Journal of Low Power Electronics

Volume 13, Number 3 ( September 2017) pp.279-544

A Special Section on New and Future Trends in Low Power Electronics
Editor-in-Chief: Patrick Girard
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 279 (2017)
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Recent Advances in Low Power Asynchronous Circuit Design
Jia Di, Brent A. Bell, William Bouillon, John Brady, Thao Le, Chien-Wei Lo, Liang Men, Spencer Nelson, Francis Sabado,
and Andrew Suchanek

J. Low Power Electron. 13, 280–297 (2017)
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Adaptive Architectures, Circuits and Technology Solutions for Future IoT Systems
Marc Belleville, Anca Molnos, Gilles Sicard, Jean Frédéric Christmann, Dominique Morche, Duy-Hieu Bui, Diego Puschini,
Suzanne Lesecq, and Edith Beigné

J. Low Power Electron. 13, 298–309 (2017)
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Learning-Based Run-Time Power and Energy Management of Multi/Many-Core Systems: Current and Future Trends
Amit Kumar Singh, Charles Leech, Basireddy Karunakar Reddy, Bashir M. Al-Hashimi, and Geoff V. Merrett
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 310–325 (2017)
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Power and Energy Issues on Lightweight Cryptography
Antonio J. Acosta, Erica Tena-Sánchez, Carlos J. Jiménez, and José M. Mora
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 326–337 (2017)
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Back to the Future: Digital Circuit Design in the FinFET Era
Xinfei Guo, Vaibhav Verma, Patricia Gonzalez-Guerrero, Sergiu Mosanu, and Mircea R. Stan
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 338–355 (2017)
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Low-Power Coding: Trends and New Challenges
Alberto Garcia-Ortiz, Lennart Bamberg, and Amir Najafi
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 356–370 (2017)
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A Modular Framework for Battery Modeling in Electronic Designs
Alberto Bocca, Alberto Macii, and Massimo Poncino
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 371–381 (2017)
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Energy-Efficient Reconfigurable Hardware Accelerators for Data-Intensive Applications
Kai Yang, Robert Karam, and Swarup Bhunia
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 382–394 (2017)
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Interconnect Delay Model for Wide Supply Voltage Range Repeater Insertion in Sub-22 nm FinFET Technologies
Alexander E. Shapiro and Eby G. Friedman
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 395–401 (2017)
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Distributed Runtime Energy Management for Many-Core Systems Running Real-Time Applications
André L. M. Martins, Marcelo Ruaro, Anderson C. Santana, and Fernando G. Moraes
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 402–418 (2017)
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Split Latency Allocator: Process Variation-Aware Register Access Latency Boost in a Near-Threshold
Graphics Processing Unit

Asmita Pal, Aatreyi Bal, Koushik Chakraborty, and Sanghamitra Roy
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 419–427 (2017)
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Low-Energy and Secure Aggregation of Uncorrelated Data in Clustered Sensor Network
Giuseppe Visalli
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 428–440 (2017)
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Energy Savings in Networks-on-Chip with Smart Temporal Shielding
Erwan Moréac, Pierre Bomel, Johann Laurent, and André Rossi
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 441–455 (2017)
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Improved Wire Length-Driven Placement Technique for Minimizing Wire Length, Area and Timing
Srinivas Sabbavarapu, Karunakar R. Basireddy, Amit Acharyya, and Saqib Khursheed
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 456–471 (2017)
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Energy Efficient Adiabatic Logic Styles in Sub-Threshold Region for Ultra Low Power Application
Manash Chanda, Tanushree Ganguli, Sandipta Mal, Anindita Podder, and Chandan Kumar Sarkar
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 472–481 (2017)
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A Novel Design for 4-Bit Code Converters in Quantum Dot Cellular Automata
Sankit R. Kassa and R. K. Nagaria
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 482–489 (2017)
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A Novel Shared Active Pixel Architecture (SAPA) with Low Dark Current and High Fill-Factor (FF) for
CMOS Image Sensors

Vinay Kumar, Krishna Lal Baishnab, and Binod Kumar
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 490–496 (2017)
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A 12-Bit Ultra-Low Voltage Noise Shaping Successive-Approximation Register Analog-to-Digital
Converter Using Emerging TFETs

Jie Lin and Jiann-Shiun Yuan
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 497–510 (2017)
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A 65 nm Design of 0.6 V/8.98 W Process-Voltage-Temperature Aware Dynamic Analog Comparator
for High Speed Data Reconstruction Applications

Alak Majumder, Abir J. Mondal, and Bidyut K. Bhattacharyya
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 511–519 (2017)
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Fully Differential Operational Transconductance Amplifier with Enhanced Phase Margin and Gain
for Ultra-Low-Power Circuits

Tripurari Sharan and Vijaya Bhadauria
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 520–535 (2017)
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Prospects of 2D Junctionless Channel Transistor (JLCT) Towards Analog and RF Metrics Using Si
and SiGe in Device Layer

B. Vandana, S. K. Mohapatra, J. K. Das, and B. S. Patro
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 536–544 (2017)
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Volume 13, Number 2 ( June 2017) pp.149-278

Reducing Power of Memory Hierarchy in General Purpose Graphics Processing Units
Ahsan Saghir, Ehsan Atoofian, and Ali Manzak
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 149–165 (2017)
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Power Modeling and Runtime Performance Optimization of Power Limited Many-Core Systems Based on a
Dynamic Adaptive Approach

Arghavan Asad, Mahmood Fathy, Mohammad Reza Jahed-Motlagh, and Kaamran Raahemifar
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 166–195 (2017)
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Approximate Computing Techniques for Low Power Implementation of Reconfigurable Coordinate Rotation
Digital Computer Circuits

