowski
Quantum Matter 4, 63-68 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

The Ellenbogen's "Matter as Software" Concept for Quantum Computer Implementation. C60 and X@C60
Molecules as Available Molecular Building Blocks (MBBs) for Tip-Based Nanofabrication (TBN) of
Quantum Computing Devices

Aleksander Herman
Quantum Matter 4, 69-83 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

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