Journal of Holography and Speckle
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Aims and Scope
The growing interest and activity in the fields of holography and speckle require a forum for rapid dissemination of important results. Journal of Holography and Speckle (JOHAS) is that international forum which offers scientists and engineers timely, peer-reviewed research in these fields. Journal of Holography and Speckle publishes original rapid communications, full research papers and timely state-of-the-art reviews (with author's biography and photo) encompassing the fundamental and applied research in all areas of holography, and speckle. Authors receive these benefits:
  • Electronic submission of articles
  • Fast reviewing
  • Rapid times to publication
  • No page charges
  • Free color where justified
  • Distinguished editorial board
  • Available in print and online edition
Research Topics Covered (but not limited to):
Broadly speaking all aspects of holography and speckle will be covered. The keywords include Speckle in astronomy, holography, speckle, optics, acoustical and microwave holography, automatic analysis, biomedical optics and applications, birefringence, Bragg condition, coherence, characteristic function, color holograms, computer generated holography, contouring, copying and embossing, correlation, decorrelation, Denisyuk holograms, diffraction, diffractive and holographic optics, digital holography, digital speckle photography, displacement, edge-lit holograms, display holography, electronic speckle pattern interferometry, experimental mechanics, fluorescent speckle microscopy, Fraunhofer holograms, frequency shifting, fringe patterns, Gabor holograms, gated holography, heat and mass transfer, holographic optical elements, holographic optical memories, holographic interferometry, holography for security applications, hololens, holospeckle, information storage, interferometry, image processing, Leith-Upatnieks holograms, image plane, nondestructive testing, optical scanning holography, particle holograms, pattern reorganization , particle image velocimetry, phase shifting interferometry, photorefractive materials including polymers and their applications, point wise filtering, quantum holograms, rainbow holograms, refraction, real time recording materials, refractive index, shearography, solar holography, speckle dynamics, speckle interferometry, speckle photography, stress and strain, surface roughness, time-average, vibration analysis, x-ray and electron holography, whole field, white light speckle metrology, Young’s fringes, etc.
Scientists and engineers from academia, industries and governmental laboratories working in the fields of holography, speckle, lasers, optics, nonlinear optics, optical science and engineering, biomedical optics, environmental optics, optical metrology, optical physics, chemistry and biology, quantum holography, and related application areas.

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