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Journal of Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics

Volume 2, Number 3 (December 2007) pp.209-311

Closing the Gap: Plasma Wave Electronic Terahertz Detectors
W. J. Stillman and M. S. Shur
J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron. 2, 209–221 (2007)
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Far-Infrared Characteristics of Bulk and Nanostructured Wide-Bandgap Semiconductors
Jiaguang Han, Abul K. Azad, and Weili Zhang
J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron. 2, 222–233 (2007)
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Kinetic and Quantum Models for Nanoelectronic and Optoelectronic Device Simulation
Alexander I. Fedoseyev, Marek Turowski, and Marek S. Wartak
J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron. 2, 234–256 (2007)
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Multilevel Three-Dimensional Nanomagnetic Recording
N. Amos, R. Ikkawi, A. Krichevsky, R. Fernandez, E. Stefanescu, I. Dumer, D. Litvinov, and S. Khizroev
J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron. 2, 257–268 (2007)
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Optical and Electronic Properties of Semiconducting Nanostructures for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation
Andrew D. Ogden, James L. Gole, and Andrei G. Fedorov
J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron. 2, 269–277 (2007)
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Self-Organization Dependent Emission of Luminescent Polymers in Nanoporous Alumina Templates
Sumit Chaudhary and Mihrimah Ozkan
J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron. 2, 278–281 (2007)
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Effects of Mild Plasma Exposure on the Active-Layer in Polythiophene:Fullerene
Bulk-Heterojunction Solar Cells

Haiwei Lu, Sumit Chaudhary, Astrid M. Müller, Christopher J. Bardeen, and Mihrimah Ozkan
J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron. 2, 282–286 (2007)
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Modeling of the Inversion Charge Density in the Nanoscale Symmetric Double Gate MOSFET: An Analytical Approach
S. K. Vishvakarma, B. Raj, A. K. Saxena, and S. Dasgupta
J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron. 2, 287–293 (2007)
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An Exploratory Design Study of a 16 ´ 16 Static Random Access Memory Using Silicon Nanowire Transistors
Ahmet Bindal and Sotoudeh Hamedi-Hagh
J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron. 2, 294–303 (2007)
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Table of Contents to Volume 2, Number 1–3, 2007
J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron. 2, 305–306 (2007)
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Author Index to Volume 2, Number 1–3, 2007
J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron. 2, 307–309 (2007)
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Subject Index to Volume 2, Number 1–3, 2007
J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron. 2, 310–311 (2007)
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Volume 2, Number 2 (August 2007)

Electromigration and Stress Voiding of Cu/low-k Semiconductor Interconnects—65 nm Interconnect
Technology and Beyond

Xiaoling He
J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron. 2, 115–139 (2007)
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Phonon Engineering in Hetero- and Nanostructures
Alexander A. Balandin, Evghenii P. Pokatilov, and D. L. Nika
J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron. 2, 140–170 (2007)
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Precomputation-Based Guarding and a Robust Power Gating Strategy in Deep Sub-Micron CMOS
Afshin Abdollahi and Massoud Pedram
J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron. 2, 171–190 (2007)
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Optical Activation of Si and Ge Nanowires Codoping with Er:Yb Rare Earth by Sol–Gel Methods
Lingling Ren, Won-Young Jeung, Hee-Chul Han, and Heon-Jin Choi
J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron. 2, 191–196 (2007)
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Numerical Simulation of an InAsSb Based Mid-Infrared Avalanche Photodiode
P. K. Maurya, R. Sunny, and P. Chakrabarti
J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron. 2, 197–201 (2007)
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Nanomagnetic Probes to Image Patterned Media for Information Densities Beyond Ten Terabit-Per-Square-Inch
N. Amos, A. Lavrenov, R. Ikkawi, P. Gomez, F. Candocia, R. Chomko, D. Litvinov, and S. Khizroev
J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron. 2, 202–204 (2007)
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Electrical Characterization and Analysis of Carbon Nanotube-Peptide Nucleic Acid Conjugates
Krishna V. Singh, Alfredo Martinez-Morales, Xiaoye Jing, Mihrimah Ozkan, Cengiz S. Ozkan, Fie Liu, and
Kang L. Wang

J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron. 2, 205–208 (2007)
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Volume 2, Number 1 (April 2007)

A Special Issue on TeraHertz Techniques and Applications
Nikolai G. Kalugin, Guest Editor and Alexander A. Balandin, Editor-in-Chief
J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron. 2, (ii) (2007)
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Concept of Internal Mixing in Semiconductor Lasers and Optical Amplifiers for
Room-Temperature Generation of Tunable Continuous TeraHertz Waves

Alvydas Lisauskas, Mark Dias, Sebastian Belz, Hartmut G. Roskos, and Michael Feiginov
J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron. 2, 1–10 (2007)
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Coherent TeraHertz Radiation Generation Due to Carrier Interaction with Low-Temperature
Optical Phonons in Semiconductors: Achievements and Perspectives

E. Starikov, P. Shiktorov, V. Gružinskis, L. Reggiani, and L. Varani
J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron. 2, 11–35 (2007)
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Generation of Strong Short Coherent TeraHertz Pulses in Gases and Solids Using Quantum Coherence
Nikolai G. Kalugin, Yuri Rostovtsev, Elena Kuznetsova, and Marlan O. Scully
J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron. 2, 36–50 (2007)
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Inter-Valence-Band Hot Hole Laser in Two-Dimensional Delta-Doped Homoepitaxial Semiconductor Structures
R. E. Peale, M. V. Dolguikh, and A. V. Muravjov
J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron. 2, 51–57 (2007)
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Organic Broadband TeraHertz Sources and Sensors
Xuemei Zheng, Colin V. McLaughlin, P. Cunningham, and L. Michael Hayden
J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron. 2, 58–76 (2007)
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Dielectric Reflectors for TeraHertz Frequencies
R. Wilk, N. Krumbholz, F. Rutz, D. M. Mittleman, and M. Koch
J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron. 2, 77–82 (2007)
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Applications of Ultrafast TeraHertz Pulses for Intra-Excitonic Spectroscopy of Quasi-2D Electron–Hole Gases
Robert A. Kaindl, Marc A. Carnahan, Daniel Hägele, and D. S. Chemla
J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron. 2, 83–89 (2007)
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Properties of Planar Electric Metamaterials for Novel TeraHertz Applications
John F. O’Hara, Evgenya Smirnova, Hou-Tong Chen, Antoinette J. Taylor, Richard D. Averitt, Clark Highstrete,
Mark Lee, and Willie J. Padilla

J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron. 2, 90–95 (2007)
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High-Efficiency Silicon THz Modulator Using Optically Injected Carriers
I-Chun Anderson Chen, Seong-wook Park, Canan Karaalioglu, Rainer Martini, and Azza Meshal
J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron. 2, 96–100 (2007)
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Molecular Spectroscopy with TeraHertz Quantum Cascade Lasers
H.-W. Hübers, S. G. Pavlov, H. Richter, A. D. Semenov, L. Mahler, A. Tredicucci, H. E. Beere, and D. A. Ritchie
J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron. 2, 101–107 (2007)
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TeraHertz Emission from InAs Surfaces Excited by Femtosecond Laser Pulses
A. Krotkus, R. Adomavicius,G. Molis, and V. L. Malevich
J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron. 2, 108–114 (2007)
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