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Accepted/In Press Articles

This page lists all the Accepted/In press articles in Science of Advanced Materials (SAM).
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Effects of Preform Structures on the Performance of Carbon and Carbon Composites
Hai-Cheng Shao, Ying-Yi Zhang, Shahid Hussain, Xin-Cheng Liu, Li-Jun Zhao, Xiang-Zhao Zhang, Gui-Wu Liu, Guan-Jun Qiao

Flow-induced noises in a centrifugal pump: A review
Qiaorui Si, Asad Ali, Jianping Yuan, Ibra Fall, Faisal Muhammad Yasin

Effects of Twist Angles on Mechanical Properties of Cu Nanowires Under Tensile Loading
Wei-Wei Pang, Si-Yuan Yu, Shahid Hussain, Xiao-Yong Yang, and Yi-Zhe Zhao

All Solid State Asymmetric Supercapacitors Based on CoNi2S4/Graphene Nanocomposite and Activated Carbon
Weimin Du, Zhaoqiang Zhu, Wei Gou, Wenchao Zhao, Jingjing Chang, Xin Cao, Tao Zhou, and Yunfeng Shi

Effect of the Addition of Tin over Pt/HY-zeolite on the Hydro-upgrading of n-Octadecane
Euna Jung, Seonghun Jeon, Chul-Ung Kim, Soon-Yong Jeong, Choul-Ho Lee,
Young-Kwon Park, Jong-Ki Jeon

Effects of Immersion Time in 3.5 wt.% NaCl Solution on the Corrosion
Characteristics of the Zn-Mg coated steel

KiTae Bae, JoungHyun La, KwangBae Kim, SangYul Lee

Characterization of Hydrophilic Coating Film for PV Module Cover Glass with
Different Coating Method

Yeun-Ho Joung, Seung Kwon Shin, Byung Jun Park, Bowen Shan, and Won Seok Choi

Characterization of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Thin Film Deposited by RF Magnetron Sputtering
from a Single Quaternary Target

Dong Hyun Hwang, Chang-Sik Son and Shinho Cho

Improvement of Electrical Characteristics of a-InSnZnO TFT using Hydrogenated
Gate Dielectric

Tayong Kim, Kyungsoo Jang, Cam Phu Thi Nguyen, Jayapal Raja, Seungmin Kang,
Sojin Lee, Thanh Thuy Trinh, Junhee Jung, Youn-Jung Lee and Junsin Yi

Catalytic Pyrolysis of Waste Wood Plastic Composite Over H-V-MCM-41 Catalysts
Hyung Won Lee, Young-Min Kim, Chang-Seok Jeong, Sung Hoon Park, Ji Man Kim,
Sang-Chul Jung, Sang Chai Kim, Jong-Ki Jeon, Young-Kwon Park

Hydrodeoxygenation of Bio-oil Model Compounds over Pt/Al-MSU-F
Hannah Kim, Heejin Lee, Eun Hwa Lee, Changkook Ryoo, Ji Man Kim,
Sung Hoon Park, Sang-Chul Jung, Kyung-Seun Yoo, Young-Kwon Park

Structural Properties of Carbon Nanotube Electron Beam (C-beam) Crystallization Silicon Thin Films
Soo Wong Lee, Jung Su Kang, Ha Rim Lee, and Kyu Chang Park

Fabrication of ITO/SiO2/ITO Films on Sapphire Substrates for Self-capacitance-
sensing Touch Screen Displays

Nagsen Meshram, Chadrasekhar Loka, Kyoung Ryeol Park, Seong Eui Lee,
Kee-Sun Lee, Sung Whan Moon

Characteristics of Tungsten-doped Nanocrystalline Carbon Films Prepared by
Pulsed Direct Current Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering Method

Jaehyeong Lee, Sung Hwan Hwang, Soohyun Hwang, and Yong Seob Park

Kinetic Study of Vacuum Titanizing on Porous Iron by Ti and TiH2
Dong-Won Lee, Su-In Lee, Byoung-Kee Kim, Jei-Pil Wang

Catalytic Pyrolysis of Citrus Unshiu Peel over Mesoporous Catalysts
Hyung Won Lee, Heejin Lee, Jin Sun Cha, Jong-Ki Jeon, Sung Hoon Park,
Sang-Chul Jung, Ji Man Kim, Sang Chai Kim, Young-Kwon Park

Effect of Yttrium on Microstructural Evolution and High Temperature
Compressive Behavior of Ti-Ni-Hf High Temperature Shape Memory Alloys

Jeoung Han Kim, Sung Young

Dynamic and Static Compressive Behaviors of Highly Porous Ti-Ni-Mo Shape
Memory Alloy

Jeoung Han Kim, Yeon-Wook Kim and Sung Young

Properties of IGZO Film Deposited by Ar/O2 Inductively Coupled Plasma Assisted
DC Magnetron Sputtering

Chul Hee Lee, Tae Hyung Kim, Seung Min Lee, Jeong Wun Bae, Kyong Nam Kim and
Geun Young Yeom

