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Article Processing Charges

MANUSCRIPT PROCESSING FEES: All new manuscripts submitted to this journal will be subjected to a Manuscript-Processing Fees of US$ 550 per article for all countries. Research article publishing is not without occurring costs and the costs have been steadily increasing. To defray part of the publication cost, the journal will charge manuscript-processing fees, to be paid by the authors or their affiliated research institutions. The publication fee will be used to defray part of the occurring expenses associated with manuscript processing, editorial work flow, typesetting, proofreading, printing, online-hosting, and archiving. There are no additional charges for color illustrations. When submitting a manuscript through online, it will be processed with an understanding that the corresponding authors fully agree to pay all manuscript-processing fees upon acceptance. The author who submits the manuscript to the journal is fully responsible for the manuscript-processing fees. Accepted peer-reviewed manuscripts will not be processed and forwarded to production until all fees are paid in full to the publisher. Publisher will issue an invoice of manuscript-processing fees after a manuscript has been accepted for publication. Corresponding author will be asked to submit a signed Copyright Transfer Agreement (CTA) along with manuscript processing fees.

PDF FILES AND HARDCOPIES: Authors who submitted their manuscripts and have paid manuscript-processing fees will receive pdf files of their published articles. If authors require a hardcopy of the journal issue having their research articles then authors may also purchase hardcopies of the journal issue or subscribe to the journal by contacting the publisher. No free hardcopies of journal issue and/or research article are provided. If authors require a hardcopy of the journal issue having their research article then authors should pay additional $850 to the publisher to recover the costs of all color illustrations in a print edition and shipping.

OPEN ACCESS: Readers can read, redistribute and reuse the articles for free, as long as they cite the publication details properly and do not use for any commercial purposes.

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