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An International Journal on Multidisciplinary Materials Research

ISSN: 2158-5849 (Print); EISSN: 2158-5857 (Online).
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Volume 10, Number 12 (December 2020) pp.1965- 2173

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– REVIEW ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
Repair materials for bone defects of the tibial plateau in primary total knee arthroplasty
Lingchao Kong, Gong Zhang, Senlei Li, Xiaobin Tian, Li Sun, and Long Chen
Mater. Express 10, 1965–1977 (2020)
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–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ARTICLES ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
Design and development of minocycline-loaded, thermally responsive polymeric
nanoparticles for targeted delivery to activated microglia/macrophages in spinal cord
injury model: A novel therapeutic strategy

Jianjin Zhu, Changjiao Sun, Huadong Yang, and Zhengkuan Xu
Mater. Express 10, 1978–1985 (2020)
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The long noncoding RNA plasmacytoma variant translocation 1 targets microRNA-34a to
modulate apoptosis and cytokine secretion from airway smooth muscle cells from asthmatic rats

Hongzi Li, Xinping Li, Yongxue Chi, and Guanghai Shen
Mater. Express 10, 1986–1994 (2020)
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Effect of paclitaxel-containing nano-apoliposomes on growth of cervical cancer
xenograft tumors in nude mice

Xiaomei Yang, Mingxia Qiao, Chuanrui Li, Yun Cao, and Jing Yuan
Mater. Express 10, 1995–2000 (2020)
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Identification of core genes and natural immune cells in diabetic retinopathy by
integrated bioinformatics analysis

Xin Cao, Lidan Xue, Xiaoli Yu, Lili Huang, Jianru Cai, and Yu Song
Mater. Express 10, 2001–2010 (2020)
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The Yiqi Huashi Tongluo formula combined with a nano-shenkangning preparation improves
inflammatory fibrosis in rats with chronic renal failure by regulating the NF-B signaling pathway

Jianfei Wang, Jin Cui, Han Yu, and Ping He
Mater. Express 10, 2011–2018 (2020)
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Inhibition of invasion and migration of hepatoblastoma cells by miR-885-5p via
targeting of glypican-3

Xueqing Li, Ligang Cao, and Jun Zheng
Mater. Express 10, 2019–2024 (2020)
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Experimental study on the construction of tissue-engineered heart valve by material
engineering poly(caprolactone) electrospun membrane composite 3D printing technology

Yan Liu, Xuefeng Ai, Yiqi Gong, Ziqing Tang, Wei Fu, and Wei Wang
Mater. Express 10, 2025–2031 (2020)
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Regulatory effect of modified Taohe Chengqi decoction on pancreatic islet alpha cell
dysfunction in type 2 diabetic rats

Xinying Xie, Wenjing Zhang, Yongjie Lin, Junfeng Fang, Guiyang Yue, and Xiaohong Yang
Mater. Express 10, 2032–2040 (2020)
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Facile synthesis of FeS nanosheets as peroxidase mimic for sensitive colorimetric
detection of blood glucose

Yuxiao Ma, Luyuan Tian, Ming Li, Qiaorong Tang, and Bing Geng
Mater. Express 10, 2041–2047 (2020)
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Therapeutic effect of rutin-loaded poly lactic-co-glycolic acid nanoparticles on
gingiva of periodontitis rats

Xiongjun Xu, Chanxiu Li, Qiongyu Chen, Wenjuan Sun, Feng Xiao, Qiang Chen, and Jia Yuan
Mater. Express 10, 2048–2055 (2020)
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Identification of novel targets of aurantiamide acetate against osteoporosis through
in silico and in vitro approaches

Yang Yang, Jia-He Dai, Chong-Yin Shi, Liang Tao, Shui-Lian He, Yang Tian, and Jun Sheng
Mater. Express 10, 2056–2062 (2020)
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Comprehensive evaluation of the effect of dental unit on the dimensional accuracy of
CoCr multi-unit fixed bridge

Sheng Xu, Wei Jiang, Yanan Zhou, Ning Li, Qi Sun, and Shaofeng Meng
Mater. Express 10, 2063–2069 (2020)
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Synthesis and characterization of poly(carbomethylsilane) prepared by catalytic
polymerization with titanocene dichloride as a catalyst

Jin-Shuh Li, Tai-Yi Hsu, Cheng-Hsiung Peng, Chyi-Ching Hwang, Kai-Tai Lu, and Tsao-Fa Yeh
Mater. Express 10, 2070–2079 (2020)
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Fast response photodetectors based on Van der Waals coupled organic molecules
with MoS2-graphene

Guyu Zhou, Fang Shen, and Zhihong Zhu
Mater. Express 10, 2080–2086 (2020)
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Na3V2(PO4)3@C prepared by one-step carbothermal reduction acting as cathode
material for sodium-ion batteries

Xianda Hong, Xiaobing Huang, and YurongRen
Mater. Express 10, 2087–2093 (2020)
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Enhanced flame retardancy of poly(vinyl alcohol) with zinc molybdate nanoparticles
decorated boron nitride nanosheets

Xiaodong Wang, Weizhao Hu, and Yuan Hu
Mater. Express 10, 2094–2100 (2020)
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Preparation and antiglycation of lonicera edulis polysaccharides
Jing-Yu Xu, Rui Ma, Xin Wang, Jia-Cheng Zhang, and Feng-Ru Wang
Mater. Express 10, 2101–2107 (2020)
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Properties and process optimization of nanocomposites with organically modified
montmorillonite as environment-friendly flocculants for natural rubber latex

Guangyi Lin, Hong Wang, Guangkai Qu, Siyuan Qu, Zhenning Liang, Kaiben Yu, and NanNan Xu
Mater. Express 10, 2108–2121 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

High-strength p(HEMA-co-AA) hydrogels with photoluminescence crosslinked by
2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate modified silica/carbon dots colloids

Lai Wei, Jun Wang, Naila Arshad, and Jianying Wang
Mater. Express 10, 2122–2129 (2020)
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Effect of welding thermal cycle on corrosion behavior of 7N01 alloy
Jingqing Chen, Yu Wu, and Kang Zhang
Mater. Express 10, 2130–2142 (2020)
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Fabrication of CoTe2/Te composites for highly hydrogen evolution reaction in
alkaline solution

Yuan Gao, Zehui Peng, Zixia Lin, Haizeng Song, and Shancheng Yan
Mater. Express 10, 2143–2148 (2020)
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Design method of composite component based on case-based reasoning
Zhongliang Cao, Hao Zhu, Guojun Lin, and Qingming Hu
Mater. Express 10, 2149–2153 (2020)
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Effects of Lycium barbarum polysaccharides on expression of hypoxia inducible
factor 1 and vascular endothelial growth factor in human immortalized
keratinocytes cells irradiated by ultraviolet B

Xiaowei Huang, Yuexin Liu, Hongbo Ye, Zhe Lin, Chao Ma, He Lin, Hongchang Zhang, Hongyan Chen, Jixiang Ren,
Hao Yue, and Guangfu Lv

Mater. Express 10, 2154–2159 (2020)
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The effect of nutrition nursing on hemodialysis and biodialysis membrane complications
Yun Geng, Haina Yu, Aiming Zhou, Hongni Liang, Wenqing Song, Shuhua Lin, and Xuegang Li
Mater. Express 10, 2160–2165 (2020)
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Potentiostatic study on influence of manganese sulfate addition to anodic behavior of
Pb-0.69% Ag alloy anode in zinc electrolytes

Wei Zhang, Sanae Haskouri, Georges Houlachi, Edward Ghali, and Li Xiao
Mater. Express 10, 2166–2173 (2020)
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Volume 10, Number 11 (November 2020) pp.1777- 1964

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ARTICLES ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
Green preparation of carbon dots for Hg2+ detection and cell imaging
Yadian Xie, Shanshan Wang, Ning Fu, Yan Yang, Xingliang Liu, Wenliang Sun, Li Gong, Wenlin Li, and Aixia Han
Mater. Express 10, 1777–1787 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Minichromosome maintenance deficient 6 as a core biomarker for the identification of
gynecological pan-carcinoma

Ying Liu, Yongmei Gao, Yan Li, Feng Lin, Hui Yuan, Shoufang Kong, and Xuan Sun
Mater. Express 10, 1788–1794 (2020)
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Bio-genic synthesis of ultra-small Au particles loaded silica nanoparticles for effective
wound healing agent for the nursing care in the femoral fracture during surgery

Hai-Yan Wang and Zhang-You Wu
Mater. Express 10, 1795–1801 (2020)
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Study of a new nano-hydroxyapatite/basic fibroblast growth factor composite promoting
periodontal tissue regeneration

Haiying Wang, Yanmin Wu, Zhengyu Yao, and Cong Wang
Mater. Express 10, 1802–1807 (2020)
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Study on facial nerve activation pathway based on nanometric magnetic beads
Yang Yuan, Liheng Li, Wenwen Liu, Hong Liu, Qijun Fan, Zhaoyan Yu, Man Wang, Xue Wang, Yuechen Han, and Haibo Wang
Mater. Express 10, 1808–1815 (2020)
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Effects of danshensu on the transforming growth factor-ί1/smads signaling pathway in
rats with lung injury