Spin-coated In-doped ZnO nanorods for transparent conducting oxide

Jinhwan Kim, Gun-Hyun Lee, Gun-Ho Yun, Bae-Won Park, Ji-Yun Jeong, Sang-Choi,
Sung-Jin Kim, Seung Wook Chang, and Jung-Hyuk Koh

Temperature dependent giant dielectric properties of Ca1Cu3Ti4O12
Ji-Won Lee and Jung-Hyuk Koh

The Furnace O2 Annealing Growth of Er2O3 Thin Film for the Gate Stack
Capacitance at the Low Temperature

Jong-Chang Woo, Young-Hee Joo, Gwan-Ha Kim, Sang-Yong Kim,Jin-Ho Hwang and
Chang-Il Kim

A comparative research on maximized output power between disc type and
multilayered type piezoelectric energy harvesters

Dong-Jin Shin, Soon-Jong Jeong, and Jung-Hyuk Koh

Comparative study on the single and double layered (Bi,Sc)O3-(Pb,Ti)O3 energy

Dong-Jin Shin, Joong-Hyeon Ahn, Chang-Eui Seo, Kyung-Ho Cho, Soon-Jong Jeong,
Sang Heon Lee, and Jung-Hyuk Koh

Catalytic Oxidative Desulfurization of Dibenzothiophene Compounds over
Tungsten Oxide Catalysts Supported on Spherical Mesoporous TiO2

Zhenghua Li, Gyoung Hee Hong, Jin Sea Park, Kumarsrinivasan Sivaranjani,
Chengbin Li, Su Bin Park, Byung Jin Song , Jong-Sun Yoon, Chul Wee Lee and Ji Man Kim

Facile Synthesis of Nitrogen and Sulfur-doped Ordered Mesoporous Carbon through
Solvent-free Infiltration Method

Xing Jin, Heon Jong Jeong, Chang Hyun Lee, Se Min Oh, Yoon Kyung Hwang,
Jong Gu Won, Yun Seok Choi, Chengbin Li, Dae Jong You, Gwi Ok Park and Ji Man Kim

Effect of Carbon Coating and Magnesium Doping on Electrochemical Properties of
LiFePO4 for Lithium Ion Batteries

Ying Liu, James Manuel, Xiaohui Zhao, Anupriya K. Haridas, Ghanshyam S Chauhan,
Jae-Kwang Kim, Kwon-Koo Cho, Hyo-Jun Ahn, Jou-Hyeon Ahn

Stabilization of Uricase by Immobilization on Poly(Acrylic Acid)-Based Nanogels
for Therapeutic and Sensing Applications

Rohini Dharela, Sapana Kumari, Ghanshyam S. Chauhan, James Manuel,
Jou-Hyeon Ahn

Blue Electroluminescent Dibenzofuran-substituted Bianthracene Derivatives for
Organic Light-emitting Diodes

Hyun Woo Lee, Sujin Jeong, Ho Won Lee, Young Kwan Kim, Seung Soo Yoon

Fabrication and Evaluation of Bendable Phosphor Screen for Feasibility Study of
Medical X-ray Imaging Detector

Kyo-Tae Kim, Ye-Ji Heo, Ju-Yeon Hong, Jin-Seon Kim, Kyung-Min Oh, Sang-Sik Kang,
Ji-Koon Park, Sang-Hee Nam

Semiconductor-Type Auto-Exposure Control Sensor with a Schottky Barrier for
Radiography Application

Ye-Ji Heo, Kyo-Tae Kim, Jin-Seon Kim, Moo-Jae Han, Kyugn-Min Oh, Ji-Koon Park,
Sung-Kwang Park, and Sang-Hee Nam

Structural and Optical Properties of VO2 Thin Film Grown by Reactive Sputtering
from Mo-doped V Metal Target

Minha Kim, Donguk Kim, Jin-Hong Park, Byungyou Hong, Yong Tae Joo, Sang-Hun Nam,
Jin-Hyo Boo, and Jaehyeong Lee

Structural and Electrical Properties of Nickel Manganite Ceramics for NTC
Thermistor Material

Hye-Rin Jung, Sung-gap Lee , Dong-Jin Lee and Ye-One Jo

Synthesis and Study of Organic Thin Film with Plasma-Polymer Gate Dielectrics
Hyeon Jin Seo, Ki-Hwan Hwang and Jin-Hyo Boo

Enhancement of PEDOT:PSS Conductivity Using Polar Protic Solvents and
Thermal Effect

Ki-Hwan Hwang, Hyeon Jin Seo, Sang-Hun Nam, Dong In Kim, Young-min Lee and
Jin-Hyo Boo

Synthesis of Thienotropone-Containing Conjugated Polymers and Their Acid
Doping Property

Kyung-su Kim, Chinnadurai Satheeshkumar, Jongho Ahn and Changsik Song

Development of Anticorrosive Materials for Floating Offshore Photovoltaic

Youngkwan Choi, Soohyun Hwang, Jaehyeong Lee

Reduction of Cu Film Inkjet-printed with Cu(II)O nanoparticles Ink by Using
Photographic Flash Light

Minha Kim, Chaehwan Jeong, Donguk Kim, Soohyun Hwang, Jin-Hong Park,
Yong Seob Park, and Jaehyoeng Lee

