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Vol. 1, No. 3 (September 2013)
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Journal of Nutritional Ecology and Food Research
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Journal of Nutritional Ecology and Food Research is an international journal which publishes peer-reviewed articles on food production and consumption, with regard to health, environment, society and economy. The scope is thus broad, articles being focused on significant novel research in human and animal nutrition, food science and technology, food marketing and transportation. In addition, articles on food and identity, agriculture and sustainability, are also welcome. The journal only publishes novel, high quality review papers, original research papers, short communications, concerning all aspects of food and nutrition. It is journal policy to publish special issues on topical and emergent subjects of nutrition and food research or related areas.

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Prof. Federico Infascelli, Italy

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Volume 1, Number 3 (September 2013) pp. 167-245

The Concept of Agri-Food Quality in Its Different Meanings
Giovanni Monastra and Giuseppina Crisponi
J. Nutr. Ecol. Food Res. 1, 167-184 (2013)
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Protein Profile of Cajanus cajan in Response to Gamma Irradiation
Darakhshanda Neelam, S. A. Husain, Mahmooduzaffar, Tanveera Tabasum, and Shahnaz Subhan
J. Nutr. Ecol. Food Res. 1, 185-188 (2013)
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Role of Choline and Methionine in Bovine Mammary Epithelial Cell Line Exposed to Hydrogen Peroxide
R. Rebucci, L. Pinotti, E. Fusi, F. Saccone, C. Giromini, E. Skrivanova, M. Ottoboni, and A. Baldi
J. Nutr. Ecol. Food Res. 1, 189-193 (2013)
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Survey of the Relationship Between In Vivo Phenotypic Biometric Issues and Fine Cuts of Meat in Males of
Mediterranean Italian Buffalo

R. Vittoria, A. De Gregorio, A. Di Stasio, M. Di Rubbo, R. Napolano, and A. Coletta
J. Nutr. Ecol. Food Res. 1, 194-197 (2013)
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Nutritional Composition of Balanites aegyptiaca (Desert Date) and Hyphaene thebaica (Doum Palm) Fruits
Consumed by Hamadryas Baboons (Papio hamadryas hamadryas) in Awash National Park, Ethiopia

Mesele Admassu, Afework Bekele, and Jae Cherl Kim
J. Nutr. Ecol. Food Res. 1, 198-206 (2013)
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Dietary Neutral Detergent Fibre Level on Performance Traits and Meat Quality in Nero Siciliano Pigs
Vincenzo Chiofalo, Luigi Liotta, Giuseppe Spanò, Enrico D'Alessandro, and Biagina Chiofalo
J. Nutr. Ecol. Food Res. 1, 207-212 (2013)
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Social Class and Food Consumption
Lucio Meglio
J. Nutr. Ecol. Food Res. 1, 213-218 (2013)
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Nutritional Value of Fish Species
Celestina Mascolo, Raffaele Marrone, Alfonsina Palma, and Giuseppe Palma
J. Nutr. Ecol. Food Res. 1, 219-225 (2013)
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Mycotoxins and Food: Fusaproliferin Occurrence and Risk
Antonello Santini, Giancarlo Tenore, and Alberto Ritieni
J. Nutr. Ecol. Food Res. 1, 226-232 (2013)
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A Novel Antagonistic Strain of Sepedonium chrysospermum
Francesco Vinale, Felice Scala, Roberta Marra, Alberto Ritieni, Pierpaolo Cavallo, Sergio Bolletti Censi,
Giorgia Borriello, Michelina Ruocco, Sheridan L. Woo, and Matteo Lorito

J. Nutr. Ecol. Food Res. 1, 233-239 (2013)
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