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Volume 6, Number 6 (December 2017) pp.607- 727

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Catalytic Activity of Nanocrystalline Cr Substituted Zn–Mn Ferrospinels
R. P. Patil, A. D. Pinjarkar, S. L. Pawar, A. C. Bhosale, and P. P. Hankare
Mater. Focus 6, 607–610 (2017)
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Crystal Structure Characterization and Morphology of Tellurium Doped
Multicomponent Chalcogenide Copper Indium Gallium Diselenide Compound

Harkawal Singh, Amardeep Bharti, Arun Kumar, Navdeep Goyal, and P. S. Gill
Mater. Focus 6, 611–617 (2017)
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Spectroscopic Analyses of Cross Linked Sodium Alginate Composites
Diaa Atta, Ahmed Refaat, Ahmed Fahmy, Mohamed Ibrahim, Hanan Elhaes, and Medhat Ibrahim
Mater. Focus 6, 618–624 (2017)
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Measurement of Natural Radioactivity in Some Building Material Samples by
Using NaI(Tl) Detector

Hazim Louis Mansour, Mahmood Salim Karim, Khudheir Abbas Mishjil, and Nadir Fadhil Habubi
Mater. Focus 6, 625–629 (2017)
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Structural and Electrical Properties of Cobalt Substituted Copper Ferrites Synthesized by
Sol–Gel Autocombustion Method

K. R. Sanadi, S. P. Patil, and V. B. Helavi
Mater. Focus 6, 630–635 (2017)
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Synthesis of Manganese Doped BiVO4 with Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity via
Hydrothermal Method

C. S. Vicas, K. Namratha, M. B. Nayan, and K. Byrappa
Mater. Focus 6, 636–640 (2017)
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4-Piperidinecarboxylic Acid-Functionalized NixZn1-xO Nanoparticles: Structural,
Electronic and Optical Properties

L. Jiménez-Hernández, O. Estévez-Hernández, M. P. Hernández, M. H. Farías, and E. Reguera
Mater. Focus 6, 641–651 (2017)
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Effect of Shell Thickness of Core/Shell Nanoparticles on Luminescence
Properties of Spin Coated PVK-CdS/ZnO Hybrid Nanocomposites

Kanupriya Sharma and Praveen Kumar
Mater. Focus 6, 652–656 (2017)
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Rapid Synthesis of Pure and Doped ZnS Quantum Dots for Photocatalytic Degradation of
Biological Dye Pollutants

Shravan Pradeep, Sai Raghuram, and Sonal Mazumder
Mater. Focus 6, 657–667 (2017)
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Rapid Removal of Toxic Fluoride Ions from Both Acidic and Basic Medium by
Hydroxyapatite Sorbent

Sarath Chandra Veerla, R. Vani, Elayaraja Kolanthai, and S. Narayana Kalkura
Mater. Focus 6, 668–677 (2017)
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Core–Shell Structural S@polyaniline/SiO2 Composite Cathodes for Lithium–Sulfur Batteries
Yan Wang, Wenxuan Wang, and Zengsheng Ma
Mater. Focus 6, 678–684 (2017)
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Experimental and Numerical Validation on the Utilization of Polymer Based
Nano-Composites for Structural Applications Using FEA Software Tool

Shankar A. Hallad, Arun Y. Patil, N. R. Banapurmath, Anand M. Hunashyal, Ashok S. Shettar, and N. H. Ayachit
Mater. Focus 6, 685–690 (2017)
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Functionally Layered Graphite Reinforced Epoxy Composite Sandwiched Between Epoxy
Composites: Their Electrical and Flexural Properties

M. Tirumali, Kandasubramanian Balasubramanian, and A. Kumaraswamy
Mater. Focus 6, 691–697 (2017)
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Surface Tension and Viscosity of Nanofluids Containing Various Nanoparticles
Niloofar Salemi, Seyed Mehdi Abtahi, Mohammadali Rowshanzamir, and Seyed Mehdi Hejazi
Mater. Focus 6, 698–704 (2017)
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Synthesis, Characterization and Electromagnetic Studies of Novel Mn Substituted
MgCo2O4 Synthesized by Sol–Gel Method

A. V. Mali, S. D. Delekar, K. M. Garadkar, and P. P. Hankare
Mater. Focus 6, 705–710 (2017)
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Table of Contents to Volume 6, Numbers 1–6, 2017
Mater. Focus 6, 711–715 (2017)
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Author Index to Volume 6, Numbers 1–6, 2017
Mater. Focus 6, 716–723 (2017)
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Subject Index to Volume 6, Numbers 1–6, 2017
Mater. Focus 6, 724–727 (2017)
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