Photo-reduction of Graphene Oxide by Using Photographic Flash-light
Wongyu Chae, Minha Kim, Donguk Kim, Jin-Hong Park, Wonseok Choi and
Jaehyeong Lee

Fabrication of the Functional Thin Film Using Alkali Silicate Solution for Floating
Photovoltaic Applications

Soohyun Hwang, Donguk Kim, Minha Kim, Junsin Yi, Doyoung Kim, Woochang Song,
Chang-sub Won Jaehyeong Lee

Influence of Cadmium Sources on Properties of Chemically Deposited CdS Thin
Films for Highly Efficient CIGS Solar Cells

Soohyun Hwang, Donguk Kim, Minha Kim, Dohyun Baek, Jin-Hong Park, Woochang Song,
Joong-Pyo Shim, Jaehyeong Lee

Growth and Characterization of VO2 thin film by Pulsed DC Sputtering of Optical
Switching Applications

Donguk Kim, Minha Kim, Junsin Yi, Sang-Han Nam, Jin-Hyo Boo, Yong Seob Park, and
Jaehyeong Lee

Al2O3/plasma-polymerized-ethylenediamine/Al2O3 multilayer encapsulation on
organic photovoltaic cells

Wonjin Ban, Jaewon Lee, Sungyool Kwon, SeGi Yu, and Donggeun Jung

Synthesis and Characterization of Hybrid Reinforced (TiC–TiB2)/Mg Composites
Processed by in situ Reactive

Yantao Yao, Liqing Chen

Synthesizing of NaCo2O4 Layer with Oriented Crystal Direction By Reactive

Toshitada Shimozaki, Je-Hyun Lee, Chan-Gyu Lee and Jong-Hwa Kim

Hollow Reduced Graphene Oxide-NiCo Hydroxide Nanowall Hydrid Structure For
High-Performance Supercapacitor

Hyeong Dae Lim, Bong Kyun Kang, Sintayehu Nibret Tiruneh, and Dae Ho Yoon

Synthesis of monodispersed ZnGa2O4 granular microspheres by a solvothermal

Moo Hyun Woo, Bong Kyun Kang, Dae Ho Yoon

Atomic simulations of temperature effects on structural changes of a deformed
Ag201 cluster

Lin Zhang

Study of atomic arrangements and charge distribution on the surfaces of a Si
ultra-thin-substrate by using DFTB simulations

Lijun Wu, Lin Zhang,Yang Qi

Hybrid Film Structures Based on Palladium Layers and Metal Phthalocyanines
Svetlana I. Dorovskikh, Evgeniya S. Vikulova, Natalia S. Nikolaeva, Artem D. Shushanyan,
Roman G. Parkhomenko, Natalia B. Morozova, Tamara V. Basova

Function of Present Pores in Porous Carbon Fibers to Microwave Absorption of
the Corresponding Composites

Guang Li, Jialiang Wei, Chun Shan, Shenglin Yang, Junhong Jin, Jianming Jiang

Sol-gel synthesis of Co2+-doped TiO2 nanoparticles and their photocatalytic
activity study

Hemraj M. Yadav and Jung-Sik Kim

Microstructure and properties of graphene/titanium composite materials prepared
by plasma activated sintering

Bo Niu, Kai Zhao, Fan Zhang, Wei Ji, Jinyong Zhang

Development and characterization of silane coated miniaturize NdFeB magnets in

Fabiano F., Calabrese L. 1, Caprì A., Currò M., Borsellino C., Bonaccorsi L., Fabiano V.,
Ientile R., Proverbio E.

Upgrading Natural Low-grade Manganese Ore by Iron Oxide Elimination Using a
Magnetic Separation Process

Chan Wook Kim, Byung Su Kim, Han Gil Suk, Kee Hyeon Cho

Growth and Superconducting Characteristics of Novel BiS2-Based Layered
Superconductor Bi4O4S3

Wei-Hsiang Chao, Coco Ying, Hsin-Yu Chen, Jie Li, Chia-Feng Wang, Jia-Jen Lin,
Chuan-Ming Tseng, Ming-Jye Wang, and Mau-Kuen Wu

Multiferroic Features of Fe-added BaTiO3 Ceramics Prepared by Microwave-
assisted Heat-Treatment

Han-Sol Yun, Kwon-Jin Park, Jung-Sub Lee, Chun-Yeol You and Nam-Hee Cho

Low Temperature Operation of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs) with Proton
Conductive Electrolyte Deposited on Pd Foil Substrates

Tetsuro Kariya, Hiroki Tanaka, Kiyoshi Uchiyama, Tomoki Hirono, Tetsuji Kuse, Mitsunori Henmi,
Mitsutaka Hirose, Isao Kimura, Koukou Suu, and Hiroshi Funakubo

One-pot Synthesis of ZnAl Double Hydroxide Powders and Their Calcined Oxide
Composites for Lithium-ion Battery Applications

Young-Min Jeong, Jae Hyun Kim, Seong-Ho Baek

Influence of Internal Strains of (110)-one-axis-oriented (Ba0.5Sr0.5)TiO3 (BST)
Thin Films on Their Dielectric Behaviors

