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Aims and Scope
The growing interest and activity in the field of sensor technologies requires a forum for rapid dissemination of important results: Sensor Letters is that forum. Sensor Letters offers scientists, engineers and medical experts timely, peer-reviewed research on sensor science and technology of the highest quality. Sensor Letters publish original rapid communications, full papers and timely state-of-the-art reviews encompassing the fundamental and applied research on sensor science and technology in all fields of science, engineering, and medicine. Highest priority will be given to short communications reporting important new scientific and technological findings. Authors receive these benefits:
  • Electronic submission of articles
  • Fast reviewing
  • Rapid times to publication
  • No page charges
  • Free color where justified
  • Distinguished editorial board
  • Available in print and online editions
Research Topics Covered Innovative sensing concepts, Cell and tissue-based sensors, Chemical, biological and physical sensors, Sensor networks and systems, Sensor system integration, Advanced sensing materials, Sensor architectures, Self-cleaning sensors, One-shot disposable sensors, Biotoxin sensors, Data fusion of sensor arrays, Sensor fabrication, packaging, testing and reliability, Sensor instrumentation, Electronic interfaces and data processing, Sensor signal processing electronics, Sensor applications and uses, Optical, acoustic, mechanical, thermal, electromagnetic, electrochemical and radiation sensors, Environmental sensors, Fiber optic sensors, Sonar sensors, Flow sensors, Analytical µ-systems, lab-on-a-chip, Sensor neural networks, Sensor telemetry, Measurement compensation and calibration, Electronic-nose sensors, Nanosensors, Computational and theoretical aspects of sensors, Fabrication techniques, Characterization, Spectroscopy, and much more …

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