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Volume 3, Number 4 (August 2014) pp.243-323

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Carrier-Free, Pure Resveratrol Micro-/Nanoribbon: Simple Preparation and Enhanced Bioactivity
Zhong Lu, Donghui Liang, Ming Zhao, Chuntao Che, and Rong Chen
Mater. Focus 3, 243-247 (2014)
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Effective Mass versus Band Gap in Graphene Nanoribbons: Influence of H-Passivation and
Uniaxial Strain

Benjamin O. Tayo
Mater. Focus 3, 248-254 (2014)
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Strain Induced Charge Transfer Transition in Mn Doped ZnO Powder
Hassan Wahab, Arshad Mahmood, and Mazhar Mehmood
Mater. Focus 3, 255-260 (2014)
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Preparation and Characterization of Magnesium Hydroxide-Multiwalled Carbon
Nanotubes/Poly(Ethylene-co-Vinyl Acetate) Nanocomposites

Hongyan Li, Hongli Liu, Jing Li, Yajing Li, and Po Li
Mater. Focus 3, 261-266 (2014)
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Low Temperature Annealing of Cadmium Sulphide Thin Films for Improving
Surface-Interface Properties

Ravi Agarwal, Narendra Kumar Agrawal, and Ramvir Singh
Mater. Focus 3, 267-271 (2014)
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Bioprocess Intensification for Production of Mycosporine-Like Amino Acids Through
Radiofrequency Bioreactor

Atul Kulkarni, Hyo Hyun Seo, Mi Young Song, Moon Jin Cho, Jeong Hun Lee, Hyoung Shik Kim, Sung-Suk Suh,
Taek-Kyun Lee, and Sang Hyun Moh

Mater. Focus 3, 272-275 (2014)
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Kinetically Controlled Growth and Thermal Stability of Potassium on Reconstructed High
Index Si(5512) 2 × 1 Surface

Nirosh M. Eldose, Manoj Kumar Dhiman, Vandana Vijaykumar, Amit Kumar Singh Chauhan, and Govind Gupta
Mater. Focus 3, 276-280 (2014)
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Easy Synthesis of Nitrogen Doped Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes via Supporting Layer
as a Precursor

Prashanta Dhoj Adhikari, Jumi Cho, and Chong-Yun Park
Mater. Focus 3, 281-285 (2014)
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Glucose Sensor Based on In2O3 Thick Films Deposited on Porous Polycrystalline Alumina
Pradnya Joshi, Sushma Kulkarni, and B. S. Yadav
Mater. Focus 3, 286-290 (2014)
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Structural and Magnetic Properties of Zn Substituted Nanocrystalline Co1 - xZnxFe2O4
K. Sadhana, R. Sandhya, S. R. Murthy, and K. Praveena
Mater. Focus 3, 291-299 (2014)
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Few Layer Graphene Derived from Wet Ball Milling of Expanded Graphite and Few Layer
Graphene Based Polymer Composite

Munu Borah, Minakashi Dahiya, Shaveta Sharma, R. B. Mathur, and Sanjay R. Dhakate
Mater. Focus 3, 300-309 (2014)
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Thermal Decomposition Kinetics of Poly(5-hydroxyquinoline) Synthesized by
Oxidative Polycondensation

Fatih Dogan and Ismet Kaya
Mater. Focus 3, 310-317 (2014)
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Improved Performance of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell by Using Petal-Like TiO2 as
Photo-Anode Prepared by Simple and Newer Route

Ratna Chauhan, Reena Kushwaha, and Lal Bahadur
Mater. Focus 3, 318-323 (2014)
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