Naoya Oshima, Kiyoshi Uchiyama, Yoshitaka Ehara, Takahiro Oikawa, Hiroki Tanaka,
Tomoya Sato, Hiroshi Uchida, Tomoaki Yamada, Hiroshi Funakubo

Atmospheric-pressure plasma treatment for the strength of wood waste

Ha Hyeon Jo, Mi Mi Kim, Heung Soo Kima, and Joong Yeon Limb

Low-optical-loss transparent conductive Ga-doped ZnO films for plasmonics in
the near-infrared spectral range

Junichi Nomoto, Hisao Makino, Tetsuya Yamamoto

Effect of strip casting on magnetic anisotropy of non-oriented electrical steels
Hai-Tao Jiao, Yun-bo Xu, Yuan-xiang Zhang, Yang Wang, Xiang Lu, Feng Fang, Guang-ming Cao,
Cheng-gang Li, Guo-dong Wang

The properties of mortar binder containing waste silicon photovoltaic module

Hong-seok Jang, Yong-teak Lim, Jun-yeong Kim, Seung-young So

A study of the simulation of radon emission concentration of fly ash mortar using
artificial neural network

Hong-seok Jang, Xing Shuli, Malrey Lee, Seung-young So

Effects of Multi-coating Process with Preceramic Solutions in Replica Method on
Silicon Carbide Reticulated Porous Ceramics

Jung Won Bang, Soo-Ryong Kim, Younghee Kim, Dong-Geun Shin, Yoon-Joo Lee,
Won-Kyu Park, Hyun-Jae Lee, Woo-Teck Kwon

Effect of Ru on the oxidation behavior of a Ni-base single-crystal superalloy
J. Meng, T. Jin, X.F. Sun, Z.Q. Hu

A Study on Fluidity and Metal-Mold Reaction of Titanium Alloys
Won-Duck Kim, Young-Sang Na, Yong-Taek Hyun, Seong-Woong Kim, Ji-won Park,
Joo-Hee Kang, Chang-Yong Kang, Seung-Eon Kim

Temperature Dependence of the Optical Properties of SrTiO3 by Spectroscopic

Han Gyeol Park, Tae Jung Kim, Mangesh S. Diware, Van Long Le, Hwa Seob Kim, Chang Hyun Yoo, and Young Dong Kim

Microstructural Evolution of a Nanostructure of Shot Peened 304 Stainless Steel
upon Heat Treatment

Yinsheng He, Han-sang Lee, Cheol-Woong Yang, Je-Hyun Lee, and Keesam Shin

Demonstration of slow photon chemistry on multilayer inverse opals
Delphine Misao Lebrun, Lars Österlund

Effect of rapid heating on a cold-rolled Mn-Al TRIP steel with coarse delta-ferrite
Zhi-ping Hu Yun-bo Xu, Xiao-dong Tan, Fei Peng, Xing-Li Gu, Ying Zou, and Shi-chuan Yu

Microstructural control of TiAl alloys containing Mo with different aluminum

C. G. Song, J. E. Lee, S.H. Yi, J. Zhu, F. Zhang, Y. B. Song, J. S. Park

EBSD investigation of continuously cooled microstructures in low carbon low
alloy ferrite-pearlite steel

M. M. Kantor and K. G. Vorkachev

Oxidation and ablation behaviors of Mo-Si-B alloys and Mo-Si-B-Ag alloys
M. S. Kim, J. H. Lee, Y. J. Kim, M. K. Kim, J. S. Park,

Investigation on optimum corrosion protection condition of S355ML steel with
seawater temperature

Seung-Jun Lee, Jung-Hyung Lee, Seong-Jong Kim,

Paradigm Change for Solid State Reactions: Synthesis of Lithium
Orthophosphate Li3PO4 Nanoparticles by a Water Assisted Solid State Reaction
(WASSR) Method

Sun Woog Kim, Kenji Toda, Takuya Hasegawa, Mizuki Watanabe, Tatsuro Kaneko,
Ayano Toda, Atsushi Itadani, Mineo Sato, Kazuyoshi Uematsu, Tadashi Ishigaki, Junko Koide,
Masako Toda, Yoshiaki Kudo, Takaki Masaki, and Dae Ho Yoon

Evaluation of characteristics for CoNiCrAlY coating layer by atmospheric
pressure plasma coating method

Jung-Hyung Lee, Il-Cho Park, Jae-Yong Jeong, Min-Su Han, and Seong-Jong Kim

Optical Properties of GaFeO3
Tae Jung Kim, Han Gyeol Park, Van Long Le, Hwa Seob Kim, Chang Hyun Yoo,
Hyoung Uk Kim, Young Dong Kim, Chang Bae Park, Kwangwoo Shin, and Kee Hoon Kim

Enhanced subthreshold characteristics and operational stability in metal-oxide
thin-film transistors using IGZO-capped bilayer channels

Woobin Lee, Sung Kyu Park, Yong-Hoon Kim

Effect of simultaneous addition of 1D and 3D artificial pinning centers in hybrid
YBa2Cu3O7-x multilayers

Paolo Mele, Malik I. Adam, Takashi Suzuki, Yutaka Yoshida, Satoshi Awaji,
Ataru Ichinose, Shrikant Saini, Alok K. Jha, Kaname Matsumoto

