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An International Journal on Multidisciplinary Materials Research

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Volume 4, Number 2 (April 2014) pp.91-182

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Spherical meso-macroporous silica particles by emulsion-assisted dual-templating
Young-Sang Cho, Young-Kuk Kim, Seung-Hyun Kim, Dong Chan Lim, Jung-Goo Lee, Youn-Kyoung Baek, and Gi-Ra Yi
Mater. Express 4, 91-104 (2014)
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Critical current density improvement by intermediate deformation for the fabrication of
Bi2Sr2Ca2Cu3O10+/ Ag round wires

Peng Xie, Timing Qu, Kaite Huang, Feng Feng, and Zhenghe Han
Mater. Express 4, 105-114 (2014)
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Preferential distribution of polyaniline in different phases of acrylate triblock copolymer
Subhendu Bhandari, Nikhil K. Singha, and Dipak Khastgir
Mater. Express 4, 115-124 (2014)
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Electrical, optical, and visible light-photocatalytic properties of zirconium-doped BiVO4

Chockalingam Karunakaran, Selvaraj Kalaivani, and Pazhamalai Vinayagamoorthy
Mater. Express 4, 125-134 (2014)
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Synthesis of sapphire nanoparticles with graphite shells by hot-filament chemical vapor deposition
Miki Ishii, Hiroki Kato, Iwao Hashimoto, and Yoshikazu Homma
Mater. Express 4, 135-143 (2014)
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Determination of size distribution of silica nanoparticles: A comparison of scanning electron
microscopy, dynamic light scattering, and flow field-flow fractionation with multiangle
light scattering methods

Haruhisa Kato, Ayako Nakamura, and Natsuyo Noda
Mater. Express 4, 144-152 (2014)
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Eu3+-Dy3+ co-doped Na3Gd(PO4)2 phosphors for white light luminescence
Thummala Chengaiah, Chalicheemalapalli Kulala Jayasankar, Asanapuram Mohan Babu, and Lalapeta Rama Moorthy
Mater. Express 4, 153-158 (2014)
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Structural and optical investigations of In doped ZnO binary compound
Yarub Al-Douri, Ali H. Reshak, Waleed K. Ahmed, and Alaa J. Ghazai
Mater. Express 4, 159-164 (2014)
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Large-scale exfoliation of hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets in liquid phase
Li Cao, Sadra Emami, and Khalid Lafdi
Mater. Express 4, 165-171 (2014)
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Ultraviolet long afterglow emission in Bi3+ doped CdSiO3 phosphors
Zhengwen Yang, Jiayan Liao, Tianyang Wang, Hangjun Wu, Jianbei Qiu, Zhiguo Song, and Dacheng Zhou
Mater. Express 4, 172-176 (2014)
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Synthesis and properties of carbon nanofibers filled cement-based composites combined with
new surfactant methylcellulose

Bao-Min Wang and Yuan Zhang
Mater. Express 4, 177-182 (2014)
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