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Journal of Computational Intelligence and Electronic Systems (JCIES) is an open-access peer-reviewed journal publishes emerging research in the areas of the computational intelligence and electronic engineering systems. JCIES publishes in all areas of computational intelligence design and applications, computer-aided designs related to integrated circuits and systems, power electronics, embedded systems, semiconductor devices, analogue circuits, digital electronics, signal processing, microwave and millimeter-wave techniques, wireless and optical communications, sensors, and biomedical electronics.

Open-access, immediately available online for reading and sharing
No Article Publishing Charges (APC)
Rapid reviewing process and fast online publication
RESEARCH TOPICS COVERED (but not limited to):
Computational Intelligence Design and Applications
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Applications
Computer Architectures, operating and software systems
Software Design, Applications, Analysis and Management
Interconnection Networks and Industrial Implementations
Evolutionary algorithms, Fuzzy Systems, Swarm Intelligence
Next Generation Cellular Systems
Machine Learning, Design Tools
Power Electronics, Embedded Systems
Semiconductor Devices, Analogue Circuits, Digital Electronics
Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Techniques
Wireless Networks and Wireless Optical Communications, WIFI
Wireless Multimedia Communications
Wireless Cloud Computing
Signal Processing, Image Scanning and Analysis
Biomedical Optics and Technologies
Medical Electronics and Neural Networks
Wireless Sensors, Device Performance, Reliability, Privacy, and security
Bioinformatics, Bio-inspired Methods
And much more ..

Journal of Computational Intelligence and Electronic Systems offers a very broad readership covering all research aspects of computational intelligence and electronic engineering systems with a interdisciplinary approach in the fields of computer science and engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, robotics engineering, software engineering, engineering materials, nanotechnology, optical science and engineering, biomedical engineering, manufacturing engineering for the scientists, researchers and professionals working in industry and academia.
Prof. Dr. Rui-Hua Xie
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Xi'an Jiaotong University
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