Journal of Nanoengineering and Nanomanufacturing

Volume 1, Number 3 (December 2011) pp.249-343

A Special Issue on Nano-Engineered Materials for Energy and
Environmental Applications

Guest Editors: Wei Wang, Ziyi Zhong, Kangtaek Lee, and Yuning Li
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 249-250 (2011)
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Hydrothermal Synthesis and Electrochemical Hydrogen Storage of Hierarchical Sb2S3 Superstructures
Jianmin Ma, Yaping Wang, Yijing Wang, Jiabiao Lian, Xiaochuan Duan, Xiaodi Liu, Peng Peng, Kimil Tom, and
Wenjun Zheng

J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 251-256 (2011)
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Transmission Electron Microscope Tomography of Nanostructured Materials
Ming Lin, Hui Ru Tan, Joyce Pei Ying Tan, Chris Boothroyd, Yong Lim Foo, and Chao Bin He
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 257-264 (2011)
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Fabrication of TiO2 Colloidal Crystal Films and Characterization of Their
Photocatalytic Properties

Wei Huang, Feng Wang, and Wei Wang
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 265-271 (2011)
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Production of Nanostructured Magnesium Carbonates from Serpentine: Implication for Flame
Retardant Application

Peng Bai, Paul Sharratt, Tze Yuen Yeo, and Jie Bu
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 272-279 (2011)
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One-Step Synthesized Tungsten Oxide/Carbon Nanotube Composites as Pt Catalyst Supports for Oxygen Reduction
Reaction in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells

Doralice Meza, Drew C. Higgins, Jason Wu, and Zhongwei Chen
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 280-286 (2011)
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One-Step Hydrothermal Synthesis, Characterization and Photocatalytic Properties of Nano TiO2 with Controllable
Crystalline Structure

Xin Xiao and Wei-De Zhang
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 287-291 (2011)
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Surface Modification of Magnesium Carbonate via Three Silane Coupling Agents
Min Guo, Tan Guo, Quan Li, Xiushen Ye, and Zhijian Wu
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 292-297 (2011)
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Preparation and CO2 Capture Capacity of Alkali Metal Carbonates Promoted Hydrotalcite
Qiang Wang, Hui Huang Tay, Luwei Chen, Yan Liu, Jie Chang, Ziyi Zhong, Jizhong Luo, and Armando Borgna
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 298-303 (2011)
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Boron-Doped High Surface Area Microporous Carbon Materials
Anmiao Wang, Thomas P. McNicholas, Yanqin Wang, and Jie Liu
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 304-309 (2011)
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Effect of Fluorination on the Hydrophobicity of Transparent Conducting Carbon Nanotube-Grafted
Polymer Films

Ji Sun Im, Seok Chang Kang, Sung Kyu Lee, In Jun Park, Jung Sang Yoo, and Young-Seak Lee
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 310-314 (2011)
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CdS Nanostructure Arrays: Facile Growth, Controlled Structures and Tunable Optical Properties
Fenghua Zhao, Xianfeng Yang, Jianle Zhuang, Bang Lan, and Mingmei Wu
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 315-319 (2011)
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Surfactant Assisted Incorporation of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes into a
Chitosan-Polyvinylpyrrolidone Polymer

Taylor Jon Davis, Jin Zhang, and José E. Herrera
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 320-324 (2011)
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Boron Source Effect on the Boron Promoted Ni Catalyst for Syngas Production via Catalytic Partial
Oxidation of Methane

Luwei Chen, Michael Tasrif, Catherine K. S. Choong, Zhiqun Tian, and Jianyi Lin
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 325-333 (2011)
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Table of Contents to Volume 1, Numbers 1-3, 2011
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 335-337 (2011)
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Author Index to Volume 1, Numbers 1-3, 2011
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 338-341 (2011)
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Subject Index to Volume 1, Numbers 1-3, 2011
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 342-343 (2011)
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Volume 1, Number 2 (August 2011) pp.113-247

Non-Spherical Metal Nanostructures and Their Assemblies for Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
Ramesh Kattumenu, Chang H. Lee, and Srikanth Singamaneni
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 113-135 (2011)
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Advances in Chemical Synthesis of Nb-Containing Oxides
Junshu Wu and Dongfeng Xue
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 136-154 (2011)
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Quantum Dot Sensitized Solar Cells
Jun Wang, Danny Vennerberg, and Zhiqun Lin
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 155-171 (2011)
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Electrochemical Properties of Carbon Supported Pt-SnO2 Nanoparticles Thin Films by Plasma Chemical
Vapor Deposition

Minwu Song, Sadia Ameen, Dong-Gyu Kim, Hyung Shik Shin, and Young Soon Kim
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 172-176 (2011)
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Comparative Study of Threshold Voltage Roll-Off and Subthreshold Slope of Nanoscale Silicon-On-Insulator and
Silicon-On-Nothing MOSFET's

