Journal of Nanoengineering and Nanomanufacturing

Volume 5, Number 2 (June 2015) pp.83-165

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Nanofibers Membrane Mats Composed of Polyurethane and Copper Nitrate:
Novel and Facile Strategy for Future Water Filtration

Faheem A. Sheikh, Abdalla Abdal-Hay, Ashif Tamboli, Avinash A. Chaugule, and Hern Kim
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 5, 83-89 (2015)
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Effect of Cu Incorporation on Electrical Properties of CdS Thin Films Prepared by
Using Ultrasound Assisted Chemical Bath Deposition Technique

P. V. Adhyapak, M. V. Mirkale, D. P. Amalnerkar, S. P. Meshram, and I. S. Mulla
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 5, 90-95 (2015)
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Photocatalytic Activity of TiO2 Synthesized by Using Different Surfactants via Precipitation Route
Arun Gupta, Pankaj Srivastava, Parag V. Adhyapak, Lal Bahadur, and Ratna Chauhan
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 5, 96-101 (2015)
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Gate Misalignment Analysis of Dual-Material Double Gate Junctionless Transistor
S. Intekhab Amin and R. K. Sarin
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 5, 102-108 (2015)
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Design of a Novel Three-Component Piezoelectric Force Sensor for Meso-Milling Applications
Fu Shao
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 5, 109-115 (2015)
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On Dependences of Properties of Epitaxial Layers on Several Parameters, Grown from Gas Phase
E. L. Pankratov and E. A. Bulaeva
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 5, 116-123 (2015)
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Cationic Surfactant (CTAC) Assisted Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles with Controlled Size:
Optical, Morphological and Bactericidal Studies

Md. Sayem Alam, A. Mohammed Siddiq, S. Sriman Narayanan, Debasis Samanta, and Sujoy K. Das
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 5, 124-131 (2015)
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Experimental Investigation and Optimization of Process Parameters of Multiwalled Carbon
Nanotubes Mixed EDM Using Response Surface Methodology

Sachin Mohal and H. K. Kansal
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 5, 132-140 (2015)
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A Ballistic Subthreshold Current Model for Ultra-Short Channel Recessed-Source/Drain

Gopi Krishna Saramekala and Pramod Kumar Tiwari
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 5, 141-145 (2015)
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Linear Sweep Cyclic Voltammetric Behavior of Silicon and Nitrogen Doped Diamond-Like
Carbon Thin Film Prepared via Magnetron Co-Sputtering Deposition

N. W. Khun and E. Liu
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 5, 146-150 (2015)
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On Approach to Optimize Manufacturing Logical Elements Based on Field-Effect Transistors
E. L. Pankratov and E. A. Bulaeva
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 5, 151-165 (2015)
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