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Journal of Nanofluids (JON) is an international multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal covering a wide range of research topics in the field of nanofluids and fluid science. It is an ideal and unique reference source for scientists and engineers working in this important and emerging research field of science, engineering and technology. The journal publishes full research papers, review articles with author's photo and short biography, and communications of important new findings encompassing the fundamental and applied research in all aspects of science and engineering of nanofluids and fluid science related developing technologies.

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Volume 5, Number 1 (March 2016) pp. 1-190

Recent Advances in Magnetorheology of Ferrofluids (Magnetic Nanofluids)-A Critical Review
Leona J. Felicia, Sithara Vinod, and John Philip
J. Nanofluids 5, 1-22 (2016)
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On the Assessment of Viscosity Variability by Nanofluid Engineering: A Review
Bruno Abreu, André Válega, Bruno Lamas, Alexandra Fonseca, Nelson Martins, and Mónica Oliveira
J. Nanofluids 5, 23-36 (2016)
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Magnetooptical Effect of Immersion of Nonmagnetic Macroscopic Objects in the Ferrofluid
Vishakha Dave, (Late) Rajesh Patel, and Rasbindu V. Mehta
J. Nanofluids 5, 37-41 (2016)
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Ionic Ferrofluids Comprising -Fe2O3 Nanoparticles Prepared by Chemically Induced Transition:
Synthesis and Magnetization Behavior

Junming Li, Jian Li, Hong Mao, and Yueqiang Lin
J. Nanofluids 5, 42-47 (2016)
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Entropy Analysis of Nanofluid Flow Over a Convectively Heated Radially Stretching Disk Embedded in a
Porous Medium

S. Das, S. Chakraborty, R. N. Jana, and O. D. Makinde
J. Nanofluids 5, 48-58 (2016)
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Heat Transfer Characteristics of a Dusty Nanofluid Past a Permeable Stretching/Shrinking Cylinder
with Non-Uniform Heat Source/Sink

N. Sandeep, C. Sulochana, and V. Sugunamma
J. Nanofluids 5, 59-67 (2016)
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Effect of Induced Magneticfield on MHD Stagnation Point Flow of a Nanofluid Over a Stretching Cylinder
with Suction

N. Sandeep and C. Sulochana
J. Nanofluids 5, 68-73 (2016)
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Effects of MHD and Thermal Radiation of Nanofluid Over a Non-Linear Stretching Isothermal Permeable
Sheet with Transpiration

Macha Madhu, S. Sandya, and Naikoti Kishan
J. Nanofluids 5, 74-81 (2016)
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Effect of Multiple Slips and Thermal Radiation on MHD Flow of Jeffery Nanofluid with Heat Transfer
B. C. Prasannakumara, M. R. Krishnamurthy, B. J. Gireesha, and Rama S. R. Gorla
J. Nanofluids 5, 82-93 (2016)
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Assessment of Single Phase Model of a Nanofluid for Numerical Prediction of Forced Convection Heat Transfer
Nishant Kumar and B. P. Puranik
J. Nanofluids 5, 94-100 (2016)
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Axisymmetric Flow of a Nanofluid Past a Vertical Slender Cylinder in the Presence of a Transverse
Magnetic Field

K. V. Prasad, K. Vajravelu, Hanumesh Vaidya, and S. R. Santhi
J. Nanofluids 5, 101-109 (2016)
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Double-Diffusive Natural Convective Flow of a Nanofluid Over a Vertical Cylinder
Abdelraheem M. Aly and Sameh Elsayed Ahmed
J. Nanofluids 5, 110-119 (2016)
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Mixed Convection Along an Inclined Wavy Surface in a Nanofluid Saturated Porous Medium with Wall Heat Flux
D. Srinivasacharya and P. Vijay Kumar
J. Nanofluids 5, 120-129 (2016)
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MHD Nanofluid Flow Over a Stretching Sheet Through a Porous Medium with Heat Generation and Thermal

S. Z. Rida, R. A. Mohamed, and M. S. Mubarak
J. Nanofluids 5, 130-138 (2016)
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Numerical Simulation of Nanofluid Heat Transfer in a Double-Layered Microchannel Heat Sink Using Two Phase Mixture Model
M. Kalteh, R. Kouhikamali, and S. Akbari
J. Nanofluids 5, 139-147 (2016)
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Effect of Melting on Free Convection Along a Vertical Wavy Surface in a Nanofluid
Rama Subba Reddy Gorla and Mahesh Kumari
J. Nanofluids 5, 148-158 (2016)
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Stagnation Point Flow Towards a Stretching/Shrinking Sheet in a Non-Newtonian Nanofluid
Rama Subba Reddy Gorla and Mahesh Kumari
J. Nanofluids 5, 159-167 (2016)
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Thermophysical Effects of Cu and Ag Nanoparticles on Boundary Layer Slip Flow Over a Convectively
Heated Radially Stretching Surface

Adnan Saeed Butt, Asif Ali, and Ahmer Mehmood
J. Nanofluids 5, 168-175 (2016)
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Overstability of a Rotating Nanofluid-Saturated Porous Layer Heated from Below
I. S. Shivakumara and M. Dhananjaya
J. Nanofluids 5, 176-185 (2016)
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Investigation the Forced Convective Heat Transfer of Mn3O4-Water Nanofluids in Transition Region
Jie Ma, Kuifa Jia, Wenlie Li, and Shuping Zhang
J. Nanofluids 5, 186-190 (2016)
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