Jing Qin, Xiaoqiang Zhang, Shengyan Wang, and Yongming Zhang
Mater. Express 10, 1816–1823 (2020)
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Dihydroartemisinin ameliorates murine experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
through enhancing co-inhibitory signals

Qingsen Ran, Qi Li, Li Liu, Lidong Sun, Qing Yang, Yujie Li, Ying Chen, Xiaogang Weng, Yajie Wang, Weiyan Cai, and Xiaoxin Zhu
Mater. Express 10, 1824–1830 (2020)
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The effects of nanofatty acids on the nervous system
Wei Hao, Cuiui Wang, Jia Song, Ping Zhao, and Gang Li
Mater. Express 10, 1831–1835 (2020)
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Upregulation of signal transducer and activator of transcription 4 promotes osteoblast
activity by activating AMP-activated protein kinase based on cationic liposome transfection

Tao Jiang, Qingzhen Chen, Min Shao, Zhen Shen, Gang Wang, Qinsheng Wang, and Zhenming Zeng
Mater. Express 10, 1836–1845 (2020)
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Investigation of the anti-diabetic nephropathy activity of puerarin
Wen-Feng Zhang, Yan Yang, Xin Li, Bo Yang, Pei-Yu He, Hong-Yu Zhang, and Ming-Hua Duan
Mater. Express 10, 1846–1853 (2020)
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Chitosan nanoparticle-mediated delivery of curcumin and phycocyanin for photodynamic
therapy against biofilm forming bacteria

Durairaj Jansi Rani, Rajendran Mala, Preetha Mohan, Ravichandran Keerthana, Nagaiah Hari Prasath, and Arul Selvaraj Ruby Celsia
Mater. Express 10, 1854–1870 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Detection of human papillomavirus E6 oncoprotein from urine and vaginal self-collected sample
via a novel duplex nanoparticle-assisted polymerase chain reaction assay

Fan Wang, Wu Sun, Yulin Ma, Mei Wu, and Yi Sun
Mater. Express 10, 1871–1876 (2020)
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Preparation and photocatalytic activity of pendant heteroaryl groups (pyrimidine and pyridine)
grafted polyterthiophene/TiO2 composites

Yingcheng Liu, Abdukeyum Abdurexit, Ruxangul Jamal, Wenli Zhang, Yinqiang Yan, Ruanye Zhang, Zongna Yu,
Yi Ge, and Tursun Abdiryim

Mater. Express 10, 1877–1891 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Low-cost polyaniline coated carbonized materials as support for Pt-based electrocatalysts
for direct methanol fuel cells (DMFC)

Naziermu Dongmulati and Xieraili Maimaitiyiming
Mater. Express 10, 1892–1899 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

The effect of polyurethane binder and glass fiber reinforcement on physical and
mechanical properties of mahogany (Swietenia mahagoni) leaves waste biocomposite

Masturi, Dante Alighiri, Riful Mazid Maulana, Susilawati, Apriliana Drastisianti, and Sunarno
Mater. Express 10, 1900–1910 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Sensing application of novel nanocomposite based on lanthanide functionalized nanoporous
material and polymer matrix

Yangxin Rong, Yongnian Wei, Genliu Li, Lijia Liu, Qiuping Li, and Zhijian Jia
Mater. Express 10, 1911–1916 (2020)
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Optical and electronic properties of croconates dye molecules adsorbed on TiO2 brookite
nanocluster for dye sensitized solar cells application

Tshifhiwa Ranwaha, Ife Elegbeleye, Nnditshedzeni Maluta, and Rapela Maphanga
Mater. Express 10, 1917–1924 (2020)
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Boosting rate capability of ionic liquid supercapacitors by copolymer-derived activated
hollow carbon nanospheres

Hongquan Gao, Guijiang Xu, Dong Zhang, Haitao Zhou, Jianchun Wu, Chao Liu, Menghao Liu, and Jianhong Yang
Mater. Express 10, 1925–1931 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Microstructure and mechanical properties of a high-carbon bainitic steel containing Si/Al by
different heat treatment processes

Sufyan Naseem, Enzuo Liu, Xuefei Huang, and Weigang Huang
Mater. Express 10, 1932–1940 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Influence of selective etching on the enamel and dentin leakage of three low shrinkage
composites in class V restoration

Hend N. Al-Nahedh
Mater. Express 10, 1941–1949 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Preparation and in vitro evaluation of doxorubicin loaded alendronate modified hollow
gold nanoparticles for bone-targeted chemo-photothermal therapy

Lei Yang, Yumin Hu, Yuanfen Liu, Yanyan Liu, Si Miao, Zhen Li, Bohui Xu, and Yan Shen
Mater. Express 10, 1950–1959 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Nanoparticles as void fillers in glass ionomer cement for enhanced physicomechanical properties
Mansour K. A. Assery, Abdulrahman Alshubat, AlWaleed Abushanan, Nawaf Labban, and Mohamed Hashem
Mater. Express 10, 1960–1964 (2020)
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Volume 10, Number 10 (October 2020) pp.1589- 1776

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ARTICLES ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
Comparison of two nanocarriers for quercetin in morphology, loading behavior,
release kinetics and cell inhibitory activity

Tao Wang, Caie Wu, Tingting Li, Gongjian Fan, Hao Gong, Peng Liu, Yunxiao Yang, and Lingling Sun
Mater. Express 10, 1589–1598 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Facile designed poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid)-containing nano-platform carried dual drug system
to improve progressive combination cancer therapy against human osteosarcoma cells

Pengyun Wang, Lei Wei, Shuye Yang, Xuebo Dong, Zhen Wang, Liang Li, and Xianqi Zhang
Mater. Express 10, 1599–1606 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Study on array antennas combined with nanoparticles for enhanced
microwave hyperthermia of breast cancer

Wenna Guo, Yongxing Du, Yanyang Wang, Ling Qin, Longfei Tan, Yingjuan Zheng, Daoke Yang, and Xianwei Meng
Mater. Express 10, 1607–1614 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Effects of nano-taxol/curcumin on ovarian cancer cells
Shuai Zhang, Junhui Liang, Changzhong Li, and Fei Wang
Mater. Express 10, 1615–1619 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Bio-fabricated bioactive arisaema triphyllum aqueous extract-loaded nano-ZnO particles
improve the nursing care of esophageal cancer

Meixia Jiang, Qian Li, Xiaowei Cui, Fengjiao Long, Fenglian Ye, Lili Gu, Xianglan Li, and Xiaohua Gong
Mater. Express 10, 1620–1627 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

DNA methyltransferase 3 beta regulates ras related domain family 1 methylation
leading to enhanced proliferation and migration in gastric cancer cells

Haiwen Li, Jingwei Li, Jinquan Li, Jiaying Zhong, Yiming Xie, Huaying Zou, Shaoju Guo, and Yunzhi Ling
Mater. Express 10, 1628–1637 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

A novel smartphone-based device for rapid on-site methamphetamine detection
Sijia Liang, Qiaoyu Wu, Jikai Mao, Chen Gong, Dongdong Yu, and Jianguang Zhou
Mater. Express 10, 1638–1645 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Application of terahertz time-domain spectroscopy combined with support vector machine
to determine tea and pesticide samples

Liping Liu, Pengfei Hu, Fei Yang, and Maojiang Song
Mater. Express 10, 1646–1653 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Vertical distribution pattern of cbb genes and bacterial CO2 fixing potential in the
South China sea

Qiuxiao Yin, Xuefei Xi, Lei Wang, and Xiaohua Fu
Mater. Express 10, 1654–1660 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Heavy metal content and bacterial diversity in heavily polluted Baotou region of yellow river
Yuehong Wu, Tong Wen, Jing Yin, Jianqing Liu, Yanling Xing, Zhongwei Yang, Meirong Wang, Ling Lu, and Yong Ma
Mater. Express 10, 1661–1667 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Facile preparation of hierarchical porous 2MgO • B2O3 • 2H2O nanostructure with
ultra-high adsorption performance for triphenylmethane dyes removal

Rui-Feng Guo, Wen-Ru Ma, Ming-Zhen Wang, and Zhi-Hong Liu
Mater. Express 10, 1668–1676 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Hydro-thermal synthesis of SnO2@hard-carbon ultrafine composites for anodic performances
in lithium-ion batteries

Lingfang Li, Changling Fan, Weihua Zhang, and Taotao Zeng
Mater. Express 10, 1677–1684 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Electrochemical performances of pyrolytic-cellulose for lithium and sodium ion batteries anode
Lingfang Li, Dan Chen, Sichao Su, and Bin Zeng
Mater. Express 10, 1685–1691 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Hydrothermal synthesis of porous TiO2 microspheres as an efficient sulfur host for
enhanced lithium–sulfur batteries

Haishen Song, Qiujuan Kuang, Hailiang Yuan, Hezhang Chen, Guorong Xu, Anping Tang, and Lihua Liu
Mater. Express 10, 1692–1696 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Flower-like C@V2O5 microspheres as highly electrochemically active cathode in
aqueous zinc-ion batteries

Zebin Wu, Wei Zhou, Zhen Liu, Yijie Zhou, Guilin Zeng, and Han Chen
Mater. Express 10, 1697–1703 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Study of atmospheric ice adhesion properties of superhydrophobic surface by
in-situ shear system