Fabrication of multi-component Cr-Al-Ti-Si-N coatings by arc ion plating for
high-speed machining

Jian Huang, Shi-Hong Zhang, Chang-Wei Zou, Xiao-Bo Zhang, Qi-min Wang, Cheng-Yong Wang

Evaluation of Chemical Stability in Perovskite-type Proton-conductive Oxide Thin-

Tomoya Sato, Daichi Ichinose, Takaaki Inoue, Mutsuo Uehara, Kiriha Katayama, Hiroshi Funakubo,
Kiyoshi Uchiyama

Growth of TiB whisker in in-situ fabricating TiB/Ti composites
Jinyong Zhang, Zhang Fan, Wenxuan Ke, Zhengyi Fu

Titanium nitride powder synthesized by nitridation TiH2 powder
Hun-Seok Lee, HyangIm Seo, Jei-Pil Wang, Hak-Sung Lee, Dong-Won Lee

First principles study on interstitial oxygen in titanium and TiFe
Hak-Sung Lee, Yong-Taek Hyun, Chang-Seok Oh, and Dong-Won Lee

In Situ Construction of Polymer-Protein Hybrid Core-Shell Spherical
Nanostructures Using N-Hydroxysuccinimidyl-End-Functionalized Polystyrenes
with Proteins

Taeheon Lee, Minsu chae, Chaeyeon Lee, Jonghwa Jung, Aruna Kumar Mohanty,
Mohammad Abdul Kadir, Ji-Eun Choi, Jae Kwang Song, Hyun-Jong Paik

In-situ Observation of Dislocation Motions in Strain-based-design Steels under
Combined Environment of the Bauschinger Effect and Strain Aging

Seung-Pyo Hong, Seong-Il Kim, Seok Su Sohn, Dong Ho Lee, Jang-Yong Yoo, Chang-Sun Lee,
Sunghak Lee, and Young-Woon Kim

Synthesis of 2-Dimensional Aluminum Nitride Platelets with (002) Preferred

Thi My Linh Dang, Dae-Ho Yoon, and Chang-Yeoul Kim

Sintering Behavior of High Purity Nano-yttria (Y2O3) Powder without Sintering

Mircea Cristian Pantilimon, Tea Sung Kang, Sang-Jin Lee

Mechanical Properties of Highly Porous Ti-Ni-Mo Biomaterials
Yeon-wook Kim, Min-seong Kim

Complicated damage characteristics of cavitation and corrosion in sea water with
sealing treatment for Al-3Mg arc sprayed coating

Il-Cho Park, Seong-Jong Kim

Two-step PEO coatings on AZ91D alloy in a K2ZrF6-Na2SiO3.10H2O based
electrolyte solution

Zeeshan Ur Rehman and Bon Heun Koo

Green Luminescence in a Translucent (Mg, Yb)-a-Sialon Phosphor under
Blue Light Irradiation

Bhupendra Joshi, Yuwaraj K. Kshetri, Gobinda Gyawali, Khagendra Tripathi, Soo Wohn Lee*

Preparation of Orange Peel Based Activated Carbons using Chemical Activation
and Surface Modification Method as Electrode’s Materials for Lithium Ion

Arenst Andreas Arie, Hans Kristianto, Martin Halim and Joong Kee Lee

Tuning of the Blocking Temperature of Superparamagnetic a-Fe2O3
Nanoparticles by Sb Doping

Faheem Ahmed, Nishat Arshi, M.S. Anwar, Edreese Alsharaeh, Bon Heun Koo, Ameer Azam

Novel DC line-to-ground fault detection algorithm for HVDC system connected to
Floating PV System

Hyun Jae Yoo, Myong-Chul Shin, Jae Hyeong Lee, and Young Kwan Choi

Surface Characterization of Chromium Nitrided Low Carbon Steel as Bipolar Plate
for PEM Fuel Cell

Jaeho Jang, Changyoung Choi Jungsoo Kim, Yeong-Do Park, Namhyun Kang,
Yoon Suk Choi, Dae-Geun Nam

Composite photoelectrode with TiO2 nanofibers and nanoparticles in
dye-sensitized solar cells

Wan-Tae Kim, Tae-Hwan Hwang, and Won-Youl Choi

Fabrication of nickel/multi-layer graphene/manganese dioxide hybrid film as
enhanced micro-supercapacitor devices

Zheng-Chun Yang, Wen-liang Zhao, Jian-yun Wang, Ran Chen, Xuan Li, Tao Xue,
Kai-liang Zhang, and Jin-shi Zhao

Effects of wheel tread with laser-hardened, short-pitch lateral grooves on the
friction coefficients on the wheel-rail contact surface

Yong Hyeon Cho, Yun-Suk Kang, Kangyoun Choe

Optical and Electrical Characteristics of Vertical Light-Emitting Diodes Formed
using Various Current Blocking Methods

Hyeuk Seo, Yu Lim Lee, Ki Chang Jung, Hyung Jo Park, Jun Seok Ha

Effect of CuO addition on thermal properties of diopside-based glass-ceramics
for LED packaging

