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An International Journal on Multidisciplinary Materials Research

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Volume 4, Number 5 (October 2014) pp.349-440

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Low temperature and broadband dielectric properties of V2O5 doped ceramics
R. K. Bhuyan, T. Santhosh Kumar, D. Pamu, J. M. Renehan, and M. V. Jacob
Mater. Express 4, 349-358 (2014)
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Photodynamic efficacy of Rosebengal-gold nanoparticle complex on Vero and HeLa cell lines
S. Wilfred Prasanna, G. Poorani, M. Suresh Kumar, P. Aruna, and S. Ganesan
Mater. Express 4, 359-366 (2014)
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Effect of La3+ dopant on pyromellitic acid and investigation of its nonlinear optical property
A. Nizarul Hazeen, V. Ranjith Kumar, S. Vairam, and M. Thamilselvan
Mater. Express 4, 367-374 (2014)
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Synthesis and characterization of hafnium oxide nanoparticles for bio-safety
Venkatachalam Jayaraman, Ganesan Bhavesh, Shanmugavel Chinnathambi, Singaravelu Ganesan, and Prakasarao Aruna
Mater. Express 4, 375-383 (2014)
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Surface characterization of modified fly ash for polymer filler applications: A case study
with polypropylene

Sateesh Bonda, Smita Mohanty, and Sanjay Kumar Nayak
Mater. Express 4, 384-392 (2014)
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Preparation of TiO2 nanopaint using ball milling process and investigation on its
antibacterial properties

Geetha Subbiah, Mariappan Premanathan, Sang Jae Kim, Karthikeyan Krishnamoorthy, and
Kadarkaraithangam Jeyasubramanian

Mater. Express 4, 393-399 (2014)
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Quasi-particle dispersion and density of states in superconducting state of iron pnictide system
Luxmi Rani and Ajay
Mater. Express 4, 400-414 (2014)
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Acetosulfation of bacterial cellulose: An unexplored promising incipient candidate for
highly transparent thin film

Vivekanandan Palaninathan, Neha Chauhan, Aby Cheruvathoor Poulose, Sreejith Raveendran, Toru Mizuki,
Takashi Hasumura, Takahiro Fukuda, Hisao Morimoto, Yasuhiko Yoshida, Toru Maekawa, and D. Sakthi Kumar

Mater. Express 4, 415-421 (2014)
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Tunable optoelectronic properties of sol-gel derived ZnO nanostructure thin film by
annealing treatment

M. A. Mohd Sarjidan, N. S. Salleh, S. H. Basri, R. Razali, N. K. Za'aba, and W. H. Abd Majid
Mater. Express 4, 422-428 (2014)
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Synthesis and characterization of three-dimensional porous graphene oxide/sodium
alginate scaffolds with enhanced mechanical properties

Yizao Wan, Xiaoqin Chen, Guangyao Xiong, Ruisong Guo, and Honglin Luo
Mater. Express 4, 429-434 (2014)
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Electrospray ionization preparation and photodegradation properties of CeO2 microspheres
with tunable morphologies

Wensheng Yu, Qianli Ma, Chenghui Wang, Xiangting Dong, Jinxian Wang, and Guixia Liu
Mater. Express 4, 435-440 (2014)
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