Yan Liu, Naiyuan Xi, Xiangning Zhang, and Nan Liu
Mater. Express 10, 1704–1710 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Study on spinning stability and microstructure of mesophase pitch
Shi-Lin Chen, Zhi-Cheng Ma, Chang-Ling Fan, Yu-Lin Liang, and Chong Ye
Mater. Express 10, 1711–1717 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

The synergetic effect of straining and N-doping in graphene for enhanced oxygen
reduction reaction performance

Weiwei Liu, Lijun Yuan, Zhenhua Zhang, Xuefeng Zhang, Pengfei Guan, Junting Sun, Sateesh Bandaru, and Junjie Guo
Mater. Express 10, 1718–1724 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Research on CuxSy/CoSz/graphene supercapacitor electrode materials
Xiaobo Duan, Yanhong Ding, and Meng Yu
Mater. Express 10, 1725–1731 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Spatial conformation measurement of gold nanorods translocated through a
solid-state nanopore

Guohao Xi, Yuan Ye, Lulu Wang, Wei Zhuang, Xin Yan, Yutong Wang, Lei Zhang, and Lingzhi Wu
Mater. Express 10, 1732–1739 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Microstructure and properties of Cf + TiB2/7075-modified layer by friction stir processing
Shengrong Liu, Feng Xu, Hongfeng Wang, Xiaole Ge, and Jiafei Pu
Mater. Express 10, 1740–1745 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Evaluation of friction in different oral restoration materials and its influencing factors
Limei Sun, Junwu Liu, and Lin Zhang
Mater. Express 10, 1746–1752 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Study on uniaxial stress intensity of MOS channels along different crystal planes
induced by SiN-film

Yueyu Wang, Jianjun Song, Xianying Dai, and Tianlong Zhao
Mater. Express 10, 1753–1757 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Preparation and characterization of a fly ash and cement-based foam composite
Liang Zhao, Qian Huang, Qunhu Xue, Shuang Yao, and Xiang Li
Mater. Express 10, 1758–1763 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Preference of three scarab beetle species to floral cues
Hongfei Zhang, Weizheng Li, Yan Zhang, Guohui Yuan, and Mingsheng Yang
Mater. Express 10, 1764–1770 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Oxycodone versus morphine for titration analgesia after laparoscopic
gynecologic surgery in postanesthesia care unit: A prospective, randomized trial

Xiyue Zhao, Songyi Zhou, Liangrong Wang, Lina Lin, Lei Chen, and Jiahao Zhou
Mater. Express 10, 1771–1776 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Volume 10, Number 9 (September 2020) pp.1375- 1587

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ARTICLES ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
Novel coumarin amino acid derivatives: Design, synthesis, docking, absorption,
distribution, metabolism, elimination, toxicity (ADMET), quantitative structure–activity
relationship (QSAR) and anticancer studies

L. M. Al-Harbi, H. S. Nassar, A. Moustfa, Abeer M. Alosaimi, Hany M. Mohamed, Manal M. Khowdiary,
M. A. El-Gazzar, and Ahmed A. Elhenawy

Mater. Express 10, 1375–1394 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Effect of inclusion on performance of A6N01 aluminum alloy joints
Mengyu Ding, Min Yu, JunWei Hua, and Hui Chen
Mater. Express 10, 1395–1403 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Insights into the structural evolution and electronic properties of deficient-electron
sodium chloride clusters

Shihui Guo, Yu Zhang, Ping Wang, Huang Tang, Wei Dai, Genquan Li, Jie Bi, and Benchao Zhu
Mater. Express 10, 1404–1411 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Effect of silica fume-enhanced carbon nanotube dispersion on the strength and
damping properties of cement composites

Miao Wang, Pengfei Lai, Yongzhe Li, Ping Yu, Zheng Wang, and Huilin Zhang
Mater. Express 10, 1412–1422 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Oxaliplatin-loaded monomethoxy (polyethylene glycol)–poly(d,l-lactic-co-glycolic acid)
nanoparticles induced neuropathic pain through the pro-inflammatory effect of
microglia in the spinal dorsal horn mediated by Zic2/membrane adapter protein 12

Li Xie, Fei Wang, and Jie Liu
Mater. Express 10, 1423–1434 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Protective behavior of volatile corrosion inhibitor on atmospheric corrosion process of
carbon steel under thin electrolyte liquid film of chloride solutions

Dong Wang, Chenxi Wang, Changqing Fang, Xing Zhou, Mengyuan Pu, and Yingwei Huang
Mater. Express 10, 1435–1443 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Spatial distribution and content detection of gefitinib in tablets using confocal
micro-raman spectroscopy mapping

Li Ma, Chun-Hua Zhou, Bo Yang, Xu Han, and Ying-Chun Cui
Mater. Express 10, 1444–1451 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Influence of different rhombic surface textures on the tribological performance of
water-lubricated bearings

Zhitao Cui, Zhiwei Guo, and Chengqing Yuan
Mater. Express 10, 1452–1462 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Extraction of norovirus based on nanomagnetic beads and establishment of a fluorescence
quantitative detection method

Hui Chen, Kai Liu, Ziqi Xiao, Shaoyong Chen, Hang Liu, Saihou Lou, Leong Cheong, Kahou Lei, Pei Sun, Zhongjie Su,
Nongyue He, and Yanqi Wu

Mater. Express 10, 1463–1469 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Synthesis of a 9,10-dihydro-9-oxo-10-phosphaphenanthrene-10-oxide-based
reactive flame-retardant curing agent

Liang Yi, Zhixiong Huang, Cao Yu, Yongli Peng, and Xinglong Liu
Mater. Express 10, 1470–1476 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Effect of c-axis tilted orientation ZnO thin film on shear-mode bulk acoustic resonator
in liquid environment

Ping Sun, Yurun Chen, Tingting Tang, Jian Shen, Xu Liu, Xuemei Yang, and Cong Gao
Mater. Express 10, 1477–1483 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Effect of heat treatment on structure of nickel-based catalysts
Yingnan Dong, Meiling Tang, Shanshan Li, Yan Zhao, Dong Zhang, Jian Tang, Wei Niu, Xiaoguo Bi, Jianyu Wang, and Xiaoyan Zhang
Mater. Express 10, 1484–1489 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Preliminary screening of gastric cancer related transcripts based on
nanometric magnetic beads

Diqun Liu, Wenbo Cao, Guangsheng Hu, Nannan Wang, and Weiwei Zhou
Mater. Express 10, 1490–1497 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

''All-inclusive'' silicon nanoparticles for sensitive detection of blood glucose
Lei Chen, Peilin Yu, Manling Lu, Jun Liu, and Hualin Chen
Mater. Express 10, 1498–1503 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Fabrication of single crystalline LiNbO3 thin films for wideband bulk acoustic wave filters
Ying Xing, Yao Shuai, Xiaoxue Wang, Lu Lv, Xiaoyuan Bai, Shitian Huang, Ke Jian, Tao Yang, Wenbo Luo,
Chuangui Wu, and Wanli Zhang

Mater. Express 10, 1504–1510 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Effect of triamcinolone acetonide-loaded nanoparticles on diabetic retinopathy in rats
Chengyan Li, Guihong Zhao, Lianwei Lu, and Xiuping Du
Mater. Express 10, 1511–1517 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Study of aldo-keto reductase AKR7A3 inhibits the proliferation gastric cancer cells
via miR-199- mediated suppression of MAPK activity

Weiwei Zhou, Miao He, Ming Chen, Xuanming Chen, Bin Zeng, Hong Gong, and Guangsheng Hu
Mater. Express 10, 1518–1523 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Porous hydroxyapatite ceramics coated with biomimetic peptides for induced osteogenesis
Jing-Bo Xu, Fei Peng, Youlu Che, Wei Zhang, and Changyun Quan
Mater. Express 10, 1524–1530 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Targeted delivery of protein binding polyethylene glycol-polylactic acid nanoparticles for
the treatment of cerebral thrombosis

Limei Li, Jianli Li, Bowen Sun, and Shujuan Wang
Mater. Express 10, 1531–1535 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Targeted study of thyroid-stimulating hormone antibody coupled with PLGA-COOH
nanoparticles for thyroid cancer

Wenyuan Li, Yanmin Zhang, Bowen Sun, and Jianhua Dai
Mater. Express 10, 1536–1541 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Performance comparison of CuPc and 2T-NATA in organic light-emitting devices
Minghui Liu, Guofeng Wang, and Guanran Wang
Mater. Express 10, 1542–1547 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Study on the effect of peritoneal dialysis tube materials on chronic failure
analysis related infection

Xiangwen Chen, Yanhui Gong, Xiangping Liao, Shumei Li, Zhichao Liu, Xianda Xie, and Dairong Tang
Mater. Express 10, 1548–1553 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Fe3O4 methylprednisolone plus calpain inhibitor protects against spinal cord
ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats

Liming Wang, Xiangxing Ma, Lili Zhang, and Liwei Wang
Mater. Express 10, 1554–1559 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

A density functional theory study of metalloporphyrin derivatives act as fluorescent
sensor for rapid evaluation of trimethylamine

