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Volume 4, Number 2 (April 2015) pp.85-178

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Light, Einstein Relation, Quantization and the Heavily Doped Opto-Electronic Materials
K. P. Ghatak, L. S. Singh, K. Sarkar, N. Debbarma, and M. Debbarma
Mater. Focus 4, 85-110 (2015)
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–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ARTICLES ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
Physically Modified Bacterial Cellulose Biocomposites for Dental Materials Scaffolds

Gabriel Molina de Olyveira, Carla dos Santos Riccardi, Márcio Luiz dos Santos, Ligia Maria Manzine Costa,
Paula Braga Daltro, Pierre Basmaji, Gildásio de Cerqueira Daltro, and Antônio Carlos Guastaldi

Mater. Focus 4, 111-117 (2015)
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Study of Compactness of Micro-Arc Oxidation Coating Treated by Laser Surface Melting on
TC4 Surface

Fengbiao Wang, Yongqing Wang, Jinbao Zhang, and Bo Hou
Mater. Focus 4, 118-123 (2015)
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Measurement of Thermally Stimulated Currents and Estimation of Trapping Parameters
in Amorphous Se90Sb8Ag2 Thin Films

Anjani Kumar, R. K. Shukla, and A. Kumar
Mater. Focus 4, 124-128 (2015)
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Calcium Phosphates of Interest Biological Coatings on Titanium Surfaces Modified by
an Yb:YAG Laser Beam Irradiation

Márcio L. dos Santos, Carla dos S. Riccardi, Edson de A. Filho, Gabriel M. Olyveira, Alexandre F. Fraga, Selma G. Antonio,
Rafael A. Bini, and Antonio C. Guastaldi

Mater. Focus 4, 129-133 (2015)
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Micro-Structural, Optical and Dielectric Properties of Ag Doped TiO2 Synthesized by
Sol-Gel Method

Jitendra Bahadur, Shraddha Agrawal, A. Parveen, Ali Jawad, S. S. Z. Ashraf, and Raza Murad Ghalib
Mater. Focus 4, 134-141 (2015)
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Solvothermal Syntheses of Cadmium Sulfide Nanoparticles with Varying
Concentration of Ammonia and Reaction Time and Their Effect on Optical Properties

Animesh Roy, Snehali Dige, Govind G. Umarji, Manish D. Shinde, Sunit B. Rane, Uttam P. Mulik, Dinesh P. Amalnerkar,
and Ratna Chauhan

Mater. Focus 4, 142-149 (2015)
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Effect of Load on Surface Friction and Wear Behavior in ZrCuNiAl Bulk Amorphous Alloy
Pingjun Tao, Yuanzheng Yang, Xianchao Chen, and Yuding He
Mater. Focus 4, 150-153 (2015)
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Spider-Web Textured Electrospun Composite of Graphene for Sorption of Hg(II) Ions
Parth D. Bhalara, K. Balasubramanian, and Barnali S. Banerjee
Mater. Focus 4, 154-163 (2015)
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Experimental and Theoretical Spectroscopic Studies of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3)
Ujval Gupta, Vivek K. Singh, Vinay Kumar, and Yugal Khajuria
Mater. Focus 4, 164-169 (2015)
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Sisal Fiber Reinforced Recycled Polypropylene (rPP) Biocomposite: Characterization of
Mechanical, Thermal and Morphological Properties

Md. Naushad, S. K. Nayak, and Smita Mohanty
Mater. Focus 4, 170-178 (2015)
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