Journal of Nanoengineering and Nanomanufacturing

Volume 6, Number 3 (August 2016) pp.167- 249

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LLDPE/Montmorillonite Clay and LLDPE/Potassium Hexaniobate Nanocomposites:
Comparation Between Morphology and Barrier Properties

Daniel Komatsu, Harumi Otaguro, Caio Mαrcio Paranhos, and Adhemar Ruvolo-Filho
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 6, 167–174 (2016)
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Effect of Barrier Width on Spin-Dependent Tunneling in Asymmetrical Double Barrier
Semiconductor Heterostructures

L. Bruno Chandrasekar, K. Gnanasekar, M. Karunakaran, and R. Chandramohan
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 6, 175–179 (2016)
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Growth of Highly Stable Selenium Nanoparticles (SeNPs) Using Polyvinyl Alcohol
and 4-Aminoantipyrine and Their Optical Properties

Madiha Saeed, Asma Rehman, Ayesha Ihsan, Sadia Z. Bajwa, Khizra Bano, and Waheed S. Khan
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 6, 180–184 (2016)
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Performance Evaluation of Graded Channel Dual Material Double Gate Engineered
Nanowire Transistor (GC-DMDG NWT) with High-K Gate Dielectrics

Pankaj Appun Pegu and Uttam Chandra Boro
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 6, 185–187 (2016)
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Area Efficient Layout Design of CMOS Device for Digital Circuit Applications
Vimal Kumar Mishra and R. K. Chauhan
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 6, 188–192 (2016)
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Optimization of Manufacturing of Bipolar Transistor Framework an Inverter to Increase
Their Density

E. L. Pankratov and E. A. Bulaeva
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 6, 193–200 (2016)
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Designing Conservative Reversible N-Bit Binary Comparator for Emerging Quantum-Dot
Cellular Automata Nano Circuits

Neeraj Kumar Misra, Bibhash Sen, and Subodh Wairya
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 6, 201–216 (2016)
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X-ray Peak Profile Analysis of Zn1-yMnyO and Zn1-y NiyO Nanostructures
L. Bruno Chandrasekar, M. Karunakaran, R. Chandramohan, T. Daniel Thangadurai, and R. Vijayalakshmi
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 6, 217–221 (2016)
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Characterization of Ion-Uptake for Single Osteoblast Cell Under Electrical Stimuli
S. Sarkar
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 6, 222–228 (2016)
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Low Power Operation: 4T1D1M and 4T1MGC Memristor Non-Volatile Dram Cell Design
Peter Bukelani Musiiwa and Shyam Akashe
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 6, 229–238 (2016)
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A Comparative Study of Transmission Mode Tunability in, Linearly Graded and Without
Graded, Defect Photonic Crystal Structure

Rajeev Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar Srivastava, and S. K. Srivastava
J. Nanoeng. Nanomanuf. 6, 239–249 (2016)
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