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An International Journal on Multidisciplinary Materials Research

ISSN: 2158-5849 (Print); EISSN: 2158-5857 (Online).
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Volume 3, Number 1 (March 2013) pp.1-98

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Adsorption of proteins in channels of carbon nanotubes: Effect of surface chemistry
Marianna V. Kharlamova, Vadym N. Mochalin, Maria R. Lukatskaya, Junjie Niu, Volker Presser, Sergey Mikhalovsky,
and Yury Gogotsi

Mater. Express 3, 1-10 (2013)
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Aqueous route for the synthesis of platinum, ruthenium and ceria nanoparticles on multi-walled
carbon nanotubes for the electrooxidation of methanol and ethanol

Jordan M. Anderson, Matthew D. McInnis, Astha Malhotra, and Lei Zhai
Mater. Express 3, 11-20 (2013)
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Intensive synergetic Cs adsorbent incorporated with polymer spongiform for scalable purification
without post filtration

Shuji Tsuruoka, Bunshi Fugetsu, Fitri Khoerunnisa, Daiki Minami, Kenji Takeuchi, Masatsugu Fujishige,
Takuya Hayashi, Yoong Ahm Kim, Ki Chul Park, Michihiro Asai, Katsumi Kaneko, and Morinobu Endo

Mater. Express 3, 21-29 (2013)
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Sodium ion battery anode properties of empty and C60-inserted single-walled carbon nanotubes
Tomohiro Matsushita, Yosuke Ishii, and Shinji Kawasaki
Mater. Express 3, 30-36 (2013)
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Depolarized dynamic light scattering study of multi-walled carbon nanotubes in solution
Takeshi Eitoku, Masayoshi Tange, Haruhisa Kato, and Toshiya Okazaki
Mater. Express 3, 37-42 (2013)
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Presence of stable carbon centric free radicals and ferromagnetic elements in the antennae and
the wings of nocturnal silk moth: A magnetic nanostructure for magneto sensing

Manas Roy, Sunil Kumar Meena, Sushil Kumar Singh, Niroj Kumar Sethy, Kalpana Bhargava, Sabyasachi Sarkar,
and Mainak Das

Mater. Express 3, 43-50 (2013)
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Growth of carbon octopus-like structures from carbon black in a fluidized bed
Kinshuk Dasgupta, Jyeshtharaj B. Joshi, Bhaskar Paul, Debasis Sen, and Srikumar Banerjee
Mater. Express 3, 51-60 (2013)
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Spectroscopic properties of Dy3+-doped oxyfluoride glasses for white light emitting diodes
Kummara Venkata Krishnaiah, Kagola Upendra Kumar, and Chalicheemalapalli Kulala Jayasankar
Mater. Express 3, 61-70 (2013)
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Spectroscopy and 1.47 µm emission properties of Tm3+-doped metaphosphate laser glasses
Kadathala Linganna, Kagola Upendra Kumar, and Chalicheemalapalli Kulala Jayasankar
Mater. Express 3, 71-78 (2013)
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Innate approach for fabrication of nickel oxide nanocomposite in pellet form and
their electric properties

Nilam Qureshi, Govind Umarji, Manish Shinde, Vivek Rane, Lalit Borde, Uttam Mulik, and Dinesh Amalnerkar
Mater. Express 3, 79-84 (2013)
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Diameter-controlled growth and impurity doping of silver colloid-seeded silicon microwires to
nanowires for the realization of solar cell materials

Mrinal Dutta, Lavanya Thirugnanam, Keisuke Sato, and Naoki Fukata
Mater. Express 3, 85-91 (2013)
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–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Communications ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Coulomb blockade behavior in nanostructured graphene with direct contacts
Satoshi Moriyama, Yoshifumi Morita, Eiichiro Watanabe, and Daiju Tsuya
Mater. Express 3, 92-96 (2013)
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–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Opinion ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Scientific sales
Zhong Lin Wang
Mater. Express 3, 97-98 (2013)
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