Haiyang Gu, Kaiqi Liu, Xingyi Huang, Quansheng Chen, Yanhui Sun, and Chin Ping Tan
Mater. Express 10, 1560–1566 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Cytotoxicity to cervical cancer cells of Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles coated with cholic acid
Yurong Liu, Xiaoyan Hou, Lianwei Lu, and Ruixiang Wang
Mater. Express 10, 1567–1572 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Effect of polyamide nanoparticles on apoptosis of colon cancer cells induced by
survivin antisense oligonucleotide

Yongqiang Xu, Weibiao Ye, Chan Zhou, Yuling Li, and Jianfang He
Mater. Express 10, 1573–1580 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Development of a sulphurous acid thiolysis-high performance liquid chromatography
method for the analysis of procyanidins in pine bark products

Lei Shi, Chunqi Liang, and Yongzhi Qi
Mater. Express 10, 1581–1587 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Volume 10, Number 8 (August 2020) pp.1189- 1373

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ARTICLES ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
Identification of prognostic and immune-related lncRNAs in hepatocellular carcinoma
based on the cancer genome atlas data mining

Kaikai Ren, Jiakang Ma, Bo Zhou, Xiaoyan Lin, Mingyu Hou, Ling Zhang, Ling Yuan, and Jun Ma
Mater. Express 10, 1189–1196 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Encapsulating doxorubicin in PEGylation metal-organic frameworks for combined
radiation therapy in liver cancer treatment

Dawei Liu, Bing Bai, Yanbin Sun, and Youxin Guo
Mater. Express 10, 1197–1203 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Fabrication of gold nanoshells for improvement of cell apoptosis and its application in
photothermal cancer therapy

Tengbiao Ma, Xue Guan, Dan Wu, Xinxia Wang, and Yali Cui
Mater. Express 10, 1204–1212 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Study on the effect of superparamagnetic -Fe2O3 combined with carmustine on
cervical cancer

Jinghua Xiao, Yani Li, Yanxia Wang, Xinru Wang, Wanwan Zhang, and Kai Liu
Mater. Express 10, 1213–1217 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Study on the antitumor activity and mechanism of novel targeted nanodrugs based on
miRNA in cervical cancer

Xinping Chen, Zhichao Ma, Juan Zhu, Weihua Xu, Junjie Hu, Liyan Yin, and Shengmiao Fu
Mater. Express 10, 1218–1223 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Preparation of a polymer-modified folate-targeted magnetic nano-delivery system
and its inhibitory effect on nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Shihong Yao, Pu Huang, Fen Liu, Fanyang Zeng, Wenxuan Zeng, and Shifeng He
Mater. Express 10, 1224–1229 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Effect of Ropivacaine nanoparticles on apoptosis of cerebral vascular endothelial cells
Yang Sun, Peng Chen, Miao Yu, Hui Xu, Teng Ma, Rongyao Hou, and Chunlei Yu
Mater. Express 10, 1230–1236 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

S-(–)-equol alleviates stenosis of the injured carotid artery in Sprague Dawley rats by
preventing the vascular smooth muscle cell phenotypic switch via inhibition of the
MAPKp38-NFBp65 signaling

Hongchen Wu, Piming Nie, Zhenghua Zhou, Jun Hu, Guangjian Li, Mengjie Zhang, Zhiqiang Tian, Xia Yang, Bing Ni, and Kangning Chen
Mater. Express 10, 1237–1248 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

High precision electrolytic polishing of Ni–Ti shape memory alloy for biomedical vascular stents
Deokhyun Han, Hyunseok Yang, Man-Sik Kong, Changhee Lee, Ashutosh Sharma, and Byungmin Ahn
Mater. Express 10, 1249–1259 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Nursing care of diabetic foot based on nanosilver antibacterial dressings
Shenghua Cao, Xiaoqian Wu, Jianling Zhao, and Xinhong Jia
Mater. Express 10, 1265–1270 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

The study on knee osteoarthritis in diabetic patients based on nanometric magnetic bead method
Dongbin Luo, Dabiao Hou, and Simin Luo
Mater. Express 10, 1271–1277 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Effects of superfine grinding on the physicochemical properties of dandelion tea powders
Shuhuan Li, Xiaojun Chi, Kexue Yu, Siqi Ma, Fengli Yue, and Yuanyuan Li
Mater. Express 10, 1278–1283 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Synthesis of an Ag3PO4/AlPO4 composites for enhanced visible light-driven photocatalytic activity
Yanlin Zhang, Fuzhong Gong, Yanlin Li, and Sunqi Liao
Mater. Express 10, 1284–1291 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Influence of lattice oxygen on properties of Ce–Fe composite in NO+CO reduction system
Yuze Bai, Huizhong Wu, JinHao Zhu, Lichao Yang, Na Li, HuiJuan Luo, Wenfei Wu, and Kai Zhang
Mater. Express 10, 1292–1299 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Preparation and analysis of electrochromic properties of poly(3,4 ethylene dioxythiophene)
Zigong Chang, Haiyun Jiang, Ruomei Wu, Weili Zhang, Hui Zeng, Weiran Zhang, and Manchuan Li
Mater. Express 10, 1300–1307 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Polypyrrole and polypyrrole@MnO2 nanowires grown on graphene foam for
asymmetric supercapacitor

Shuang Dong, Zhengyun Wang, Junlei Wang, Yin Yao, and Hongfang Liu
Mater. Express 10, 1308–1316 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Interface debonding performance of precast segmental nano-materials based
concrete (PSNBC) beams

Xinfeng Yin, Ming Zhang, Lei Wang, and Yang Liu
Mater. Express 10, 1317–1327 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Microwave absorption performance of barium hexaferrite multi-nanolayers
Erfan Handoko, Setia Budi, Iwan Sugihartono, Mangasi Alion Marpaung, Zulkarnain Jalil, Ahmad Taufiq, and Mudrik Alaydrus
Mater. Express 10, 1328–1336 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Effect of microstructural phases on thermo-mechanical analysis of ductile
Cu–Al–Mn–Ni memory alloys for structural applications

Tareq Manzoor, Muhammad Zafar, Muddassir Ali, Mahmood Saleem, and Woo Young Kim
Mater. Express 10, 1337–1345 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Fabrication of a superhydrophobic surface by a template-assisted chemical deposition method
Jian Wang and Hong Chen
Mater. Express 10, 1346–1351 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Analysis of corrosion resistance of lightweight aluminum alloy sheet in the friction-stir joint area
Ling Ji, Hongfeng Wang, and Man Shi
Mater. Express 10, 1352–1357 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Graphene enwrapped molybdenum disulfide for long life rechargeable batteries
Yanmei Liu, Cunliang Zhang, Jinhai Cui, and Wei Wei
Mater. Express 10, 1358–1363 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Preparing composites of Ni–Al layered double hydroxide/graphene electrode for
supercapacitors and their electrochemical properties

Yunlong Zhou, Dan Yu, Junwen Peng, Xiaofang Chen, and Zhibiao Hu
Mater. Express 10, 1364–1368 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Study on the clinical effect of ranitidine combined with omeprazole in the
treatment of peptic ulcers

Ying Liu and Yanping Tang
Mater. Express 10, 1369–1373 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Volume 10, Number 7 (July 2020) pp.975- 1188

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– REVIEW ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
Environment-sensitive hydrogels as potential drug delivery systems for the
treatment of periodontitis

Jie Huang, Zirun Wang, Sigdel Krishna, Qin Hu, Ming Xuan, and Huixu Xie
Mater. Express 10, 975–985 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ARTICLES ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
Analysis on sliding wear behavior of Al+B4C+mica hybrid metal matrix composites
K. Velavan and K. Palanikumar
Mater. Express 10, 986–997 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

High photoresponsivity and external quantum efficiency of ultraviolet photodetection by
mechanically exfoliated planar multi-layered graphene oxide sheet prepared using
modified Hummer's method and spin coating technique

H. Ahmad and T. M. K. Thandavan
Mater. Express 10, 998–1009 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Effect of prior cold ring rolling on carbide dissolution during the austenitizing process of
an M50 bearing steel

Jiao Su, Dongsheng Qian, and Feng Wang
Mater. Express 10, 1010–1019 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Processing of high strength Mg–9Gd–3Nd–1Sn–1Zn–0.6Zr alloy by hot rolling
and subsequent aging

Zehua Yan, Yandong Yu, Yanchao Sang, Yiming Yao, and Jiahao Qian
Mater. Express 10, 1020–1031 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Effect of shot peening on very high cycle fatigue of 2024-T351 aluminium alloy
Renhui Tian, Jiangfeng Dong, Yongjie Liu, Qingyuan Wang, and Yunrong Luo
Mater. Express 10, 1032–1039 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Study on the rule of blister formation and identification technology of multi-cores
copper wires in fire

Axin Liang, Yang Li, and Shu Yang
Mater. Express 10, 1040–1046 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Study of static recrystallization behavior of austenite in a Ti–V microalloyed steel
Li Wang, Sufen Xiao, Zhenghua Tang, Pingping Qian, and Charles W. Siyasiya
Mater. Express 10, 1047–1056 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Synthesis and characterization of boron and phosphorus-containing phenol formaldehyde
resin-modified polyurethane composites

Kuo-Hui Wu, Je-Chuang Wang, Min-Jhong Jheng, and Yin-Chiung Chang
Mater. Express 10, 1057–1067 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Effect of rat bone marrow stromal stem cells overexpressing platelet-derived
growth factor and bone morphogenic protein into platelet-rich plasma gels on
osteogenic differentiation

