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Aims and Scope

Journal of Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics (JNO) is an international and cross-disciplinary peer reviewed journal to consolidate emerging experimental and theoretical research activities in the areas of nanoscale electronic and optoelectronic materials and devices into a single and unique reference source. JNO aims to facilitate the dissemination of interdisciplinary research results in the inter-related and converging fields of nanoelectronics and optoelectronics. JNO publishes (i) original full research papers (ii) rapid communications of important new scientific and technological findings and (iii) timely state-of-the-art reviews (with author’s photo and biography) encompassing the fundamental and applied research in all aspects of the science and engineering of electronic, optoelectronic and photonic materials and devices. JNO covers the following broadly defined research areas;

  • Electronic and optical properties of semiconductor, inorganic, organic, and hybrid nanostructures
  • Electronic applications of superlattices, quantum structures, and other nanostructures
  • Optoelectronic and photonic applications of novel materials and nanostructures
  • Nanoelectronic circuits and device integration
  • Nanofabrication, processing and characterization techniques
  • Information processing and optical communications.
RESEARCH TOPICS COVERED (but not limited to)
Journal of Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics (JNO) publishes high quality experimental, theoretical and modeling research articles, rapid communications, and state-of-the-art reviews. Examples of specific topics to be covered include electronic and luminescent nanostructured materials, magneto-optical and nonlinear optical materials, solar energy materials, conducting polymers, fiber optics, liquid crystals, growth and processing of inorganic, organic and hybrid materials, thin film processing, molecular beam epitaxy, lithography, semiconductor hetero- and nanostructures, assembly and characterization of nanostructures for electronic and optoelectronic applications, quantum cryptography and information processing, molecular electronics, thermal management of optoelectronic devices, packaging, sensors, lasers and light-emitting diodes, imaging and display devices, integration of optical components, detectors, cameras, filters, memory and data storage, sol-gel and porous materials, composites and blends, biomedical applications. JNO will publish articles pertinent to all aspects of nanoelectronics and optoelectronics research including all types of materials their synthesis, processing, fabrication, spectroscopic characterization, properties, and devices applications covered under these categories.
SYNTHESIS: chemical and electrochemical syntheses of nanoscale semiconductors, insulators, inorganics, organics, organic-inorganic hybrid materials; sol-gel and porous materials; polymers, composites and blends; supra-molecular materials; alloys, intermetallics, ceramics, glasses, fullerenes, clusters, crystals, particles, capsules, fibers, nanotubes, molecular wires, quantum dots, quantum wells, superlattices, dentrimers, microstructures, bio-and biomimetic materials, colloids, photonic crystals, particle arrays, hydrothermal synthesis mechanochemical synthesis; modeling of deposition and other synthesis methods.
PROCESSING: purification and processing of inorganic, organic, semiconductor, metal, ceramics, hybrid materials; thin film processing and deposition; molecular beam epitaxy, chemical vapor deposition, epitaxy, self-assemblies, rapid prototyping, pulsed laser deposition, sol-gel processing, plasma processing, surface modification, electroplating, laminating, coating, adhesion, crystal growth, electrochemical deposition, etching, annealing, lithography, and atomic manipulation.
CHARACTERIZATION: materials characterization using Visible-UV PL, FTIR, Raman, STM, AFM, XPS, ESR, AES, X-ray, neutron scattering, surface electron diffraction, LEED and RHEED; structure analysis at atomic, molecular, nano and micrometer scales; electronic and phonon band structure; current-voltage, capacitance-voltage and thermal electron device characterization; optoelectronic device characterization.
PROPERTIES: Electrical, optical, optoelectronic, magnetic, chemical, thermal, mechanical and other physical properties; luminescence, dielectric and ferroelectric properties, photoconductivity; optics and nonlinear optics, photoinduced phenomena, liquid crystalline behaviors, crystallography, surface and interface properties, ultra-fast dynamics, modeling of electrical and optical properties of materials.
DEVICE APPLICATIONS: semiconductor devices, nanoelectronic devices and circuits; optoelectronic and photonic devices; microelectronics and optoelectronics packaging; luminescent and display devices, light-emitting diodes, thin film transistors, fiber optics, lasers, optical beam steering, holography, optical components, detectors, cameras, sensors, filters, photovoltaic devices, memory devices and data storage, magneto-optical recording devices, liquid crystal displays, biomedical optic devices.
Scientists, engineers, and professionals from academia, industries and governmental laboratories working in the fields of fields of nanotechnology, nanoelectronics, optoelectronics, nano-optics, semiconductor technology, electrical and electronic engineering, optical science and engineering, solid-state physics, materials science, surface science, manufacturing, device applications, telecommunications, data storage, information technology, computer science and engineering.
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