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Journal of Nanofluids (JON) is an international multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal covering a wide range of research topics in the field of nanofluids and fluid science. It is an ideal and unique reference source for scientists and engineers working in this important and emerging research field of science, engineering and technology. The journal publishes full research papers, review articles with author's photo and short biography, and communications of important new findings encompassing the fundamental and applied research in all aspects of science and engineering of nanofluids and fluid science related developing technologies.

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RESEARCH TOPICS COVERED (but not limited to)
Journal of Nanofluids covers the following broadly defined research areas on molecular fluid, nanofluids, and related technologies within the journal's scope, but are not limited to:

  • Dispersions of nanomaterials (metals, metal oxides, carbides, nitrides, ceramics, semiconductors, Core-shell structures, hybrids, layered materials, CNT, graphene)
  • Ferrofluids and Ferro-emulsions.
  • Synthesis, functionalization & Characterization
  • Computational and Theoretical modeling
  • Phase behavior & stability
  • Thermal, electrical, Optical, Rheological and Tribological properties
  • Engineering & Biomedical applications
  • Toxicity
Molecular fluid:
  • Aqueous and non-aqueous fluids, Liquid mixtures, ionic liquids, liquid crystals, complex fluids, molten metals
  • Synthesis & characterization
  • Molecular structure and Dynamics
  • Thermal, electrical, Optical, Rheological and Tribological Properties
  • Computer Simulations & Modeling
  • Applications
Researchers and scientists working in the fields of materials science, chemistry, physics, engineering, biology, and medical science who are interested in science, engineering and technology of molecular liquids and nanofluids. This journal offer a broad range of coverage for scientists, researchers, clinicians and medical professionals working in the fields of toxicology, health sciences, neuroscience, medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, biomedical sciences, environmental science, industrial toxicology, cancer research, nanomedicine, therapeutic drugs, biological sciences, chemistry, materials science and nanotechnology.
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