Jin Sun, Xin Jiang, Weilian Chen, Weikun Zheng, Junhao Li, and Wende Xiao
Mater. Express 10, 1068–1078 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Wear resistance of maraging steel developed by direct metal laser sintering
Gulam Mohammed Sayeed Ahmed, Irfan Anjum Badruddin, Vineet Tirth, Ali Algahtani, and Mohammed Azam Ali
Mater. Express 10, 1079–1090 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Research on electric thermal aging resistance new energy material transformer oil based
on steady quality engineering technology

A. Alkhaibari Abdulmuttalib Mohammed and Shanmi Yuan
Mater. Express 10, 1091–1096 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Treatment and nursing of cervical erosion using nanosilver antibacterial gel
Yan Li, Xia Guo, Xiaofang Liu, Shuling Qi, Sisi Chen, and Xiaohong Wang
Mater. Express 10, 1097–1101 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Defect-related luminescent microstructured hydroxyapatite promote bone regeneration
through nucleating effect

Chunyan Dai, Qian Wang, Georgios Patias, Ataulla Shegiwal, Linhua Zhu, and Min Jiu
Mater. Express 10, 1102–1108 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Effects of process parameters on microstructure and mechanical properties of ZL114A
alloy under directional solidification

Tao He, Yajun Xu, Yuanming Huo, Xiangyang Du, Xiaojie Yi, and Xingqian Dong
Mater. Express 10, 1109–1115 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

The clinical effect of Chitosan nanoparticles against Helicobacter pylori
Jing Wang, Xinhong Wang, Min Li, and Suxiang Fan
Mater. Express 10, 1116–1121 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Superoleophilic polyurethane sponge for highly efficient oil/water separation
Xianfeng Li, Bo Lin, Chen Zheng, Zhimin Li, Peng Wang, and Guocong Liu
Mater. Express 10, 1122–1126 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

The impact of synthesis techniques on the properties of hybrid perovskite materials
for photovoltaic application

S. Akin Olaleru, Daniel Wamwangi, Joseph K. Kirui, Kittessa T. Roro, Bonex Mwakikunga, Nithyadharseni Palaniyandy,
Naheed El-Mahallawy, and Mohammed Rashad

Mater. Express 10, 1127–1134 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

A facile hydrothermal method to synthesize fluorescent carbon dots for detecting iron
Yongling Shen, Hongyi Wu, Weihui Wu, Lei Zhou, Zhifei Dai, and Shuangping Dong
Mater. Express 10, 1135–1140 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Element analysis of House- and Cave-EBN (edible bird's nest) traceability by inductively
coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) integrated with chemo-metrics

Xueting Ma, Jiukai Zhang, Jinzhong Liang, and Ying Chen
Mater. Express 10, 1141–1148 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Study on the function of self-polymerizing peptide nanofiber material combined with
nerve growth factor-mediated RNA repair for nerve injury treatment in rabbits with the
osteofascial compartment syndrome

Yi Liu, Jinlong Zhang, Yuyu Sun, Xiaogang Zhou, Kun Yuan, and Zhiming Cui
Mater. Express 10, 1149–1154 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

The forming and crystallization behaviors of Zr50Ti5Cu27Ni10Al8 bulk amorphous alloy by
laser additive manufacturing

Yaqiong Ge, Xin Chen, and Zexin Chang
Mater. Express 10, 1155–1160 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Ultrasonic features and pathological information of lymphoepithelial carcinomas of the
salivary gland with ferroferric oxide nanometer ultrasound contrast agent

Qi Shao, Dong Xu, Chen Yang, Chanjuan Peng, Wei Li, and Liyu Chen
Mater. Express 10, 1161–1169 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Evaluation of low molecular weight polyethylenimine-introduced chitosan for gene
delivery to mesenchymal stem cells

Minchen Liu, Yulan Hu, and Yi Feng
Mater. Express 10, 1170–1176 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Fluorescence quenching of methanol-soluble polypyrimidine by aluminum ion
Yuemaierjiang Maimaiti and Xieraili Maimaitiyiming
Mater. Express 10, 1177–1188 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Volume 10, Number 6 (June 2020) pp.771- 973

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ARTICLES ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
Nano-titanium dioxide/basic magnesium hypochlorite-containing linear low-density
polyethylene composite film on food packaging application

Jing Deng, Qi Jue Chen, Ding Jie Chen, Luo Jie Zheng, Wen Li, Jian Hui Wang, Xue Lian Wang, Yi Can Wei, Zhu Chen,
Shuang Chen, Kai Qing Sun, Jun Yuan Zhang, Quan Ming Ding, Dong Min Liu, and Xi Jun Fu

Mater. Express 10, 771–779 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Investigation on dynamic holographic display in liquid crystal film doped
with carbon dots

Hongyue Gao, Suna Li, Jicheng Liu, Wen Zhou, Fan Xu, Zehang Dai, Xiaoxi Cheng, Huilin Fang, Xiaoqian Ge, and Lining Sun
Mater. Express 10, 780–787 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Effect of velocity coefficient on ultrasonic elliptical vibration cutting Inconel718 material
Tianqi Wang, Yazhou Feng, Yuanying Qiu, and Zhanfeng Liu
Mater. Express 10, 788–793 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Electrical properties of Ga-doped ZnO nanowires/Si heterojunction diode
Yas Al-Hadeethi, Rashad I. Badran, Ahmad Umar, Saleh H. Al-Heniti, Bahaaudin M. Raffah, and Saleha Al-Zhrani
Mater. Express 10, 794–801 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Regulation of intestinal lipid metabolism by fusion-induced fatty liver based on
graphene oxide nanopore DNA

Gemin Xiao, Hong Shi, Jiongshan Zhang, Mei Liao, Wenhai Guo, Yue Li, and Min Dai
Mater. Express 10, 802–811 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Effects of Cu on mechanical properties and corrosion resistance on
(Ti36.1Zr33.2Ni5.8Be24.9)100-xCux alloys

Xiangjie Yang, Xinhua Huang, Linhao Zhu, Hongmin Guo, and Hualan Jin
Mater. Express 10, 812–818 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Solution combustion synthesis of mesoporous mesh-structured Co3O4/C composites as
anode materials for lithium storage

Ruinian Li, Fuliang Zhu, Liuxinglian, Mingjun Xiao, Yanshuang Meng, and Yue Zhang
Mater. Express 10, 819–826 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Characteristics of W thin film deposited by indirect inductively coupled
plasma assisted sputtering

Tae Hyung Kim, Kyong Nam Kim, Dong Woo Kim, and Geun Young Yeom
Mater. Express 10, 827–833 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Etch characteristics of nanoscale ultra low-k dielectric using C3H2F6
Hyun Woo Tak, Jun Ki Jang, Dain Sung, Doo San Kim, Dong Woo Kim, and Geun Young Yeom
Mater. Express 10, 834–840 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Microstructure and mechanical properties of low temperature carburizing layer on
AISI 440C martensitic stainless steel

Fei Gao, Xiaoming Zong, Ling Tian, and Sijia Quan
Mater. Express 10, 841–847 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Microspheres scar formation glaucoma filtration surgery area therapeutic effect—
Based on rapamycin-chitosan-calcium alginate sustained-release

Shasha Wang, Feiping Xu, Jie He, Tingyi Cao, Rui Liu, Jili Chen, and Hao Quan
Mater. Express 10, 848–855 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Effective optical nanoparticles and nanocomposites based on a carbon nanotubes-
organic–inorganic nanohybrid for industrial pollutant removal

Adil Alshoaibi
Mater. Express 10, 856–865 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Production and enzymatic degradation of poly(-caprolactone)/graphene oxide composites
V. Martνnez-Ramσn, I. Castilla-Cortαzar, A. Vidaurre, and A. J. Campillo-Fernαndez
Mater. Express 10, 866–876 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

CD44-specific A6 nano-short peptide enhances the targeting and mechanism of
doxorubicin on the surface of polymers for multiple myeloma

Li Huang, Shanshan Hu, and Xinfang Gao
Mater. Express 10, 877–882 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Hepatocellular carcinoma cell apoptosis induced by low-intensity ultrasound with
polylactic acid-polyethylene glycol nanometer microspheres loaded with
sodium cantharidin: An in vitro study

Ting Luo, Kaiyuan Zhang, Luyan Zhao, Tianlin Su, and Bingshe Yang
Mater. Express 10, 883–891 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Poly(-caprolactone)/graphene oxide composite systems: A comparative study on
hydrolytic degradation at extreme pH values

Alberto J. Campillo-Fernαndez, Pablo Gonzαlez-Reed, Ana Vidaurre, and Isabel Castilla-Cortαzar
Mater. Express 10, 892–902 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

A comparative study of Cx(X = 4, 5, 7)F8 plasmas for dry etch processing
Da In Sung, Hyun Woo Tak, Dong Woo Kim, and Geun Young Yeom
Mater. Express 10, 903–908 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Simple-chemical synthetic route for the preparation of Ag nanoparticles supported on
reduced graphene oxide

Qura Tul Ain and Samina Hyder Haq
Mater. Express 10, 909–914 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Molybdenum disulfide nanomaterial sensor-based detection of breast cancer microRNA
Runling Zhang, ChengJing Xia, Xiaohe Zhou, Yanni Guo, and Weijie Li
Mater. Express 10, 915–921 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Facile synthesis and characterization of graphene oxide/prussian blue/amino-terminated
perylene derivative nanomaterials