Soobin Park, Seunggu Kang

Discharge Characteristics of Non-Cross Linked Polyethylene for a Power Cable
Seungmin Bang, Onyou Lee, Young Kyu Mo, Junil Kim, Jong O Kang, Hongseok Lee,
Yeong Ho Jeong and Hyoungku Kang

Dependence of Structural, Compositional, Electrical, and Optical Properties of
Sputtering-deposited CdS Thin Films on Laser-annealing Power

Chan Il Park and Nam-Hoon Kim

Structural Characterization of Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3 Particles Produced by Different

Ali Hussain, Adnan Maqbool, Rizwan Ahmed Malik, Jae Hong Lee, Myong Ho Kim,
Tae Kwon Song, Won Jeong Kim

A systematic study on the structure and dielectric properties of BaO-B2O3-SiO2
glass additive in Ba(Fe0.5Nb0.5)O3 ceramics

Zhuo Wang, Mingrui Fang, Haijuan Li, Yongfei Wen, Chun Wang

The Broaden Dielectric Temperature Stability of Bi(Mg0.5Zr0.5)O3 Doped on
BaTiO3 Based Ceramics

Xin Li, Yongping Pu, Xiaojuan Zhu, Zijing Dong, Yichong Tian, Lei Zhang

BaTiO3-kaolinite-arabic gum Composites Fabricated by Freeze-casting

Zijing Dong, Yongping Pu, Pin Li, Min Chen, and Xin Li

Microstructure and piezoelectric properties of CuO-doped
(K0.4425Na0.52Li0.0375)(Nb0.87Ta0.06Sb0.07)O3 lead-free ceramics

Yuwen Liu, Yongping Pu, Qian Jin, Lei Zhang, and Zixiong Sun

Relaxor-type Ferroelectric Behavior of (1-x)Bi0.5(Na0.78K0.22)0.5TiO3-
xBi(Cu0.5Ti0.5)O3 Lead-free Piezoelectric Ceramics

Achiri Tange, Hee Sung Kim, Abdul Khaliq, Muhammad Sheeraz, and Ill Won Kim

Transport properties and thermoelectric figure of merit of YBa2Cu3O7-x-
Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3 ceramics

Poom Prayoonphokkharat and Anucha Watcharapasorn

A DC line Ground Fault Detection Scheme for LCC HVDC Connected to
Renewable Energy Source Using Voltage and Current variation Patterns

Hyun Jae Yoo, Myong-Chul Shin, Jae Hyeong Lee, and Young Kwan Choi

Partial Discharge Characteristics in SF6-N2 Mixture Gases Under HVDC
Hyang-Eun Jo, Guoming Wang, Sun-Jae Kim, and Gyung-Suk Kil

Effect of the firing method on the properties of functional coating film
synthesized on the ceramic substrate

Yeun-Ho Joung, Seung Kwon Shin, Bowen Shan, Hyunil Kang, and Won Seok Choi

Stannic oxide nanoparticles-assembled hierarchical microstructures: Synthesis and
photocatalytic properties

L. Krishna Bharat, L. Sivananda Reddy, and Jae Su Yu

Optical interference of TiO2 nanotube arrays for drug elution sensing
Wan-Tae Kim1 and Won-Youl Choi

Bias Stability Modulated by the Surface-Polarity Control of Gate Dielectrics in
Organic Field-Effect Transistors

Jeongkyun Roh, Hyeok Kim, Changhee Lee

Quantitative Analysis of Arsenic Doping Concentration in Silicon using Scanning
Transmission Electron Microscopy/Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometry

Sungho Lee, Jonghyuk Kang, Chilgee Lee and Cheol-Woong Yang

Spectroscopic and magnetic properties of octylsulfonyl-metallophthalocyanines
depending on various kinds of central metal ions

Seung Wook Chang, Jung-Hyuk Koh, and Sung-Jin Kim

Green Synthesis of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Using Alstonia Macrophylla Leaf
Extract and their In-Vitro Anticancer Activity

Mohamed F. Al-Ajmi, Afzal Hussain, Edreese Alsharaeh, Faheem Ahmed, Samira Amir,
M. S. Anwar, Maqsood A. Siddiqui, Abdulaziz A. Al-Khedhairy, B. H. Koo

A study on the laser direct etching of ITO-graphene multilayer on glass substrate
Jaeseok Heo, Jae-Hee Han, Sang Jik Kwon, and Eou Sik Cho

Persistent Luminescence of SrAl2O4:Eu,Dy Thin Films on Alumina and Sapphire

Ki-Woong Chae, Ta-Ryeong Park, Chae Il Cheon, and Jeong Seog Kim

Fabrication of aluminum doped zinc oxide thin films with various microstructures
for gas sensing application

Kailiang Zhang , Hanxia Zhang, Rongbin Liu, Zhengchun Yang, Yujie Yuan and Fang Wang

Enhanced Gas Sensing Properties Based on ZnO-Decorated NiO Thin Films for
Formaldehyde Detection

Kailiang Zhang, Hanxia Zhang, Shijiu Sun, Zhengchun Yang, Yujie Yuan and Fang Wang

Fabrication Condition Optimization of AlN Films and its Nanometer Scale
Piezoelectric Properties

