Volume 13, Number 1 (January 2015) pp.1-108

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Recent Achievements in Cellular Behavior Investigation Using Cell-Based Impedance

Tianxing Wang, Kaiqi Su, Hongbo Li, Qin Wang, Ning Hu, and Ping Wang
Sensor Lett. 13, 1-12 (2015)
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Selective Detection of Hg2+ Ions Based on Reduced Graphene Oxide Sensor Device
Jiarui Huang, Liyou Wang, Cuiping Gu, Kaikai Chen, and Jae-Jin Shim
Sensor Lett. 13, 13-18 (2015)
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An Amperometric DNA Biosensor Based on Bismuth Titanate Nanoparticles
Zhihua Wang, Siwen Gan, and Shasheng Huang
Sensor Lett. 13, 19-25 (2015)
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RF-Sputtered, Nanostructured ZnO-Based Extended-Gate Field-Effect Transistor as pH Sensor
R. Mukhiya, R. Sharma, V. K. Khanna, A. Adami, L. Lorenzelli, and M. Zen
Sensor Lett. 13, 26-31 (2015)
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Hydrogen Sensing Based on ZnO Nanostructures Prepared by RF-Sputtering on Thermally
Oxidized Porous Silicon

Husam S. Al-Salman and M. J. Abdullah
Sensor Lett. 13, 32-39 (2015)
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Cardiomyocyte-Based Biosensor Based on Impedance Sensor Technology and CCD
Imaging Analysis for Pharmaceutical Assessment

Kaiqi Su, Quchao Zou, Hongbo Li, Tianxing Wang, Liujing Zhuang, Ning Hu, and Ping Wang
Sensor Lett. 13, 40-47 (2015)
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A Simultaneous and Validated Wearable FBG Heartbeat and Respiration Rate Monitoring

Tarek Elsarnagawy
Sensor Lett. 13, 48-51 (2015)
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Sensing Properties of the N,N -Dipentyl-3,4,9,10-Perylenedicarboximide Small Molecule for
Different Concentrations and Solvents for Sensor Applications

Bayram Gündüz
Sensor Lett. 13, 52-63 (2015)
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Dynamic Network Event Analysis for Distributed Attack Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
S. Umamaheswari and R. Mahalakshmi
Sensor Lett. 13, 64-71 (2015)
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Fabrication and Optimization of Silver Based PAA/OPH-ZnONP/c-MWCNTs Electrode for
Amperometric Determination of Organophosphorus Compounds

Monika Dahiya, Vikas Dhull, Sandeep Kumar, Neeraj Dilbaghi, and Vikas Hooda
Sensor Lett. 13, 72-80 (2015)
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A Novel Nonenzymatic Hydrogen Peroxide Electrochemical Sensor Based on
SnO2-Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposite

Li Fu, Yuhong Zheng, Aiwu Wang, Wen Cai, Zhuxian Fu, and Feng Peng
Sensor Lett. 13, 81-84 (2015)
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Fabrication of an Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence Biosensor Based on CdSe Quantum
Dots for the Determination of Acetylcholine

Jun-Su Park, Yun Ok Kang, So-Ra Lee, Hyunmin Bae, Sunwoong Choi, and Seong-Ho Choi
Sensor Lett. 13, 85-91 (2015)
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Automation of Smart Irrigation System Based on Wireless Sensor Network
Mohammed N. Abdullah, Muayad S. Croock, and Amthal K. Mousa
Sensor Lett. 13, 92-97 (2015)
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Microwave Emission of Carbon Fibres During Electrical Breakdown
Alexander Aman, Soeren Majcherek, and Soeren Hirsch
Sensor Lett. 13, 98-101 (2015)
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Evaluation of Optical Flow Tracking Techniques in Cardiac Magnetic Resonance:
Numerical Study

Azza S. Hassenein, Ayman M. Khalifa, W. Al-Atabany, and M. T. El-Wakad
Sensor Lett. 13, 102-108 (2015)
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