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An International Journal on Multidisciplinary Materials Research

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Volume 6, Number 2 (April 2016) pp.101-209

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Fabrication of superhydrophobic surface with superior anticorrosion and great mechanical
stability on AA7075 Al alloy via a convenient and efficient approach

Ming-Kai Tang, Xing-Jiu Huang, Xue-Wu Li, Ze-Yin Huang, Shi-Ming Zhang, and Qiao-Xin Zhang
Mater. Express 6, 101-115 (2016)
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Investigation of dendritic mesoporous silica nanoparticles for cytosine-phosphate-
guanosine oligodeoxynucleotide delivery

Yi Xu, Yufang Zhu, Xianglan Li, Hiromi Morita, and Nobutaka Hanagata
Mater. Express 6, 116-126 (2016)
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Electrophoretic deposition of sol-gel coating comprising alumina and boehmite for
organic-inorganic hybrid film

Hee Jeong Park, Doo Hwan Kim, Younghee Kim, and Hyung Mi Lim
Mater. Express 6, 127-136 (2016)
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Photocatalytic degradation of remazol brilliant orange 3R using wet-chemically prepared
CdO-ZnO nanofibers for environmental remediation

Mohammed M. Rahman, Abdullah M. Asiri, Tamer E. Youssef, and Hadi M. Marwani
Mater. Express 6, 137-148 (2016)
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Anomalous dielectric constant and AC conductivity in mixed transition-metal-ion
xFe2O3-(20-x)MnO2-80TeO2 glass system

Rosdiyana Hisam, Ahmad Kamal Yahya, Halimah Mohamed Kamari, Zainal Abidin Talib, and Ri Hanum Yahaya Subban
Mater. Express 6, 149-160 (2016)
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Enhanced photocatalytic activity of MoO3-supported SnO2 composite synthesized by a
wet chemical method

S. V. Prabhakar Vattikuti, Young-Jin Baik, and Chan Byon
Mater. Express 6, 161-174 (2016)
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Determination of bimodal size distribution using dynamic light scattering methods
in the submicrometer size range

Haruhisa Kato, Ayako Nakamura, Naoko Ouchi, and Shinichi Kinugasa
Mater. Express 6, 175-182 (2016)
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CO2 separation from air using microporous polyvinylidene fluoride-supported
triethylene glycol/alkanolamine liquid membranes

Jinlong Li, Tingting Zhao, Guozhe Sui, and Shuaiqiang Jia
Mater. Express 6, 183-190 (2016)
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–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Communications ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
Novel volatile organic compound (VOC) sensor based on Ag-decorated porous
single-crystalline ZnO nanosheets

Yufeng Sun, Sheng Ge, Huanhuan Huang, Hanxiong Zheng, Zhen Jin, Jianhua Shan, Cuiping Gu, Xingjiu Huang,
and Fanli Meng

Mater. Express 6, 191-197 (2016)
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High mobility top gated field-effect transistors and integrated circuits based on chemical
vapor deposition-derived monolayer MoS2

Dianzhong Wu, Zhiyong Zhang, Danhui Lv, Guoli Yin, Zhijian Peng, and Chuanhong Jin
Mater. Express 6, 198-204 (2016)
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Temperature dependent current-voltage curves study of GaN-based blue light-emitting diode
Mingsheng Xu, Qi Mu, Longfei Xiao, Quanbin Zhou, Hong Wang, Ziwu Ji, and Xiangang Xu
Mater. Express 6, 205-209 (2016)
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