Rongrong Cao, Fang Wang, Yulin Feng, Bangran Fu, Yinping Miao, Baohe Yang, and
Kailiang Zhang

Morphological Evolution of Nanorod to Submicron Brick-like Cobalt Oxide
Structures under Microwave Solvothermal Regime

Dinesh Amalnerkar, Taesung Kim

Copper Indium Selenide solar cells fabricated from electrodeposited Cu/In multi-
stacked precursors and a three-step selenization process

Hyun Woo Do, Yong Hun Kwon, Young-il Park, Yong Hoon Kim, Hyung Koun Cho, and
Honggon Kim

The Deep Level Defects with Boron Atoms Configuration in Amorphous Silicon
Solar Cells by Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy and X-ray Photoelectron

Sunhwa Lee, Jinjoo Park, Junsin Yi, and Chaehwan Jeong

"Evaluation of the effects of silane coupling agents
for dispersion and packing in a soft magnetic composite"

Sea Mon Oh, Chang Hyun Lee, Hyo Soon Shin, Dong Hun Yeo, Jin Ho Kim

"Cadmium Chloride-Assisted ZnO Nanorod Regrowth for Enhanced
Photoluminescence and UV Sensing Properties"

Giwoong Nam and Jae-Young Leem

"Regrowth of Spin-Coated Al-Doped ZnO Films to Enhance Their
Photoluminescence and UV Sensing Properties"

Giwoong Nam and Jae-Young Leem

"A New Technique for Growing ZnO Nanorods over Large Surface Areas Using
Graphene Oxide and Their Application in UV Sensors"

Giwoong Nam and Jae-Young Leem

"Electrical Properties of Amorphous-IGZO Based Thin-film Transistors with Four
Terminal Configuration"

Kyeong Min Yu, Jin-Kuk Kim, Byung Seong Bae, and Eui-Jung Yun

"Optimized Designing to Improve Electrical Characteristics of 4H-SiC Wide
Trench Junction Barrier Schottky Diode"

Sinsu Kyoung, Eun Sik Jung, Tai Young Kang, and Man Young Sung

"The Effect of Nitrogen Contents on the Corrosion and Nano-Mechanical
Properties of Arc Ion Plated Ti-Al-Si-N Layers "

B. K. Kang, Yong Choi and S. B. Lee

"Study on the Nano-Mechanical and Corrosion Properties of Fe-45% Gd

Youl Baik, Yong Choi, and Byung Moon Moon

Tribological and Electrical Properties of Chromium Doped Diamond-like Carbon
Films Deposited by Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering

J. Y. Jeon, J. C. Bang, J. H. Yoo, S. H. Lee

Electrical characteristics of metal-insulator-semiconductor structure using a-C:H
films fabricated by dual magnetron sputtering

Yong Seob Park, Nam-Hoon Kim, Soohyun Hwang, and Jaehyeong Lee

Electrical Characteristics of Piezoelectric Ceramic Oscillator for Ultrasonic

J. Y. Jeon, J. C. Bang, J. H. Yoo, S. H. Lee

Effect of Interface Treatment on the Voltage Linearity in 8fF/?2 High-k Dielectric and
Combination Stacks on Metal Insulator Metal (MIM) Capacitor

Eunmi Choi, Areum Kim, Soon Hyeong Kwon, and Sung Gyu Pyo

Electromagnetic interference shielding properties of carbon nanofiber-web-
composite with electrospinning process

Keunwon Kang, Soon Hyeong Kwon, Eunmi Choi, Areum Kim, Minwoo Nam,
Huijin Kim, Hoon Huh, and Sung Gyu Pyo

Effect of Double Epitaxial Layer on the Latch-up Immunity in High-Power Devices
Minwoo Nam, Soon Hyeong Kwon, Eunmi Choi, Areum Kim, Taejong Paik and Sung Gyu Pyo

Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Al-Fe-Cr and Al-Fe-Zr Alloys
Yong Choi and Sun Ig Hong

Effect of Hydrogen Induced Cracking on the Electromagnetic Properties of API-
X80 Steel Sheet

Ma R. Kim, Yong Choi, W. K. Kim and C. S. Lee

Ultrasonic Longitudinal-Radial Transducer for Algae Processing in Oil Extraction
Piotr Vasiljev, Regimantas Bareikis, Sergejus Borodinas, Arunas Struckas, Jurate Kasperoviciene

An implementation of environment recognition for enhancement of advanced
video based railway inspection car detection modules

Chul Jin Cho, Young Park, Bonhwa Ku, Hanseok Ko

Using an optimized calendering process with a grey-based Taguchi method to
enhance the performance of a printed OTFT

Sang Hoon Lee and Sangyoon Lee

Electrochemical Characterization of Si/Al Multilayer Thin Film Anode Materials for
High Energy Lithium Secondary Batteries

Vaishali Patil, Arun Patil, Seok-Jin Yoon, Ji-Won Choi

Effect of a Self-Assembled Monolayer on the Electrical Properties of In-Ga-Zn-O
Thin-Film Transistors

Hoon Kim, Chan-mo Kang, Yeon-Wha Oh, Kyu-Ha Baek, and Lee-Mi Do

Effect of Post-Annealing on Low-Temperature Solution-Processed High-
Performance Indium Oxide Thin Film Transistors