Ali Ibrahim and Maurizio Valle
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 196–204 (2017)
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Low Energy Bus Design with Error Tolerant Coding
Ge Chen and Saeid Nooshaabdi
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 205–219 (2017)
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Heuristics to Augment the Performance of Tetris Legalization: Making a Fast but Inferior Method Competitive
Antonios N. Dadaliaris, Panagiotis Oikonomou, Maria G. Koziri, Evangelia Nerantzaki, Yannis Hatzaras,
Dimitrios Garyfallou, Thanasis Loukopoulos, and Georgios I. Stamoulis

J. Low Power Electron. 13, 220–230 (2017)
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Estimation of Power Dissipation in Ternary Quantum Dot Cellular Automata Cell
Pritam Bhattacharjee, Kunal Das, Arijit Dey, Debashis De, and Swarnendu Kumar Chakraborty
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 231–239 (2017)
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2-Channel Electroencephalography Sensor Frontend for Portable Health Condition Monitoring Applications
Zaniar Hoseini, Kye-Shin Lee, Hae Chung, and Young-Joon Song
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 240–248 (2017)
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Low Power Current Conveyor Based Continuous Time Sigma Delta Modulator
Reza Chavoshisani and Omid Hashemipour
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 249–254 (2017)
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A Bidirectional Differential Cascode Voltage Switch DC–DC Buck-Boost Converter for Low Voltage Application
Luigi Colalongo, Anna Richelli, Pierluigi Cabinio, and Zsolt M. Kovacs-Vajna
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 255–262 (2017)
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Li-Ion Battery Charging with a Buck-Boost DC–DC Converter for a Portable Device Power Management
Karim El Khadiri, Hicham Akhmal, and Hassan Qjidaa
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 263–270 (2017)
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Variable Gain Potentiostat Architecture for Glucose Sensing from Blood and Tear Fluid
Hyusim Park, Niranjan D. Karandikar, Sungyong Jung, and Kwangki Ryoo
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 271–278 (2017)
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Volume 13, Number 1 ( March 2017) pp.1-147

A Low Cost System for Self Measurements of Power Consumption in Field Programmable Gate Arrays
Juan P. Oliver, Francisco Veirano, Diego Bouvier, and Eduardo Boemo
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 1–9 (2017)
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A Cross-Level Power Estimation Technique to Enhance High-Level Power Models Quality
Alejandro Nocua, Arnaud Virazel, Alberto Bosio, Patrick Girard, and Cyril Chevalier
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 10–28 (2017)
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Towards Approximate Computing with Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata
Zahra Rouhani, Shaahin Angizi, MohammadReza Taheri, Keivan Navi, and Nader Bagherzadeh
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 29–35 (2017)
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Design of a Ternary Edge-Sensitive D FFF for Multiple-Valued Sequential Logic
Reza Faghih Mirzaee and Niloofar Farahani
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 36–46 (2017)
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Dynamic Feedback Controlled Static Random Access Memory for Low Power Applications
Pooran Singh, B. S. Reniwal, V. Vijayvargiya, V. Sharma, and S. K. Vishvakarma
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 47–59 (2017)
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Customized Power Management System Using a Capacitor Array and DC/DC Booster for Flat-Plate
Microbial Fuel Cells

Young Eun Song, Hyeon Jun Cho, Hyerin Park, Byong-Hun Jeon, and Jung Rae Kim
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 60–66 (2017)
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A Fully Differential Operational Amplifier with Slew Rate Enhancer and Adaptive Bias for Ultra Low Power
P. Karuppanan, Soumya Ranjan Ghosh, Kamran Khan, and Pavan Kumar Bikki
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 67–75 (2017)
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SiGe Source Dual Metal Double Gate Tunnel Field Effect Transistor
Ball Mukund Mani Tripathi, Prateek Jain, and Shayma Prasad Das
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 76–82 (2017)
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A Comparative Analysis of Single Switch Soft-Switching Boost Converter and Interleaved Soft-Switching
Boost Converter

Mohamayee Mohapatra, A. K. Panda, B. P. Panigrahi, Prativa Priyadarshini Sahoo, and B. Chitti Babu
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 83–93 (2017)
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Soft-Switched High Step-Up Converter for Low Voltage Sustainable Energy Systems
João Luiz Dallamuta Lopes and Lúcio dos Reis Barbosa
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 94–104 (2017)
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A 20 ppm/oC Temperature Coefficient and High Power Supply Rejection Ratio Bandgap Reference
Implemented in 90 nm CMOS Technology for Low Drop-Out Voltage Regulator Applications

Hicham Akhamal, Mostafa Chakir, Hatim Ameziane, and Hassan Qjidaa
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 105–113 (2017)
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Thermal Modeling of a Spiral Planar Inductor
Melati Rabia, Hamid Azzedine, and Adda Benattia Tekkouk
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 114–121 (2017)
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Selected Articles from the 7th International Workshop on CMOS Variability Bremen, Germany,
September 21–23, 2016

Guest Editors: Steffen Paul and Gilles Jacquemod
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 122–123 (2017)
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Resistive Random Access Memory Variability and Its Mitigation Schemes
Peyman Pouyan, Esteve Amat, Said Hamdioui, and Antonio Rubio
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 124–134 (2017)
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Design and Verification of Analog CMOS Circuits Using the gm/ID-Method with Age-Dependent Degradation Effects
Timur Schäfer, Theodor Hillebrand, Nico Hellwege, Marco Erstling, Dagmar Peters-Drolshagen, and Steffen Paul
J. Low Power Electron. 13, 135–147 (2017)
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