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Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology
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Volume 11, Number 2 (February 2015) pp.191-361

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– REVIEWS ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Nanomedicine for Atherosclerosis: Molecular Imaging and Treatment
Varvara Karagkiozaki, Stergios Logothetidis, and Anna-Maria Pappa
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 11, 191-210 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ARTICLES ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Complexation of Apoptotic Genes with Polyethyleneimine (PEI)-Coated Poly-(DL)-Lactic-
Co-Glycolic Acid Nanoparticles for Cancer Cell Apoptosis

Hye Jin Lim, Jin Kyeong Kim, and Ji Sun Park
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 11, 211-225 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Photodynamic Anticancer Activities of Multifunctional Cobalt Ferrite Nanoparticles in
Various Cancer Cells

Bong Joo Park, Kyong-Hoon Choi, Ki Chang Nam, Anser Ali, Jee Eun Min, Hyungbin Son, Han S. Uhm, Ho-Joong Kim,
Jin-Seung Jung, and Eun Ha Choi

J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 11, 226-235 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Nanotubes Functionalized with BMP2 Knuckle Peptide Improve the Osseointegration of
Titanium Implants in Rabbits

Yuanping Ma, Zhenting Zhang, Yiran Liu, Hongyi Li, Na Wang, Wenwen Liu, Wenjun Li, Lingling Jin, Jinshu Wang,
and Su Chen

J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 11, 236-244 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Signal Amplification Strategy of Triple-Layered Core-Shell Au@Pd@Pt Nanoparticles for
Ultrasensitive Immunoassay Detection of Squamous Cell Carcinoma Antigen

Xiaoyue Zhang, Bin Du, Dan Wu, Hongmin Ma, Yong Zhang, He Li, and Qin Wei
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 11, 245-252 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Implant-Assisted Intrathecal Magnetic Drug Targeting to Aid in Therapeutic Nanoparticle
Localization for Potential Treatment of Central Nervous System Disorders

Eric Lueshen, Indu Venugopal, Tejen Soni, Ali Alaraj, and Andreas Linninger
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 11, 253-261 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Nanomicelle Based Peroral Delivery System for Enhanced Absorption and Sustained
Release of 10-Hydrocamptothecin

Ye Tian, Chenjun Shi, Xin Zhang, Yujiao Sun, Juan Wang, Yuyang Zhang, Jingyu Yang, Lihui Wang, Linlin Wang,
and Shirui Mao

J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 11, 262-273 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Radiosensitization of Hs-766T Pancreatic Tumor Xenografts in Mice Dosed with
Dodecafluoropentane Nano-Emulsion-Preliminary Findings

Jennifer L. H. Johnson, Rafael A. Leos, Amanda F. Baker, and Evan C. Unger
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 11, 274-281 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Bicelles: New Lipid Nanosystems for Dermatological Applications
G. Rodríguez, L. Barbosa-Barros, L. Rubio, M. Cócera, F. Fernández-Campos, A. Calpena, E. Fernández,
A. de la Maza, and O. López

J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 11, 282-290 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Polycarbonate Based Polyurethane/Polymer
Wrapped Hydroxyapatite Nanocomposites: Mechanical Properties, Osteoconductivity and

M. Selvakumar, Saravana Kumar Jaganathan, Golok B. Nando, and Santanu Chattopadhyay
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 11, 291-305 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Hybrid Nanoscale Architecture of Wound Dressing with Super Hydrophilic, Antimicrobial, and
Ultralow Fouling Attributes

D. Depan and R. D. K. Misra
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 11, 306-318 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Flow Manipulation in Thread-Based Microfluidics by Tuning the Wettability of Wool
So-Hyoun Jeon, Ki-Hwan Hwang, Won Suk Jung, Hyeon-Jin Seo, Sung Woo Nam, Jin-Hyo Boo, and Sang H. Yun
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 11, 319-324 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

The Quality of In Vivo Upconversion Fluorescence Signals Inside Different Anatomic Structures
Lijiang Wang, Mohamed Shehata Draz, Wei Wang, Guodong Liao, and Yuhong Xu
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 11, 325-333 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

The Study on Inhibition of Planktonic Bacterial Growth by Non-Thermal Atmospheric
Pressure Plasma Jet Treated Surfaces for Dental Application

Eun-Mi Yoo, Soo-Hyuk Uhm, Jae-Sung Kwon, Hye-Sook Choi, Eun Ha Choi, Kwang-Mahn Kim, and Kyoung-Nam Kim
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 11, 334-341 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Bombesin Encapsulated in Long-Circulating pH-Sensitive Liposomes as a Radiotracer for
Breast Tumor Identification

André Luís Branco de Barros, Luciene das Graças Mota, Marina Melo Antunes Coelho, Natássia Caroline Resende Corrêa,
Alfredo Miranda de Góes, Mônica Cristina Oliveira, and Valbert Nascimento Cardoso

J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 11, 342-350 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Solid Lipid Nanoparticles Formulated for Transdermal Aconitine Administration and Evaluated
In Vitro and In Vivo

Zhang Yong-Tai, Han Meng-Qing, Shen Li-Na, Zhao Ji-Hui, and Feng Nian-Ping
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 11, 351-361 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Volume 11, Number 1 (January 2015) pp.1-189