Sanjoy Deb, N. B. Singh, A. K. De, D. Das, N. Islam, and Subir Kumar Sarkar
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 177-181 (2011)
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Synthesis of Boehmite-Like Nanorods Through Inverse Phase Transformation
A. A. Derakhshan, L. Rajabi, and Sh. Ghorabi
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 182-187 (2011)
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Hydrogen Storage Properties of Heterostructured Zinc Oxide Nanostructures
Rizwan Wahab, Z. A. Ansari, S. G. Ansari, Young-Soon Kim, I. H. Hwang, Dong-Hyun Kim, Javed Mussarat,
Abdulaziz A. Al-Khedhairy, M. A. Siddiqi, and Hyung-Shik Shin

J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 188-195 (2011)
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Co3O4, ZnO, Co3O4-ZnO Nanofibers and Their Properties
Muzafar A. Kanjwal, Faheem A. Sheikh, Nasser A. M. Barakat, Xiaoqiang Li, Hak Yong Kim, and Ioannis S. Chronakis
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 196-202 (2011)
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Modeling of Weld Penetration in Submerged Arc Welding of Mild Steel Coated with TiO2 Nano Particles
Using Response Surface Methodology

Masood Aghakhani, Mohammad Reza Ghaderi, Laleh Rajabi, and Ali Ashraf Derakhshan
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 203-211 (2011)
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Microstructural Features and Luminescence Behavior of Nanostructures of Boron Nitride Produced by
Mechanothermal Process

Sunil Kumar Singhal, Avanish Kumar Srivastava, Satish Teotia, Karuppanan Senthil, Kijung Yong, and Rakesh Behari Mathur
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 212-218 (2011)
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Decreasing of Quantity of Radiation Defects in an Implanted-Junction Rectifier in a Semiconductor Heterostructure
E. L. Pankratov and E. A. Bulaeva
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 219-227 (2011)
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Specific H2S Gas Sensor Based on Metal Nanoparticles, Sulfur and Nitrogen/Single-Walled Carbon
Nanotube-Modified Field Effect Transistor

Shirin Nasresfahani, Mohammad Mahdi Doroodmand, Mohammad Hossein Sheikhi, and Ahmad Reza Ghasemi
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 228-236 (2011)
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Luminescent Performance of YVO4:Eu3+ Film with PEG Concentration
Dong YuQin, Zheng GanHong, Ma YongQing, Wu DanDan, Zhang Xian, Qian ShiBing, and Ma Qian
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 237-241 (2011)
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Synthesis of ZnO Nano Particles via Simple Solution Route for DSSC's Using Synthetic and Natural Dyes
S. Chandrasekaran
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 242-247 (2011)
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Volume 1, Number 1 (April 2011) pp.1-112

Welcome to the Journal of Nanoengineering and Nanomanufacturing
Editor-in-Chief: Ahmad Umar
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 1-3 (2011)
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Gas Sensors Using Oxide Nanowire Networks: An Overview
In-Sung Hwang and Jong-Heun Lee
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 4-17 (2011)
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Recent Progress on the Superhydrophobic Surfaces with Special Adhesion: From Natural to
Biomimetic to Functional

Yue-Kun Lai, Zhong Chen, and Chang-Jian Lin
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 18-34 (2011)
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Nanoengineering of Semiconductor Nanowires-Synthesis, Processing and Sensing Applications
S. J. Pearton, B. P. Gila, Bill Appleton, David Hays, F. Ren, Joel Fridmann, and Paul Mazarov
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 35-49 (2011)
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Chimaera-A New Threefold Functionalized Nanostructured Agent in Cancer Therapy
G. F. Cerofolini, E. Romano, and D. Narducci
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 50-62 (2011)
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Thermodynamic Efficiency, Power Output and Performance Indices of Classic and Nanostructured
Thermoelectric Materials

Dario Narducci
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 63-70 (2011)
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Synthesis and Characterization of ZnO Nanorods and Balls Nanomaterials for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells
M. Shaheer Akhtar, Sadia Ameen, Shoeb A. Ansari, and O-Bong Yang
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 71-76 (2011)
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Structural, Optical and Electrical Properties of Nano-Structured Cd:ZnO Thin Films Prepared via
Sol-Gel Derived Spin Coating Method

G. Singh, A. K. Srivastava, K. Senthil, J. S. Tawale, M. Deepa, and K. Yong
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 77-83 (2011)
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The Role of Fe3O4 Nanoparticles on Superconductivity
I. M. Obaidat, B. A. Albiss, H. Ghamlouche, S. M. Obeidat, T. G. Qarqaz, M. Gharaibeh, A. Obeidat, and
M. K. Hasan (Qaseer)

J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 84-92 (2011)
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Trace Detection of Melamine by Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering on Silver Nanostructured Thin Films
Chao Qiu, Alfred Maingi, and Chaoyang Jiang
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 93-100 (2011)
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Diffusion of a Single Polymer Chain on a Nano-Patterned Surface
Jingfa Yang, Cunfu Zhang, and Jiang Zhao
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 101-105 (2011)
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Dispersion-Based Methods for the Engineering and Manufacture of Polymeric Nanoparticles for
Drug Delivery Applications

Ronnie H. Fang and Liangfang Zhang
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 1, 106-112 (2011)
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