Volume 13, Number 8 (August 2015) pp.625-710

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Selected Peer-Reviewed Articles from the 7th Asian-Pacific Conference on Transducers and
Micro/Nano Technologies (APCOT 2014), Daegu, Korea, June 29-July 2, 2014

Guest Editors: Wan-Young Chung, Young-Sook Lee, Jaehee Park, and Jang-Kyoo Shin
Sensor Lett. 13, 625-626 (2015)
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Robust Disaster Prevention System Using Optical Sensors
Jae-Hyuk Seok, Eung-Soo Kim, and Wan-Young Chung
Sensor Lett. 13, 627-632 (2015)
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Fall Detection Using a RGB-D Sensor in Home Alert Systems
Young-Sook Lee and Wan-Young Chung
Sensor Lett. 13, 633-640 (2015)
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Demonstration of Noise Reduction Effect of Native Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect
Transistor Used for CMOS Image Sensors

Min-Woong Seo and Shoji Kawahito
Sensor Lett. 13, 641-645 (2015)
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Rear-End Collision and Blind Spot Reduced Autonomous Vehicles Using Sensors and Cameras
Y. H. Kim, T. I. Jeong, and Y. H. Chung
Sensor Lett. 13, 646-649 (2015)
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Smart Shoes for the Monitoring of Gait Type and Calorie Expenditure
Eung Soo Kim and Yong Wook Lee
Sensor Lett. 13, 650-653 (2015)
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Research of 1-3 Piezoelectric Composite Transducer Using Simulation Method
Li Li, Likun Wang, and Lei Qin
Sensor Lett. 13, 654-657 (2015)
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A Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Image Sensor with Increased
Dynamic Range Using Feedback Reset Mechanism

Byoung-Soo Choi, Sung-Hyun Jo, Myunghan Bae, Jeongyeob Kim, Pyung Choi, Jang-Kyoo Shin, and Youngjoong Joo
Sensor Lett. 13, 658-662 (2015)
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Highly Sensitive Fiber-Optic Volatile Organic Compound Gas Sensor Using a Solvatochromic-
Dye Containing Polymer Waveguide Based on Pulse-Width Modulation Technique

Md. Rajibur Rahaman Khan and Shin-Won Kang
Sensor Lett. 13, 663-668 (2015)
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Characterization of the Fiber-Optic Goniometer for Measuring Knee Joint Angle
S. G. Kim, S. H. Shin, K. W. Jang, H. Jeon, J. S. Jang, J. S. Kim, G. Kwon, W. J. Yoo, S. Cho, T. Song, and B. Lee
Sensor Lett. 13, 669-673 (2015)
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Phosphorescence and Transmission Measurements for Chemical Quantification with
Consumer Optoelectronic Products

Satya Achanta, Sanghan Park, and Chang-Soo Kim
Sensor Lett. 13, 674-678 (2015)
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Optofluidic Oxygen Sensor with Simple Structure and Low-Cost Materials
Sijia Gong and Chang-Soo Kim
Sensor Lett. 13, 679-682 (2015)
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Taste Sensor Based on Lipid/Polymer Membrane Using Cascoded Compatible Lateral
Bipolar Transistor

Hyun-Min Jeong, Hyeon-Ji Yun, Jin-Bum Kwon, Hyurk-Choon Kwon, Sae-Wan Kim, Na-Rae Yoon, Ju-Seong Kim,
and Shin-Won Kang

Sensor Lett. 13, 683-686 (2015)
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Influence of Passivation Layer on Plasmonic Infrared Filter for Image Sensors
Hong-Kun Lyu, Young-Jin Park, Hui-Sup Cho, Sung-Hyun Jo, Hee-Ho Lee, and Jang-Kyoo Shin
Sensor Lett. 13, 687-692 (2015)
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Selective Sensing for the Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds Using Optical Fiber
Sensor with Dye-Coated Planar Waveguide

Jae-Sung Lee, Na-Rae Yoon, Byoung-Ho Kang, Sang-Won Lee, Gopalan Sai-Anand, Sae-Wan Kim, Seung-Ha Lee,
and Shin-Won Kang

Sensor Lett. 13, 693-696 (2015)
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Group Refractive Index Measurement of Liquids Using Common-Path Swept Source
Optical Coherence Tomography

Jaehee Park, Jong-Dug Shin, Roman V. Kuranov, and Thomas E. Milner
Sensor Lett. 13, 697-701 (2015)
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High Sensitivity Volatile Organic Compounds Gas Sensor Using Au-PPy Nanorods
Na-Rae Yoon, Jae-Sung Lee, Byoung-Ho Kang, Sang-Won Lee, Hyeon-Ji Yun, Ju-Seong Kim, and Shin-Won Kang
Sensor Lett. 13, 702-705 (2015)
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Development of a Planar Type Ion Sensor for Urine Testing
K. Sakai, T. Yamamoto, R. Sugai, T. Kiwa, and K. Tsukada
Sensor Lett. 13, 706-710 (2015)
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