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Accepted/In Press Articles

This page lists all the Accepted/In press articles in Journal of Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics (JNO). Some of the manuscript information such as Titles/Authors names, etc. may change upon final publication.


High performance novel gas sensor device for site environmental protection using

Mingliang Zhou, Xuhong Chen, Lingjiang Zhang, Wen Zeng

Effect of reaction time on the performance of Co3O4 electrode materials for high performance

Yan Zhao, Yucai Li, Dong Zhang, Shiwei Song, Jian Wang, Yunjie Ke, Rui Guo, Yanbo Ding, Xiandong Zhu

Prediction of Giant Piezoelectric Properties in Puckered Two-Dimensional Monolayers:
SiTe, GeTe, SnTe

Tao Zhang, Jing Xu, Ming-Lin Li

Study of Bonded Wafers by Using a Synchrotron Radiation Transmission X-ray Microscopy
for 3D-IC Processes

Youn-Jang Kim, Jae-Hong Lim, and Kyeong-Keun Choi

Improved Multi-objective PSO Algorithm for DNA Sequence Design
Ying Niu, Hangyu Zhou, Shida Wang, Kai Zhao, Xiaoxiao Wang, Xuncai Zhang

The impact of Preparation Techniques on the properties of Magnesium aluminate spinel
Fahad Albanumay, Basheer Alshamari, Naif Alqahtani, Haytham Alodan, Turky alopily, Mohammed Muhawes

Stable CsPbX3@ SiO2 Perovskite Quantum Dots for White-Light Emitting Diodes
Jian Xu, Hongxiang Zhang, Chunxia Wu, and Jun Dai

Multi-stage Distribution Network Space Load Forecasting Method Considering Demand
Side Resources

Zhidong Yang, Guangjiu Chen, Jianwu Ding, Xiaojing Kang, Meng Sheng

Analytical treatment for the dynamics of second law analysis of Jeffery nanofluid with
convective heat and mass conditions

Rizwan Akhtar, Muhammad Awais, Muhammad Asif Zahoor Raja, M. N. Abrar, Sayyar Ali Shah,
Aihua Yuan, Saeed Ehsan Awan, Muhammad Shoaib, Li Xu, Asma Shaheen and Bilal Aslam

Ferromagnetic Cu3N Nanoparticles Demonstrated by X-ray magnetic circular dichroism
(XMCD) and the density functional theory (DFT) Calculations

Zhongxin Liao, Tongtong Wang, Yonggang Liu, Baorui Xia, Xingdong Jiang

Effect of etching and modification on the hydrophobic angle of EP-POSS
Yanhong Fang, Ping Wang, Lifang Sun and Linhong Wang

Design of Laser Ranging Device Using the Improved Photodetector and Its Usage in
Geosynchronous Earth Orbit Navigation Satellite Orbit Determination

Xiangfei Yin, Genyou Liu, Shilong Cao

Dynamic Clock Skew Estimation and Fusion Acquainted with Environmental Factors
Baoguo Yu, Yuquan Shu, Chunge Li, Zhengyan Zhu, Zhe Yang, Haitao Wei, and Yachuan Bao

Magnetic nanostructures immobilized microorganisms for the development of

Shalendra Kumar, Sourabh Dwivedi, Faheem Ahmed, Nagih Mohammed Shaalan, Nishat Arshi,
Adil Alshoaibi, Mohd Ahmar Rauf

Analysis of longitudinal wave propagation in a single-walled carbon nanotube with surface
irregularity via Donnell thin shell Approach

Awad Mousa and Mahmoud. M. Selim

Fabrication and optical performance of Mo1-xWxS2 monolayer with different composition
ranges via one-step CVD approach

Fei Chen, Xia Jiang, Xin Zheng, Bin Lu, and Tingting Deng

Hybrid ZnCo2O4@Co3S4 Nanowires for High-Performance Asymmetric Supercapacitors
Yongli Tong, Xinyu Cheng, Dongli Qi, Baoqian Chi, Weiqiang Zhang

Surface-enhanced Raman scattering based on Au-DNA-Ag Plasmonic Nanoparticles
Seyed Enayatollah Taghavi Moghaddam, Farzin Emami

Core-shell Structural Barium Ferrite/Polypyrrole Nanocomposites with Enhanced
Microwave Absorption Properties

Kai Sun, Gang Li, Yan-Hua Lei, Xin-Feng Wu, Wei-Guo Zhang, Guo-Hua Fan, Chuan-Bing Cheng,
and Run-Hua Fan

Surface enhanced Raman Spectroscopy detection of crystal violet based on an excellent silver
nanoparticles/silicon pyramid arrays structure

Aning Ma, Wenjing Wei, Zhongqiang Zhang, Sichang Peng, Yurong Wang, Di Geng

The Design and Application of XOR Logical Computation Based on DNA 3-arm Sub-tile

Chun Huang, Ying-Jie Han, Jun-Wei Sun, Wei-Jun Zhu,Yan-Feng Wang, and Qing-Lei Zhou

Remote sensing of high temperature H2O-CO2 mixture with the Multi-Spectral Correlated-k
distribution model.

