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An International Journal on Multidisciplinary Materials Research

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Volume 5, Number 6 (December 2015) pp.471- 561

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Graphene nanodiscs from electrochemical assisted micromechanical exfoliation of
graphite: Morphology and supramolecular behavior

Neelima Mahato, Nazish Parveen, and Moo Hwan Cho
Mater. Express 5, 471-479 (2015)
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Microencapsulation and characterization of polyamic acid microcapsules containing
n-octadecane via electrospraying method

Wen-Jie Yuan, Ya-Ping Wang, Wei Li, Jian-Ping Wang, Xing-Xiang Zhang, and Yuan-Kai Zhang
Mater. Express 5, 480-488 (2015)
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Ternary blend bulk heterojunction polymer solar cells based on double donors and single
acceptor with ultra wideband absorption

Bowen Gao and Jing Meng
Mater. Express 5, 489-496 (2015)
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Effect of collagen peptides-carboxymethyl chitosan microspheres on ultraviolet induced

Xue-Ying Liu, Bi Foua Claude Alain Gohi, Hong-Yan Zeng, Meng-Chen Liao, and Jin-Wei Sun
Mater. Express 5, 497-504 (2015)
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Mechanical and dynamic properties of nettle-polyester composite
Nataraj Mahendrakumar, Pudukarai Ramaswamy Thyla, Pidugun Venkatachalam Mohanram,
Aruchamy Sabareeswaran, Ranjan Biswal Manas, and Sridhar Srivatsan

Mater. Express 5, 505-517 (2015)
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Formation, characterization, and properties of radiopaque TaC-C/C and ZrO2-C/C composites
Zu-Li Mao, Xian-Jin Yang, Sheng-Li Zhu, Zhen-Duo Cui, Zhao-Yang Li, and Yan-Qin Liang
Mater. Express 5, 518-526 (2015)
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Growth and spectral properties of Yb3+/Ho3+ co-doped NaGd(MoO4)2 crystal
Anming Li, Jingzhao Li, Zhenqiang Chen, Yonghua Wu, Lidan Wu, Guangjin Liu, Chunhao Wang, and Ge Zhang
Mater. Express 5, 527-533 (2015)
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Surface characterization of as-grown CeO2 cap layer morphology evolution and critical
current density of post-deposited YBCO films

Feng Feng, Yanyi Zhang, Timing Qu, Rongxia Huang, Shaozhu Xiao, Yuping Zhu, Hongyuan Lu, Kai Shi,
Zongfang Hou, and Zhenghe Han

Mater. Express 5, 534-540 (2015)
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–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Communication ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
Atmospheric pressure growth and optimization of graphene using liquid-injection chemical
vapor deposition

Rahul Rao, Kent Weaver, and Benji Maruyama
Mater. Express 5, 541-546 (2015)
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Mater. Express 5, 547-550 (2015)
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Mater. Express 5, 551-557 (2015)
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Mater. Express 5, 558-561 (2015)
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