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– REVIEWS ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Polymer-Block-Polypeptides and Polymer-Conjugated Hybrid Materials as
Stimuli-Responsive Nanocarriers for Biomedical Applications

Johnson V. John, Renjith P. Johnson, Min Seon Heo, Byeong Kyu Moon, Seong Jin Byeon, and Il Kim
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 11, 1-39 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Nanocomposite Hydrogels and Their Applications in Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering
Fangfang Song, Xiaoqiong Li, Qun Wang, Liqiong Liao, and Chao Zhang
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 11, 40-52 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Engineering Virus Capsids Into Biomedical Delivery Vehicles: Structural Engineering
Problems in Nanoscale

Saumya Bajaj and Manidipa Banerjee
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 11, 53-69 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ARTICLES ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Preparation and Characterization of RGDS/Nanodiamond as a Vector for VEGF-siRNA Delivery
Chunying Cui, Yuji Wang, Kaikai Yang, Yaonan Wang, Junyu Yang, Jianzhong Xi, Ming Zhao, Jianhui Wu, and Shiqi Peng
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 11, 70-80 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

In Vivo Targeting of Cutaneous Melanoma Using an Melanoma Stimulating Hormone-
Engineered Human Protein Cage with Fluorophore and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Tracers

Luca Vannucci, Elisabetta Falvo, Cristina Maria Failla, Miriam Carbo, Manuela Fornara, Rossella Canese, Serena Cecchetti,
Lenka Rajsiglova, Dmitry Stakheev, Jiri Krizan, Alberto Boffi, Giulia Carpinelli, Veronica Morea, and Pierpaolo Ceci

J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 11, 81-92 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Combination of Anti-Diabetic Drug Metformin and Boswellic Acid Nanoparticles: A Novel
Strategy for Pancreatic Cancer Therapy

K. S. Snima, Reshmi S. Nair, Shantikumar V. Nair, C. Ravindranath Kamath, and Vinoth-Kumar Lakshmanan
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 11, 93-104 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-4-hydroxybutyrate) Based Electrospun 3D Scaffolds for
Delivery of Autogeneic Chondrocytes and Adipose-Derived Stem Cells: Evaluation of
Cartilage Defects in Rabbit

Guo Li, Na Fu, Jing Xie, Yao Fu, Shuwen Deng, Xiangzhu Cun, Xueqin Wei, Qiang Peng, Xiaoxiao Cai, and Yunfeng Lin
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 11, 105-116 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Surface Functionalization of Chemically Reduced Graphene Oxide for Targeted
Photodynamic Therapy

Peng Huang, Shouju Wang, Xiansong Wang, Guangxia Shen, Jing Lin, Zhe Wang, Shouwu Guo, Daxiang Cui,
Min Yang, and Xiaoyuan Chen

J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 11, 117-125 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Influence of Surface Charge and Polymer Coating on Internalization and
Biodistribution of Polyethylene Glycol-Modified Iron Oxide Nanoparticles

Lionel Maurizi, Anne-Laure Papa, Laure Dumont, Frédéric Bouyer, Paul Walker, David Vandroux, and Nadine Millot
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 11, 126-136 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Graphitized-Carbon-Nanofiber Paper-Enzyme Electrode Fabrication Through Non-Covalent
Modification for Enzyme Biofuel Cell Application

Deby Fapyane, Soo-Jin Lee, Seung-Hwan Kang, Jou-Hyeon Ahn, and In Seop Chang
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 11, 137-142 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Functionalized Polyacrylonitrile Nanofibrous Membranes for Covalent Immobilization of
Glucose Oxidase

James Manuel, Miso Kim, Rohini Dharela, Ghanshyam S. Chauhan, Deby Fapyane, Soo-Jin Lee, In Seop Chang,
Seo-Hee Kang, Seon-Won Kim, and Jou-Hyeon Ahn

J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 11, 143-149 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Engineered Carbon Nanotube Buckypaper: A Platform for Electrochemical Biosensors
Jhunu Chatterjee, Jose Cardenal, and Annadanesh Shellikeri
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 11, 150-156 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Adhesion of Poly(phenylene sulfide) Resin with Polymeric Film of Triazine Thiol on
Aluminum Surface Modified by Anodic Oxidation

Eun Hyuk Chung, Eun Kyung Jang, Tae Eun Hong, Jong Pil Kim, Hyun Gyu Kim, Jong Sung Jin, Myung Ho Hyun,
Dong Su Shin, Jong-Seong Bae, and Euh Duck Jeong

J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 11, 157-164 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Simultaneous Effect of Thiolation and Carboxylation of Chitosan Particles Towards
Mucoadhesive Oral Insulin Delivery Applications: An In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation

M. R. Rekha and Chandra P. Sharma
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 11, 165-176 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Efficacy and Hemotoxicity of Stealth Doxorubicin-Loaded Magnetic Nanovectors on Breast
Cancer Xenografts

J. Gautier, E. Allard-Vannier, J. Burlaud-Gaillard, J. Domenech, and I. Chourpa
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 11, 177-189 (2015)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

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