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ADVANCED POROUS MATERIALS (APM) is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes research activities on the fundamental aspects, synthesis, advanced characterization, structural properties, and multiple applications of all kinds of novel micro, meso-, nano- and macro-porous materials. APM also offers unique opportunity to report the energy and environmental related applications of advanced porous materials addressing significant environmental problems as a result of global climate changes. APM publishes reviews, full-length papers, and short communications, covering materials including zeolites, zeotypes, metal organic frameworks, layered materials, porous carbons, nitrides, metals, polymers, phosphides, chalcogenides, transition metal oxides, hydroxyapatite, gels, fibers, ceramics, glasses, membranes, and thermoelectric materials, mesoporous silica, amorphous and crystalline mesoporous metallosilicates, mesoporous hybrid materials, nanocomposites, porous organic molecules, graphenes, and open framework materials, and their applications in catalysis, sensing, adsorption, separation, drug delivery, magnetism, battery, supercapacitors, solar cells, nanodevices, and fine chemical synthesis.

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Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Ajayan Vinu, Australia

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Volume 2, Number 2 (June 2014) pp.69-148

Highly Selective Uptake of Copper (II) Ions from Aqueous Media Using Nanosorbents in Batch Mode
Jerina Majeed, Jayshree Ramkumar, S. Chandramouleeswaran, and A. K. Tyagi
Adv. Porous Mater. 2, 69-78 (2014)
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Layered Zinc Pyrovanadate Hexagons: Potential Photocatalyst and Multicolored Phosphor
Farheen N. Sayed, V. Grover, J. Nuwad, K. Bhattacharyya, and A. K. Tyagi
Adv. Porous Mater. 2, 79-90 (2014)
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Synthesis and Magnetic Performance of Porous Fe2O3 Polyhedral Nanostructures
M. Penchal Reddy, X. B. Zhou, A. M. A. Mohamed, R. Ramakrishna Reddy, and Q. Huang
Adv. Porous Mater. 2, 91-98 (2014)
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In-Situ Chemical Self-Etching Synthesis of TiO2@C Nanocomposite for Excellent Photocatalytic Performance
Jingxin Guo, Haijiao Zhang, Le Hu, Nan Ding, Zhiwen Chen, Yu Miao, and Zheng Jiao
Adv. Porous Mater. 2, 99-105 (2014)
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Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Novel Ordered Mesoporous Silicate, IITM-56: The Effect of
Synthesis Parameters

N. V. Krishna and P. Selvam
Adv. Porous Mater. 2, 106-112 (2014)
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Studies on Properties of Biofuel Produced by Cracking of Jatropha Oil Using AlMCM-41/HZSM-5
Composite Catalysts

T. Sivakumar, G. Ramya, R. Sudhakar, and K. Kathiravan
Adv. Porous Mater. 2, 113-123 (2014)
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Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of Novel Ordered Mesoporous Carbon, NCCR-56
P. R. Murthy, N. V. Krishna, K. Devaki, and P. Selvam
Adv. Porous Mater. 2, 124-129 (2014)
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Sorbent Decontaminant Based on Molecular Sieves Supported with Ag2O Nanoparticles for
Decontamination of Sarin

J. Praveen Kumar, P. V. R. K. Ramacharyulu, K. Batra, and G. K. Prasad
Adv. Porous Mater. 2, 130-136 (2014)
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Promoter Induced Rapid Synthesis of Hollow Silica Nano Cuboids from Octadecyltrichloro Silane
N. Venkatathri, A. Ajay kumar, M. Nookaraju, A. Rajini, and I. A. K. Reddy
Adv. Porous Mater. 2, 137-140 (2014)
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Template-Free Nanosized EMT Zeolite Grown on Natural Luffa Fibers for Water Purification
Hussein Awala, Mohamad El-Roz, Joumana Toufaily, and Svetlana Mintova
Adv. Porous Mater. 2, 141-148 (2014)
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Volume 2, Number 1 (March 2014) pp.1-68

Dehydration of Glycerol over Silicotungstic Acid-Supported Silica
S. Mahendran and P. Selvam
Adv. Porous Mater. 2, 1-6 (2014)
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Green Synthesis of 5-Arylidene-2,4-Thiazolidinediones Over FeAlPO-5 Catalysts
B. Sundaravel, C. M. Babu, B. Palanisamy, M. Palanichamy, and V. Murugesan
Adv. Porous Mater. 2, 7-15 (2014)
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Room Temperature Synthesized Manganese Incorporated Crystalline Aminophosphate Molecular Sieves
as Catalysts for Decomposition of H2O2

D. Santhanaraj, N. Venkatathri, and A. Jeya Rajendran
Adv. Porous Mater. 2, 16-21 (2014)
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Encapsulation of Nitrate Ester Nanoparticles Into the SBA-15 Channels: Preparation, Characterizations and
Reaction Mechanism

Li Tian, Guo-Hong Tao, and Hua-Qiang Cai
Adv. Porous Mater. 2, 22-30 (2014)
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Synthesis and Characterization of Hierarchically Ordered Porous Carbon Based Energetic Nanocomposites
Jin Chen, Simin He, Qin Yue, Minghong Wang, Yonghui Deng, Huaqiang Cai, and Hui Huang
Adv. Porous Mater. 2, 31-36 (2014)
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Highly Porous Silica Glasses and Aerogels Made Easy: The Hypersaline Route
Roberto Nisticò, Giuliana Magnacca, Markus Antonietti, and Nina Fechler
Adv. Porous Mater. 2, 37-41 (2014)
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Synthesis of Highly Ordered Silica Microspheres with Uniform Nanosized Pores by Sol Gel Route
Saurav Sorcar and K. K. Saini
Adv. Porous Mater. 2, 42-47 (2014)
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Studies on Mesoporous CoSBA-15 Catalysed Selective Oxidation of a Lignin Model Phenolic Monomer
Rojalin Sadual, Sushanta K. Badamali, and Rajesh K. Singh
Adv. Porous Mater. 2, 48-53 (2014)
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Cobalt-Aluminium Hydrotalcite Containing Interlayer Mesoporous Silicate Framework (SBA-15): Promising
Recyclable Catalysts for Oxidation of Alkyl Aromatics

Thangaraj Baskaran, Jayaraj Christopher, and Ayyamperumal Sakthivel
Adv. Porous Mater. 2, 54-60 (2014)
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A Salt-Flux Synthesis of Highly Porous, N- and O-Doped Carbons from a Polymer Precursor and Its Use for
High Capacity/High Rate Supercapacitors

Kang Ko Chung, Nina Fechler, and Markus Antonietti
Adv. Porous Mater. 2, 61-68 (2014)
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