Deng Pan, Chang Liu, Lei Dai, and Han Shen
Mater. Express 10, 922–927 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Study of the mechanical properties and toughening mechanism of ZrO2 particles
toughened Si3N4 ceramics

Liang Tian, Qinglin Hou, Yingxia Wang, and Yihui Hou
Mater. Express 10, 928–933 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Synthesis of low toxicity metal-organic framework carrier for drug release
Dongming Wang, Xiaoliu Liu, Xiaomei Ye, Kangrui Yuan, Xiaowei Xing, Yuling Xie, Zhi Chen, Baohong Li, Chaobo Huang,
Tairong Kuang, Liao Cui, Zhiqiang Yu, and Dudu Wu

Mater. Express 10, 934–941 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Low-cycle fatigue behavior of 7075-T6 aluminum alloy at different strain amplitudes
Lei Fu, Heng Duan, Hui Li, Li Lin, Qingyuan Wang, Ji Yao, and Yunrong Luo
Mater. Express 10, 942–947 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Durability of a new type of cement-based composite grouting material under
effects of chemical corrosion

Zhaofeng Li, Chunjin Lin, Fei Sha, Qingsong Zhang, Jian Zhang, Yanhai Qi, and Yifan Gao
Mater. Express 10, 948–954 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Molecular ecotoxicological effect of CuO nanoparticles stress on Bellamya aeruginosa
Jinying Peng, Taowu Ma, and Yang Wu
Mater. Express 10, 955–963 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

2D hybrid nanostructures of MoSe2sisal fiber activated carbon for enhanced
Li storage performance

Lixue Wei, Shuang Zheng, Aimiao Qin, Lei Liao, Shuoping Chen, and Kaiyou Zhang
Mater. Express 10, 964–973 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Volume 10, Number 5 (May 2020) pp.611- 769

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ARTICLES ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
Synthesis and cytotoxic evaluation of gum arabic surface modified cadmium
telluride quantum dots

Uzunuigbe O. Edwina, Ayabei Kiplagat, Nicole R. S. Sibuyi, Mervin Meyer, Abidemi Paul Kappo, and Martin O. Onani
Mater. Express 10, 611–619 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

High reliability thermistor probes for early detection of breast cancer using
skin contact thermometry with thermal imaging

K. Arathy, Seema Ansari, and K. A. Malini
Mater. Express 10, 620–628 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Fabrication visible-blind ultraviolet photodetector based on ZnS/GaN heterostructure
with fast response

Yong Wang and Naisen Yu
Mater. Express 10, 629–633 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Effects of Y2O3 on the microstructure and wear resistance of WC/Ni composite coatings
fabricated by plasma transferred arc

Yue Hou, Haiyan Chen, Qian Cheng, Li Fan, and Lihua Dong
Mater. Express 10, 634–639 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Effects of surface microstructure and molding parameters on injection bonding strength of
polyphenylenesulphide-aluminum alloy

Zhenyu Xu and Ning Li
Mater. Express 10, 640–647 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Individualized artificial titanium alloy spinal lamina with 3D printing technology
Jianwen Li, Songbo Li, Xianyin Liu, Fuxin Wei, Xiaoshuai Wang, Guanjun Fang, Yaoxin Chen, Zhiwei Liu, Jianfeng Lu, Guobiao Ye,
Shu Zhong, and Yuchao Yin

Mater. Express 10, 648–656 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Rheology and fluid loss of a polyacrylamide-based micro-gel particles in a
water-based drilling fluid

Gang Wang, Honghai Fan, Guancheng Jiang, Wanjun Li, Yu Ye, Jitong Liu, Xiangji Kong, Zhao Zhong, and Feng Qian
Mater. Express 10, 657–662 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Analysis of tribological properties of graphite and aluminum composite materials
prepared by powder metallurgy technique

Zhigang Wang, Jun Li, and Daquan Li
Mater. Express 10, 663–670 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Enhanced desalination process using a Cu–ZnO-polyvinyl chloride-nylon nanofiltration
membrane as a calcite antiscalant in reverse osmosis

Mahmoud Fathy, Abeer El Shahawy, Th. Abdel Moghny, and Ayman Nafady
Mater. Express 10, 671–679 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Large-scale preparation and electrochemical characterization of NaTi2(PO4)3/C composite
nanoparticles as anode materials in sodium ion batteries

Wutao Mao, Shaojie Zhang, Yiming Ding, Ping Ni, Zixiang Zhang, Maolong Li, Chao Ma, and Keyan Bao
Mater. Express 10, 680–686 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Synthesis of Cu–Ag core–shell nanoparticles as highly active surface-enhanced Raman
scattering substrates for sensitive detection of caffeic acid

Fengping Lin, Min Fan, Yuqin Liao, Xinyu Wei, Jingjing Huang, Ting Zhou, and Yudong Lu
Mater. Express 10, 687–693 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Establishing a method for the expansion of human regulatory T cells with a
high-efficiency in vitro

Shuo Tao, Sujuan Feng, Bengfang Fan, Lihua Zhao, Poxuan Zhang, and Ying Liu
Mater. Express 10, 694–700 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Exploring distillation-pervaporation hybrid process in a single column using hollow fiber
pervaporation composite membranes as structured packing

Liwei Zhuang, Qingyuan Cao, Fei Liang, Yichao Hu, Weite Su, Xin Wen, Xiao-Hua Ma, and Zhen-Liang Xu
Mater. Express 10, 701–709 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Study of prednisolone and rituximab in nephrotic syndrome based on novel nanomaterials
Yuqin Liang and Hongzhen Xu
Mater. Express 10, 710–717 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Controllable function equation of silicone elastic materials through MATLAB and
its tribological properties

Ning Li, Lu Liu, Qingxing Yang, Liguang Hu, and Lirong Lu
Mater. Express 10, 718–724 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Phospholipase C-like protein 2 (PLC-L2) is associated with cytolytic ability of CD8+ T cells
and prognosis of prostate cancer

Kaiwen Li, Xiaoming Ma, Qiong Wang, Qianghua Zhou, Xu Chen, Zhenghui Guo, Yiming Lai, Yiran Tao, Wanhua Wu,
Shirong Peng, Wenli Cai, Shoumin Bai, and Hai Huang

Mater. Express 10, 725–732 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Effect of fiber types on the electrical properties of fiber reinforced concrete
Saman Hedjazi and Daniel Castillo
Mater. Express 10, 733–739 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Examining the effect and safety of orthokeratology in controlling the development of myopia:
Based on fluorosilicone acrylic breathable material

Yanxia Song, Haixia Tian, Suling Yang, Feifan Du, Huihui Sun, Xiaoge Yang, and Jiancang Wang
Mater. Express 10, 740–747 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Study on the antipyretic effect of gypsum and its compatibility on yeast-induced
pyrexia rats based on NF-B signaling pathway

Hong-Bo Ye, Jia-Hang Zuo, Chao Ma, He Lin, Yan Xu, Jia-Ming Sun, Dou-Dan Ye, Guang-Fu Lv, and Zhe Lin
Mater. Express 10, 748–755 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Clinical efficacy and safety of silver nanoparticle- based disinfectant combined with
piperacillin sodium and sulbactam sodium in the treatment of lower respiratory tract infection

Xiaofei Li, Lina Sheng, Juncai Tu, and Lianqing Lou
Mater. Express 10, 756–761 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Nacre crystal growth as a paradigm of island growth mode: Hydrophobic substrate is
one of the keys to the biomineralization

Rize Wang, Ruohe Gao, Xin Feng, and Gangsheng Zhang
Mater. Express 10, 762–769 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Volume 10, Number 4 (April 2020) pp.461- 609

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ARTICLES ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
Static and fatigue performance of overlap welded thin plates
Li-Hui Zhao, Da-Ang Li, Shuo Weng, and Song-Lin Zheng
Mater. Express 10, 461–468 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Determination and correlation of refractive index of three binary and ternary systems
containing hydroxyl ionic liquids/water/methanol

Gang Tian, Cong Yang, Xiaoxia Li, Guoxu He, Xiaojun Zhao, Xiaoming Peng, Cuiqing Li, Liang Chen, and Binbin Zhang
Mater. Express 10, 469–478 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Identification and analysis of fluoride-resistant Streptococcus mutans genomic mutation
based on silicon solid nanopore

Hong Zhang, Aobo Du, Lihua Hong, Ying Wang, Boqun Cheng, and Zhimin Zhang
Mater. Express 10, 479–489 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Performance of a porous composite scaffold containing silk fibroin: Applied research repair
on oral jaw epithelial defects

Huajun Zhu, Chunyu Qian, Wanshu Xiao, Qiang Zhang, and Zili Ge
Mater. Express 10, 490–502 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Investigation of the microstructure, mechanical properties and tensile behavior of a
low carbon nickel-manganese dual-phase transformation-induced plasticity steel
by heavy warm rolling

Sohail Ahmad, Xiangyu Wang, Liming Fu, Javed Ahmad, Waseem Abbas, Zheng Han, Huanrong Wang,
Wei Wang, and Aidang Shan