Longfeng HOU

Neural Learning Controller with Tracking Differentiator
Zhihuan Zhang, Chao Hu

Evaluation of the Antioxidant Potential of Tea by Optical Absorption Spectroscopy in the
Presence of Double-Stranded DNA-Encased Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Lijun Wang and Shusuke Oura

The Effect of Annealing and Nickel Concentrations on the Structural Properties of the
Nickel-Doped Cupric Oxide Nanoparticles

Wafa A. Alghameeti, Fatmah S. Bahabri and Alaa Y. Mahmoud

Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Spectra of non-fluorescent 4-Mercaptobenzoic Acid and
Human Red Blood Cells on Carnation-Shaped Silver Meso-Flowers Monolayer

Shuang-Mei Zhu, Xi-Guang Dong, Er-Jun Liang, Hong-Wei Hou, Hao-Shan Hao, and Yuan-Da Wu

Cavity design and optimization of hybrid quantum dot organic light emitting devices for
blue light emission

Iman E. Shaaban, Ahmed S. Samra, Bedir Yousif, N. A. Alghamdi, Shamia Elsherbiny, S. Wageh

Improvement of Gamma Radiation Shielding Features for Fluorophosphate glasses doping
with Sm2O3 (PZBKNA)

H. ALMOHIY, M. SAAD, Y. M. AbouDeifc, M. Reben, I. S. Yaha, El Sayed Yousef

Ultrahigh Frequency Induction Heating Power Source Based on A Novel Circuit Topology
and Silicon Carbide Device

Mang-Yuan Ma, Xin-Chun Shi, Yan-Peng Chai

Superparamagnetic Magnetite Nanotubes Synthesized by Template-Assisted Sol-Gel

Xinwei Zhang, Xuanyu Song, Huiyi Dong, Chao Zhang, and Chunlei Wang

Artificial Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm based hybrid intelligence for
Performance Optimization of Novel Inverted Funnel Shaped FinFET with Gate Stack High-k Dielectric

Gurpurneet Kaur, Sandeep Singh Gill and Munish Rattan

Theoretical study of a novel infrared nonlinear optical crystal of BaGa4S7
Qiao Wu, Rong Dai, Lei Zhang, Wei Wang, Fuchun Zhang and Weibin Zhang

Effect of DBDS corrosion on Accelerated thermal aging XLPE cable materials with copper
core and insulation layer

Yi-fan Cheng, Ling-na Xu, Tian-en Chen, Guo-zhen Jiang, Jia-bin Wang

Biosynthesis of ZnO Nanostructures using Azadirachta Indica Leaf Extract and their Effect
on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Tomato: An Eco-Friendly approach

Nishat Arshi, Y. Prashanthi, Tentu Nageswara Rao, Faheem Ahmed, Shalendra Kumar, Mohammad Oves

Two-dimensional Free-standing Platinum Supra-Nanostructures Film with Excellent
Electrocatalytic Activity for Fuel Cell Application

Han Lin, Pengde Jia, Satheesh Natarajan, Caiping Ding, Zhiyong Guo, and Youju Huang

A study on the preparation and electrochemical properties of porous spherical LiFePO4/C
anode material

Fangxia Ye, Wenxuan Shao, Xuchao Ye, Mingxia Liu, Shuna Li, Yanxiang Xie, Peiying Bian,
Xiaoyan Wang, and Ling Liu

Nonlinear Absorption and Ultrafast Dynamics Process of Silver Nanoparticles
Hu Chen Chen, Yabin Shao, Yang Qu, Jing Li, Li Meng, Qi Song and Jian-Feng Zhang

Development & Analysis of compact model for Double Gate Schottky Barrier CNTFET
Anil Kumar Bhardwaj, Sumeet Gupta, Balwinder Raj

Rigorous 3D Model of Capacitance of CMOS Compatible Optical Phase Shifters Based on
Interleaved Junctions with Submicron Dimensions

Abdurrahman Javid Shaikh, Fauzi Packeer, Mirza Muhammad Ali Baig, and Othman Sidek

Ultrahigh Frequency Induction Heating Power Source Based on A Novel Circuit Topology
and Silicon Carbide Device

Mang-Yuan Ma, Xin-Chun Shi Yan-Peng Chai

Adoption of Photovoltaic Array Modeling and Data Mining Technology in Its Fault Detection
Xiaohong Zhang

Structure and magnetic properties of nanocrystalline Fe4N/BiFeO3 thin films fabricated by
magnetron sputtering

Lili Wang, Hongguang Li, Rui Chen, Fang Tan, Guoli Chen, Zhenghang Liu, Yang Liu

Design and Performance Analysis of Automobile Power Transmission Platform based on
Photoelectric Torque Sensor

Xiaoming Hu, Jianguo Dai, Jianhui Zhu

Numerical Computing for Investigation of Oblique Magnetic Viscous Dissipative Transport
for Chemically Reactive Micro Rotations in a Porous Medium

Chun Ouyang, Muhammad Asif Zahoor Raja, Shafaq Naz, Yasam Ali, Sayyar Ali Shah, Aihua yuan,
Rizwan Akhtar, Iftikhar Ahmad and Muhammad Shoaib

A Photodetector Applied in Optical Communication System and Its Performance Prediction
Under Mathematical Model

Jingyi Sun

Theoretical study on the effect of FA: Be+2, FA: Mg+2, and FA: Ca+2 centers on the electronic
and optical properties of LiF (001) surface

E. Nassr, H.Y. Ammar

Design of Photoelectric Detection System and Its Usage in Image Detection
Hui Li

Electronic and thermoelectric transport through hybridized quantum dot-topological
superconductor with ferromagnetic leads

Li-Wen Tang, Wei-Guo Mao

Driving Waveform Design for Quick Response Electrowetting Displays Based on
Asymmetric Pulse Width Modulation

Wei Li, Li Wang, Guo-Fu Zhou

Study of wear and corrosion resistances of Ni60-WC+TiC Composite Coating
Bin-feng He, Fei Ma, Da-yan Ma, Ke-wei Xu, Ling Liu

Machine Generated Method of Fisheye Image Datasets
Xianjing Li, Chaobin Zeng, Kun Li, Zhihao Pan, Zhong Hao Li, Yan Han, Duo Pan, Binbin Dong,
Qian Hu, and Zhanhu Guo

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