Energy and Environment Focus
An Open-Access Peer-Reviewed Journal
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Energy and Environment Focus is an open-access peer-reviewed journal consolidating research activities in all experimental and theoretical aspects of energy and environment. The journal publishes timely review articles, full research articles, and short communications about new scientific and technological findings in all aspects of new materials for energy and environment, hydrogen and fuel cells, energy storage, biomass energy, CO2 capture, utilization and storage, energy and environmental policies, solid wastes, and environment treatment.

Open-access, immediately available online for reading and sharing
No Article Publishing Charges (APC)
Rapid reviewing process and fast online publication

RESEARCH TOPICS TO BE COVERED (but not limited to):
Fuel Cells, Batteries, Supercapacitors, Solar Cells, Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs), Self-Powered Devices
Catalysis, Electrolysis, and Photothermal Catalysis
Biomass, Bio-fuels and Bio-refineries
CO2 Capture, Utilization and Storage, Energy and Environmental Policies for CO2 Neutrality
Hydrogen Energy (Storage and Generation)
Geothermal Energy, Nuclear Energy, Wind Energy, Clean Energy
Energy Efficiency and Management
Environmental Science and Technology (Environmental Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Engineering)
Climate Change, Greenhouse Gases and Global Warming
Ecology, Environmental Toxicology, Industrial Wastewater and Sewage Treatment
Geosciences, Atmospheric, Terrestrial and Aquatic Environments
Pollution and Environmental Control, Hazardous Substances, Radioactive Contamination, Noise Pollution
Effects of Air, Water, and Soil Contaminations on Human Health
Soil Environmental Management and Technologies
Solid Wastes including Recycling and Management
Environmental Public Health Policies, Rules and Regulations
Conservation of Natural Resources
Theoretical Modeling associated with Energy and Environment
And much more ..

Energy and Environment Focus offers a very broad readership covering all experimental and theoretical research aspects of energy and environment with an interdisciplinary approach in the fields of materials science, chemistry, physics, surface science, medical sciences and all disciplines of engineering, electrochemistry, biotechnology, nanoscience and nanotechnology for scientists, engineers, researchers, technocrats and academicians working in the fields of energy and environment.


Professor Ahmad Umar
Department of Chemistry, College of Science and Arts
Promising Centre for Sensors and Electronic Devices
Najran University, Najran 11001, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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