Mater. Express 10, 503–513 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Fabrication and characterization of solvent evaporation-assisted sodium
caseinate emulsion films

Yan Yin, Yonghong Peng, and Haiwei Xie
Mater. Express 10, 514–522 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Hierarchical porous biomass activated carbon for hybrid battery capacitors
derived from persimmon branches

Jiaxin Peng, Juan Yu, Bicheng Meng, Lejie Wang, Xingliang Zhang, Wudan Cheng, Penghui Wen, Junkai Zhao,
Linbo Li, and Zhao Fang

Mater. Express 10, 523–530 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Experimental investigation on the preparation of active carbon with cottonwood based on
phosphoric acid activation method

Junxia Zhang, Zehua Wang, and Lihua Zou
Mater. Express 10, 531–536 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Convenient synthesis of TiO2 nanowires with anatase phase for high photocatalytic activity
Fei Tian, Gen Zhu, Kexin Shen, Chunju Li, Haitao Li, Guohai Yang, and Lulu Qu
Mater. Express 10, 537–542 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Hydrothermal synthesis, crystal and electronic structure of a new hydrated
borate CsKB4O5(OH)4 - 2H2O

Sangaraju Sambasivam, Pardha Saradhi Maram, Chandu V. V. Muralee Gopi, and Ihab M. Obaidat
Mater. Express 10, 543–550 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Meloxicam combined with temozolomide synergistically inhibits cell migration and
induces apoptosis via the inhibition of AKT pathway in glioblastoma cell line LN18

Xi Jin, Wenjie Wang, Shizhen Fan, Xinrong Zhou, Jingbo Li, and Bohai Yu
Mater. Express 10, 551–555 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Upconverting TiO2 spheres with light scattering effect for enhanced
quantum dot-sensitized solar cells

Peng Qu, Kefeng Wang, Jie Li, Songzhu Wang, and Wei Wei
Mater. Express 10, 556–562 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

F-actin microfilament polymerized by jasplakinolide affects the expression of
aquaporin-4 in astrocytic swelling after oxygen-glucose deprivation and reoxygenation

Zhengang Sun, Xinchao Zhang, Lingyun Hu, Xiaoshuai Wang, Zhenjuan Sun, Ensi Zhao, Jixian Wang, and Fuxin Wei
Mater. Express 10, 563–570 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Succinyl rotundic acid inhibits growth and promotes apoptosis in the HeLa
cervical cancer cell line

Yufang He, Jiaming Sun, Minlun Nan, Xue Wang, He Lin, Guangfu Lv, Yong Li, Minghua Duan, and Hongbo Ye
Mater. Express 10, 571–577 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Physalin B induces apoptosis in hepatocellular carcinoma through reactive oxygen
species activation via TGF-ί, NF-KB and PI3K/AKT signaling pathways

Zhendong Zhao, Guohong Zhou, Yanjun Yang, Li Xia, Dandan Xu, Huiqing Huang, Jin Lin, and Ziqian Li
Mater. Express 10, 578–584 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Effects of P-gpMAbNano-structured material nanoparticles on epilepsy and expression of
SRY-related HMG Box 21 in epilepsy

Qi Li, Jing Deng, Juan Yang, Tao Xu, Xinyuan Yu, Jinxian Yuan, Rong Li, Jie Fu, Qian Jiang, and Yangmei Chen
Mater. Express 10, 585–593 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Lysine-specific demethylase 1 (LSD1) promotes ovarian cancer cell progression by
Forkhead box O 3a (FOXO3a) inhibition

Li Liu, Fuxing Hao, Anping Wang, Xiaolan Chen, Bin Zhang, Zhi Wu, Yongjuan Wang, Shuang Wu, Ting Liu,
and Songbo Ma

Mater. Express 10, 594–602 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Effect of 4-(methymercapto) benzaldehyde (MTAD) pretreatment on microtensile bond
strengths of two resin cements on dentin surface

Lelu Chen and Xinhua Gu
Mater. Express 10, 603–609 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Volume 10, Number 3 (March 2020) pp.301- 459

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– REVIEW ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
Outcome analysis of various bearing surface materials used in total hip replacement
Long Chen, Fei Xing, Yuanzheng Wang, Rui He, Jingming He, Yunwen Xu, Cheng Wang, Zhuhai Li, Zeyu Sun,
Yankun Li, Jiaqi Yang, Lingchao Kong, Yangyang Li, and Li Sun

Mater. Express 10, 301–313 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ARTICLES ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
Adsorption of methylene blue and rhodamine B on graphene oxide-Fe3O4
nanocomposite: Molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations

Venkatesha Narayanaswamy, Hemant Kumar, Chandan Srivastava, Sulaiman Alaabed, Mohammed Aslam,
Ambresh Mallya, and Ihab M. Obaidat

Mater. Express 10, 314–324 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

The influence of hot extrusion deformation on microstructure evolution,
tensile properties and corrosion behavior of Mg–3Al–0.5Mn–0.5Sr alloy

Xia Shen, Tiancai Xu, and Boxin Li
Mater. Express 10, 325–336 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Uncoupling protein 2 facilitates insulin-elicited protection against lipopolysaccharide-
induced myocardial dysfunction

Yiting Chen, Guangdao Chen, Junliang Zhang, Tao Wang, Juxing Zhang, Jinda Huang, Zhonghua Ji, and Qiyi Zeng
Mater. Express 10, 337–349 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Evaluation of a recombinant bacillus calmette-guιrin vaccine expressing P39-L7/L12 of
Brucella melitensis: An immunization strategy against brucellosis in BALB/c mice

Yumei Zhou, Yuanqiang Zheng, Yajing Chen, Yajing Li, Xiaoying Sun, Yujuan Huo, and Yanchun Shi
Mater. Express 10, 350–362 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Inhibitory effect of glucocorticoid receptor on colorectal cancer growth by inhibiting
glycolysis through autophagy

Zhiheng Xu, Kailun Yang, and Xiaohua Li
Mater. Express 10, 363–373 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Development of cationic polymer-based nanoplatform for insulin delivery and diabetes treatment
Tong Tong, Qi Lou, Meng Zhao, and Lisha Mou
Mater. Express 10, 374–383 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

The influence of the Rubrene thickness on the performance of white organic
light-emitting devices

Lina Zhao, Xin Jiang, Jihui Lang, Wenlong Jiang, Gang Zhang, Chuang Xue, Liumenghan Zheng, and Shuang Zhao
Mater. Express 10, 384–388 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Study on the anti-inflammatory and lipid-lowering activities of novel chimeric peptide
Cong Liu, Meijun Tan, Kaixiang Cao, Jingwei Yan, Kuikui Hu, and Feng Zhang
Mater. Express 10, 389–395 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Effects of fretting wear on porous Ti materials by using rice husk as hold space
Xinsheng Wang, Zhen Lin Lu, and Jia Lei
Mater. Express 10, 396–403 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Effect and mechanism of miRNA on obstructive sleep apnea in children
Jian Li, Ting Fan, Yang Li, Yinyin Cao, Pengfei Guan, Lingjie Wu, Yunfeng Wang, and Jin Xu
Mater. Express 10, 404–411 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Detection of resistance genes from Pseudomonas aeruginosa using immunomagnetic
isolation and chemiluminescence

Fei Xu, Cheng Chen, Xing Li, and Bo Zhang
Mater. Express 10, 412–418 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Structural characteristics and physicochemical properties of fresh-water fish gelatins
with different molecular weights and their potential application to food capsule film fabrication

Jiaxin Tian, Yuhang Wang, Jinling Li, Yonggang Chen, Jiarui Qinchen, Fanghui Deng, Xiaoyang Wu, Ru Liu, Shanbai Xiong,
Jianhua Rong, and Yang Hu

Mater. Express 10, 419–429 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Hydration and microstructure of concrete containing high volume lithium slag
Zhihai He, Jingyu Chang, Shigui Du, Chaofeng Liang, and Baoju Liu
Mater. Express 10, 430–436 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Fibrin scaffolds embedded with sonic hedgehog/chitosan microspheres for
recovery of spinal cord injury in rats

Wenjing Yang, Zhe Wang, Jingxin Zhang, Kaiyuan Yang, Cong Lu, Xuewen Cui, Hao Lu, Sucheng Cao,
Qian Chen, Xiaodong Lu, Nongyue He, and Lili Wu

Mater. Express 10, 437–445 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Effect of siRNA interference of ubiquitin-specific protease 9X on apoptosis and growth of
diffuse large B cell lymphoma cell line

Wei Peng, Meizuo Zhong, and Youhong Tang
Mater. Express 10, 446–453 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Mechanisms underlying the action of self-assembling short-peptide nano-fiber gel
scaffold materials in the aesthetic repair of burn wounds

Wendi Wang, Guangjing Liu, Man Liu, and Xiaobing Li
Mater. Express 10, 454–459 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Volume 10, Number 2 (February 2020) pp.153-300

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ARTICLES ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
Study on the transfer and anchorage length of steel strand in ultra high performance
concrete material

Hui Zheng, Dongdong Zhou, Xinfeng Yin, and Lei Wang
Mater. Express 10, 153–164 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Tension–compression asymmetry of bilayer Ni/Ni3Al affected by dislocation
formation–decomposition and twinning size

