Volume 13, Number 2 (February 2015) pp.109-184

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Scale Factor Modeling of Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems Gyroscope Sensor by
Least Squares Support Vector Machine

Xunsheng Ji
Sensor Lett. 13, 109-112 (2015)
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Research and Implementation of Discrete Wavelet Transform Audio Watermark Algorithm
of the Digital Microphone Sensor for Lip-Synch Prevention

Pei Tian, Wei Li, Yifei Zhang, and Lina Gong
Sensor Lett. 13, 113-116 (2015)
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A Novel Approach for Lane Detection Sensor via Maximum a Posteriori Estimation and
Inertia Narrowed Region Particle Swarm Optimization

Bing Yu and Yuan Liu
Sensor Lett. 13, 117-122 (2015)
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All-in-Focused Sensor Image Processing Based on Enhancement in the Frequency Domain
Jiaqi Li, JiangLong Wu, Xiaolin Tian, and Wen-Liang Hwang
Sensor Lett. 13, 123-126 (2015)
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Adaptive Cultural Algorithm for Combinational Digital Circuit Sensor Design
Xuesong Yan, Chengyu Hu, Hong Yao, Qinghua Wu, and Hanmin Liu
Sensor Lett. 13, 127-129 (2015)
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Analysis of Cockpit Background Sounds Based on Cockpit Voice Decoding System Sensor,
Time-Frequency and Fault Tree

Linzhang Ji, Daolai Cheng, Chuijie Yi, and Shoupeng Wan
Sensor Lett. 13, 130-133 (2015)
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Gesture Recognition Method Based on Wireless Data Glove with Sensors
Xingquan Cai, Tianhang Guo, Xin Wu, and Haiyan Sun
Sensor Lett. 13, 134-137 (2015)
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Design and Analysis of Digital Sensor Pulse Width Modulation Control Scheme of Brushless
DC Motor Drive

Huazhang Wang and Wenjiao Zai
Sensor Lett. 13, 138-142 (2015)
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Research on the Multi-Channel Probability Detection CSMA Protocol with Sensor
Monitoring Function

Hongwei Ding, Yingying Guo, Yifan Zhao, Shengjie Zhou, and Qianlin Liu
Sensor Lett. 13, 143-146 (2015)
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Globally Exponential Synchronization of Complex Sensor Networks with Nonlinear
Coupling by Adaptive Control

Lifu Wang, Peng Xue, and Zhi Kong
Sensor Lett. 13, 147-151 (2015)
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An Enhanced Transmission Control Protocol Scheme on the Marine Ecological
Environment Sensor Monitoring

Liang Zong, Wencai Du, and Yong Bai
Sensor Lett. 13, 152-155 (2015)
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Research on Temperature Rise of Cutting Edge in Drilling Lunar Soil Simulant with Sensors
Jinsheng Cui, Xuyan Hou, Shengyuan Jiang, Wanjing Pan, and Tianxiang Ding
Sensor Lett. 13, 156-160 (2015)
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On Two Arc-shaped Sensor Front Noses for Smaller Axial Resistance of Mole
Yi Shen, Xuyan Hou, Shengyuan Jiang, and Yiwei Qin
Sensor Lett. 13, 161-164 (2015)
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The Importance of Sensor Network Structure and Knowledge Management for
Leveraging Innovation Performance

Wen-Guang Liang, Chun Xie, and Jing Duan
Sensor Lett. 13, 165-168 (2015)
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Research on Building Ecotourism Warning Sensor System Model Based on Support Vector
Machine and Grey Relational Analysis

Xiong Li and Shengquan Ma
Sensor Lett. 13, 169-175 (2015)
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Tangential Force Model Study of Lunar Dust Particles Based on Hertz-Mindlin Theory and
Sensor Technology

Wanjing Pan, Xuyan Hou, Tianxiang Ding, and Dewei Tang
Sensor Lett. 13, 176-179 (2015)
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A Study on the Torsional Vibration of Fuel Cell Vehicle Sensor Powertrain
Xiao Liang, Qi Ouyang, Yishens Sun, and Tingting Yin
Sensor Lett. 13, 180-184 (2015)
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