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Journal of Chitin and Chitosan Science
ISSN: 2328-7519 (Print): EISSN: 2328-7500 (Online)
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Journal of Chitin and Chitosan Science (JCC) is an international peer-reviewed journal that covers all aspects of chitin and chitosan based biomaterials and their derivatives, their sources, commercial production, processing, spectroscopic characterization, biochemistry, biology, enzymology, ecology, chemical and physico-chemical properties, biological activities, medical and biomedical applications such as drug delivery systems, gene delivery, pharmaceuticals, tissue engineering, wound healing agents, antimicrobial activities, biotextiles, biocatalysis, food science, agriculture, water purification, environment, and other areas of life sciences and materials science.

COVER: R. Jayakumar et al., Journal of Biomedical nanotechnology (2012)

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. R. Jayakumar, India

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Volume 4, Number 1 (March 2016) pp.1-79

Preparation of Chitosan-Gelatin Based Sponge Cross-Linked with GlcNAc for Bone Tissue Engineering
Thitirat Chaochai, Hirofumi Miyaji, Takashi Yoshida, Erika Nishida, Tetsuya Furuike, and Hiroshi Tamura
J. Chitin Chitosan Sci. 4, 1-8 (2016)
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On the Electrical Properties of Chitosan: Influence of Degree of Deacetylation
M. Senthil Kumar, K. Jayakumar, and C. Raja Mohan
J. Chitin Chitosan Sci. 4, 9-13 (2016)
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Development and Characterization of Scaffolds Obtained by Aggregation of Balls of Chitosan and

Milena C. da Silva, Thiago B. Fideles, Suelem S. L. Oliveira, and Marcus V. L. Fook
J. Chitin Chitosan Sci. 4, 14-21 (2016)
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Corrosion Inhibition of (2-pyridyl)-Acetyl Chitosan on the Acid Corrosion of Mild Steel
Y. Sangeetha, S. Meenakshi, and C. Sairam Sundaram
J. Chitin Chitosan Sci. 4, 22-27 (2016)
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Treatability Studies of Pharmaceutical Industry Waste Water Using Low Molecular Weight Crab Shell Chitosan
M. Geetha Devi, Mohammed Abdullah Nasser Al-Shukaili, and Syed Murtuza Ali
J. Chitin Chitosan Sci. 4, 28-32 (2016)
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Mesenchymal Stem Cell Mediated Chondrogenesis on Chitosan-Calcium Phosphate Scaffolds: Effect of
Collagen Coating

Anuhya Gottipati and Steven H. Elder
J. Chitin Chitosan Sci. 4, 33-40 (2016)
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Rheological and Antioxidant Characterization of Chitin and Chitosan Extracted with Different Acids
Noelia Tourón, Bouchra El Khalfi, Sayah M. Yassine, Rachida Chabir, Faouzi Errachidi, and Abdelaziz Soukri
J. Chitin Chitosan Sci. 4, 41-45 (2016)
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Production and Properties of Different Molecular Weights of Chitosan from Marine Shrimp Shells
Mohamed E. I. Badawy, Entsar I. Rabea, Nehad E. M. Taktak, and Mahmoud A. M. El Nouby
J. Chitin Chitosan Sci. 4, 46-54 (2016)
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Antimicrobial Potential of Chitosan from Marine Biowastes-A Wealth from Waste Approach
M. Anand, M. Maruthupandy, S. Prasanna kumar, S. Ravikumar, N. Jeyaraj, and R. Kumaran
J. Chitin Chitosan Sci. 4, 55-58 (2016)
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Recovery of Chitinous Material from Brown Crab (Cancer pagurus) Shell Waste Using Fermentation
and Chemical Methods

Catherine A. Lynch, Carla Harkin, Denis McCrudden, Dieter W. Brück, Johannes Lindorfer, and Wolfram M. Brück
J. Chitin Chitosan Sci. 4, 59-68 (2016)
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Nickel Biosorption by Fungal Chitosan from Mucor Indicus
Foroogh Ruholahi, Marzieh Mohammadi, Keikhosro Karimi, and Akram Zamani
J. Chitin Chitosan Sci. 4, 69-73 (2016)
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Immunological Effects of Chitosan on Bovine Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells In Vitro
H. Ohtsuka, N. Kanikawa, M. Tomioka, Y. Maeda, K. Hirose, and M. Tajima
J. Chitin Chitosan Sci. 4, 74-79 (2016)
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