Yeon-Wha Oh, Hoon Kim, Kyu-Ha Baek, Lee-Mi Do, Ga-Won Lee and Chan-mo Kang

"Characterization of Plasma Deposited TMCTS based Low-k Thin Film Deposition

In-sik Jung and Sang Jeen Hong

Effect of Cu Dopping in Fe-35%Ni Sheet on Electromagnetic Properties
Sang S. Han, Yong Choi, and S. B. Lee

"Effect of Double Hole Injection Layer on an All-Solution-Processed QD-LED Device"
Hye-Ryeon Jang and Woon-Seop Choi

Performance Analysis of Floating Photovoltaic Systems on the Water Surface
Sung Hun Lee, Young Kwan Choi, Soohyun Hwang, Jaehyeong Lee

Nickel Silicide Phase Distribution of Electroless Deposited Contacts on Silicon P+
Junction Substrate using Nano-indented Atomic Force Microscopy

Areum Kim, Eunmi Choi, Soon Hyeong Kwon, Longshou Zheng, Keunwon Kang,
Minwoo Nam and Sung Gyu Pyo

Synthesis and crystallization of CuIn1-xGaxSe2 compounds formed via co-
sputtering with Se vapor

Jae-Hyung Wi, Young-Hee Joo, Yong-Duck Chung, Jae-Hyung Jang, Chang-Il Kim

Optimization and improvement of Dye-sensitized solar cells efficiency using
thickness of TiO2 photoelectrode with Al back-reflector

Dong In Kim, Yong-Min Lee, Ki-Hwan Hwang, Sang-Hun Nam, Jin-Hyo Boo

In situ synthesis of gold nanoparticles in poly(3,4-
ethylenedioxythiophene):poly(styrenesulfonate) and application to hybrid solar cells

Wook Hyun Kim, Shi-Joon Sung, Kang-Pil Kim, Dae-Kue Hwang and Sungho Woo

Effect of H2O on the Microstructure of b-TiO2 and PbI2 Films During Spin Coating
for Perovskite Solar Cells

Se-Yun Kima, Shi-Joon Sungb, Dae-Hwan Kimb, Young-Woo Heoa

Control of the preferred orientation of polycrystalline Mo and Cu(InGa)Se2 thin
films by inserting graphene layers

Heesan Ryu, Do Hyun Park, Younghun Jung, Jihyun Kim, Woo Kyoung Kim

Efficiency enhancement of single-junction GaAs solar cells with gradually doped
p-n junction active layers

Sang Hyun Jung, Youngjo Kim, Chang Zoo Kim, Kangho Kim, Dong-Hwan Jun,
Hyeong-Ho Park, Hyun-Beom Shin, JeHyuk Choi, Won-Kyu Park, Jaejin Lee,and Ho Kwan Kang

Effects of back annealing on the structural and electrical properties of
Cu2ZnSnSe4 thin films grown by a modified two-step process

Byoung-Soo Ko, Jung-Sik Kim Dong-Hwan Jeon, Jin-Kyu Kang, and Dae-Kue Hwang

Recovery of Valuable Materials from Photovoltaic Ribbon in Spent Solar Module
Jin-Seok Lee, Young-Soo Ahn, Gi-Hwan Kang and Jei-Pil Wang

In-situ investigation on selenization pathways of bilayer stacked Cu-Zn-Sn metal
precursors designed for reduced Sn loss

Jaesung Han, Jaseok Koo and Woo Kyoung Kim

Well-Aligned ZnO Nanorods Assisted with Close-packed Polystyrene Monolayer
for Quartz Crystal Microbalance

Hyun Ji Choi, Yong-Min Lee, and Jin-Hyo Boo

Effect of passive LaF3 and amorphous silica layers on crystal structure, thermal,
optical, and photoluminescence properties of LaF3:Eu nanoparticles

Anees A. Ansari, Manawwer Alam, Naushad Ahmad

Synthesis of Low Resistive Transparent Nanocrystalline Cadmium Oxide Thin
Solid Films by Chemical Route

L. Castañeda, O. Gálvez-Villegas, M. Avendaño-Alejo

In vitro toxicity of zinc oxide nanoparticles from food additives in human gastric
epithelium (GES-1) cells

Tisong Liang, Rongfa Guan, Miao Tao, Fei Lyu, Guozhou Cao, Mingqi Liu, Jianguo Gao

Cathode materials and catalysts for non-aqueous Li-O2 Batteries
Jiping Zhu, Jie Wang, Yangyang Zhang and Juan Li

Plasmonic effects on bulk heterojunction polymer solar cells : a transient
photovoltage and differential charging study

Soon Yie Kok, Zong-Chun Hsieh, Chun-Hsien Chou, Shun-Shing Yang, Ming-Kai Chuang,
Yu-Tung Lin, Seong Shan Yap, Teck Yong Tou and Fang-Chung Chen

Ppy/nanographene Modified Pencil Graphite Electrode Nanosensor for Detection and
Determination of Herbicides in Agricultural Water

Saeideh Ebrahimiasl, Rooholah Seifi, Rana Eftekhar Nahli, Azmi Zakaria

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