Chao Dong, Jingui Yu, Liang Xu, Zhaohui Xia, and Qiaoxin Zhang
Mater. Express 10, 165–176 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Combined study on the action and mechanism of G-Rg1/Sr-CaS bone substitute material
for ossification and pro-vascularization

Xue Li, Shi Hong, Caixia Tan, Bo Peng, Zhengjie Wu, and Yongzhan Zhu
Mater. Express 10, 177–189 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Visual detection of Cu(II) ions in water environment using gold nanoparticles modified
with methanobactin

Yan Wang, Ye Xue, Peng Gao, Bo-Xin Dou, and Jia-Ying Xin
Mater. Express 10, 190–198 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Fast heterogeneous oxidative desulfurization of dibenzothiophene from ionic liquids
supported urchin-liked meso-silica

Jinrui Zhang, Ming Zhang, Jiaqi Liu, Chao Wang, Hongping Li, Jingyu Pang, Wenshuai Zhu, and Huaming Li
Mater. Express 10, 199–205 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

A novel electrochemical DNA detection method based on bio-barcode/gold label
silver stain dual amplification

Pengfei Jiang, Miduo Tan, Lan Zhao, Yulin Wang, Ting Pan, Haji Chomba, Zhao Huang, Dongchu Chen, and Libo Nie
Mater. Express 10, 206–213 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Lauric acid/bentonite/flake graphite composite as form-stable phase change materials
for thermal energy storage

Songyang Liu, Jie Han, Qingjie Gao, Wenze Kang, Ruichen Ren, Lunan Wang, Dan Chen, and Dapeng Wu
Mater. Express 10, 214–224 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

In-situ synthesis of a novel CaO - 4B2O3 - 2H2O–SiO2 nanocomposite and its influence on
mechanical property and flame retardancy of polypropylene

Ping Li, Hong-Hong Yan, and Zhi-Hong Liu
Mater. Express 10, 225–230 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Role of miR-139-5p in relieving renal allograft ischemia-reperfusion injury by inhibiting
c-Jun NH-terminal kinase (JNK) signaling pathway

Yan Zhang, Shu Wang, Ping Yang, and Tao Wang
Mater. Express 10, 231–239 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Correlation of neuropeptides substance P and neuropeptide Y and their receptors with
fracture healing in rats

Zhenlv Zou, Gang Mei, Liying Tang, Yafei Xu, Jun Liu, Shangchong Wang, Su Fu, Jianqun Wu, and Guoguang Liang
Mater. Express 10, 240–250 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Synthesis of mesoporous nickel–titanium-trimesic acid inorganic–organic hybrid composite
in ionic liquid microemulsions for adsorption of rhodamine B from aqueous solution

Ranfeng Ye, Min Ni, Hao Chen, and Shengqing Li
Mater. Express 10, 251–257 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Geothermal silica-based fluorescent nanoparticles for the visualization of latent fingerprints
S. N. Aisyiyah Jenie, Fransiska S. H. Krismastuti, Yudia P. Ningrum, Anis Kristiani, Mutia D. Yuniati, Widi Astuti,
and Himawan T. B. M. Petrus

Mater. Express 10, 258–266 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Photochemical synthesis of silver nanoparticles in H2O/Triton X-100/[Bmim]PF6
ionic liquid microemulsions and their antimicrobial activity

Ranfeng Ye, Min Ni, Hao Chen, and Shengqing Li
Mater. Express 10, 267–271 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Surface area and microstructure of microwave activated crumb rubber modifier and
its influence on high temperature properties of crumb rubber modifier binders

Bo Li, Xuwei Zhu, Xingjun Zhang, Xiaolong Yang, and Xiuli Su
Mater. Express 10, 272–277 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Electrochemical immunosensor for a protein biomarker based on the formation of
Prussian blue with magnetic nanoparticle

Hao Wang, Jing Luo, Junguo Chen, Hong Chen, Ting Li, and Minghui Yang
Mater. Express 10, 278–282 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Rapid detection of Helicobacter pylori using cytotoxin-associated gene A based on
loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay and magnetic nanoparticles

Junwang Zhang, Meixia Wang, Ying Shi, Qi Wang, and Wubo Zhao
Mater. Express 10, 283–289 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Manganese (II), ferric (III), cobalt (II) and copper (II) thiosemicarbazone Schiff
base complexes: Synthesis, spectroscopic, molecular docking and biological discussions

Asma S. Al-Wasidi, Ahmed M. Naglah, Mohamed A. Al-Omar, Abdul-Rahman M. Al-Obaid, Eid H. Alosaimi, Nashwa M. El-Metwaly,
Moamen S. Refat, Ahmed S. Ahmed, Ibrahim M. El-Deen, Aida H. Soliman, and Aml Emam

Mater. Express 10, 290–300 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Volume 10, Number 1 (January 2020) pp.1-151

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ARTICLES ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
Preparation and high-temperature microwave absorbing properties of
6H-SiC/MWCNT/silicon resin composites

Jin-Shuh Li, Sheng-Chih Wang, and Chyi-Ching Hwang
Mater. Express 10, 1–9 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Investigation on nano-silica blended cementitious systems on the workability and
durability performance of self-compacting concrete

K. Nandhini and V. Ponmalar
Mater. Express 10, 10–20 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Growth of n-Ga doped ZnO nanowires interconnected with disks over p-Si substrate and
their heterojunction diode application

Yas Al-Hadeethi, Rashad I. Badran, Ahmad Umar, Saleh. H. Al-Heniti, Bahaaudin M. Raffah, and Abdulrazak M. Alharbi
Mater. Express 10, 21–28 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Temperature-dependent heterojunction device characteristics of n-ZnO
nanorods/p-Si substrate assembly

Rashad I. Badran, Yas Al-Hadeethi, Ahmad Umar, Saleh H. Al-Heniti, Bahaaudin M. Raffah, M. Shahnawaze Ansari, and Asim Jilani
Mater. Express 10, 29–36 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Facile solvothermal synthesis of Fe3O4/magnetic grapefruit peel for adsorptive removal of
congo red, humic acid and phosphate from aqueous solutions

Stelgen Inkoua, Herman Loussala Maloko, Mave Motandi Koko, and Liangguo Yan
Mater. Express 10, 37–44 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Nanomixture: A new strategy to simultaneously deliver multiple natural bioactive compounds
Jun Huang, Junbin Huang, Heni Wang, Xiaohan Su, Nan Cao, Meng Zhao, and Chun Chen
Mater. Express 10, 45–52 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Growth and characterization of c-axis titled ZnO thin film by radio frequency magnetron sputtering
Yurun Chen, Ping Sun, Cong Gao, Ting Yang, and Qian Huang
Mater. Express 10, 53–61 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Effect of electroacupuncture on dopaminergic neurons in a rat model of Parkinson’s
disease based on the a-synuclein pathway

Liudan Chen, Ke Chen, Liang Ai, Linhui Cao, Bin Zhang, Xue Li, Mengru Kang, and Jianjun Li
Mater. Express 10, 62–69 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Interfacial characteristics between mineral fillers and phenolic resin in friction materials
Xiaoguang Zhao, Jing Ouyang, Qi Tan, Xiumin Tan, and Huaming Yang
Mater. Express 10, 70–80 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Effect of cryogenic and wet coolant performance on drilling of super duplex
stainless steel (2507)

T. Kanagaraju, S. Rajendra Boopathy, and B. Gowthaman
Mater. Express 10, 81–93 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Phenotype and genotype heterogeneous resistance of L-forms of Mycobacterium
tuberculosis by magnetic nanoparticle

Junlin Chen, Fei Huang, Delin Gu, Mei Qu, Feifan Xu, and Zhongyi Hu
Mater. Express 10, 94–101 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

miR-222 targets VGLL4 to promote growth of tongue squamous cell carcinoma
Liang Shi, Xiaobin Song, Ketao Wang, Shaohua Liu, and Yong Wang
Mater. Express 10, 102–111 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Effect of adiponectin on oxidative stress-apoptotic pathway in podocytes under
high glucose conditions

Xingxing Fang, Zi Ye, Lianglan Shen, Shuo Tao, Dongmei Chen, and Yi Zhang
Mater. Express 10, 112–119 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Overexpression of transcriptional co-activator with PDZ-binding motif promotes
epithelial mesenchymal transformation of ovarian cancer cells by upregulating
Smad3 and Snail1

Guangyuan Chen, Ping Huang, Jiabin Xie, and Rihong Li
Mater. Express 10, 120–126 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Removal of metal ions Cd(II), Cr(VI) and Ni(II) from aqueous solution using an organic
aerogel and carbon aerogel obtained by acid catalysis

Daniel F. Molina-Campos, Diana P. Vargas Delgadillo, Liliana Giraldo, and Juan C. Moreno-Pirajαn
Mater. Express 10, 127–139 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

“Double-W-shaped” temperature dependence of emission linewidth in an InGaN/GaN
multiple quantum well structure with intense phase separation

Changfu Li, Mingsheng Xu, Ziwu Ji, Kaiju Shi, Hongbin Li, Yehui Wei, and Xiangang Xu
Mater. Express 10, 140–144 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Dose- and time-dependent effects of low molecular weight heparin on trophoblast
Fang Guo, Huiqian Zeng, Wanqing Ji, Yongjiang Zheng, and Ping He
Mater. Express 10, 145–151 (2020)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

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