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Volume 1, Number 2 (December 2012) pp.131 - 255

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––FEATURED ARTICLES ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

A Low-Cost Multi-Electrode Array System for the Simultaneous Acquisition of
Electrophysiological Signal and Cellular Morphology

Yuan-Jen Chang, Lun-De Liao, Chin-Teng Lin, Hsin-Yi Lai, Ji-Lin Chen, Yu-Ting Yang, Ying-Chen Ting,
Ya-Po Huang, Robby Wu, Nitish V. Thakor, and You-Yin Chen

J. Neurosci. Neuroeng. 1, 131-142 (2012)
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Nanogold-Based Carriers for the Nonviral Delivery of Neural Peptides
Huey-Shan Hung, Chih-Wei Chou, Wei-Shen Sun, Shinn-Zong Lin, Kuo-Wei Hsueh, Mei-Yun Chu, and Shan-hui Hsu
J. Neurosci. Neuroeng. 1, 143-152 (2012)
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Regulation of AMPA Receptor Recruitment by the Actin Binding Protein Drebrin in Cultured
Hippocampal Neurons

Kenichi Kato, Tomoaki Shirao, Hiroyuki Yamazaki, Kazuyuki Imamura, and Yuko Sekino
J. Neurosci. Neuroeng. 1, 153-160 (2012)
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Sensorimotor Control for Human Motion Generation-A Review
Chen-Hui Hu, Qin-Huai Zhang, and Wen-Chieh Lin
J. Neurosci. Neuroeng. 1, 161-179 (2012)
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Living Brain Optical Imaging: Technology, Methods and Applications
Vassiliy Tsytsarev, Chad Bernardelli, and Konstantin I. Maslov
J. Neurosci. Neuroeng. 1, 180-192 (2012)
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Fundamental Concerns for Detecting Synchronized Brain Networks Using
Resting-State Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Changwei W. Wu and Yi-Ping Chao
J. Neurosci. Neuroeng. 1, 193-203 (2012)
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Overview of On-Chip Stimulator Designs for Biomedical Applications
Chun-Yu Lin and Ming-Dou Ker
J. Neurosci. Neuroeng. 1, 204-212 (2012)
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Survival and Neurological Outcomes in Children with Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
Yan-Ren Lin and Mei-Chueh Yang
J. Neurosci. Neuroeng. 1, 213-221 (2012)
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––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––RESEARCH ARTICLES ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

A Comparison Study for the Efficacy of Novel Micropatterned Nerve Conduits versus
Commercial Ones in Regeneration of Transected Rat Sciatic Nerve

Shan-hui Hsu, Chia-Hung Lin, Chen-Tung Yen, Pei-Hwa Wang, Lien-Guo Dai, and Ching-Fen Jiang
J. Neurosci. Neuroeng. 1, 222-228 (2012)
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The Predominance of Arabic Numerals Over Object Counting in Young Adults:
An Event-Related Brain Potential Study

Chiu-Ping Lu and Ling-Fu Meng
J. Neurosci. Neuroeng. 1, 229-235 (2012)
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Demographics and Outcomes in Children with Poison Exposure Caused by Neurological
Agents in Taiwan

Chien-Chih Huang, Wen-Liang Chen, Chun-Wen Chiu, Shih-Chang Lai, Chin-Fu Chang, Chu-Chung Chou, and Yan-Ren Lin
J. Neurosci. Neuroeng. 1, 236-242 (2012)
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A Novel Device for Long-Term Monitoring Freezing-of-Gait in People with Parkinson Disease:
Case Study

Wen-Chieh Yang, Hung-Bin Chen, Jian-Jiun Ding, and Kwan-Hwa Lin
J. Neurosci. Neuroeng. 1, 243-247 (2012)
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Table of Contents to Volume 1, Numbers 1-2, 2012
J. Neurosci. Neuroeng. 1, 249-250 (2012)
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Author Index to Volume 1, Numbers 1-2, 2012
J. Neurosci. Neuroeng. 1, 251-253 (2012)
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Subject Index to Volume 1, Numbers 1-2, 2012
J. Neurosci. Neuroeng. 1, 254-255 (2012)
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